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Shocking!!! Gravity Fails At These 7 Places On The Earth

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To fly high, you have to defy gravity but what if we tell that there are few strange places in the world where gravity fails and you don’t have to even put any effort to fly. Yes, such places exist on earth where people witness the failure of Newton’s law of gravity every day. You can enjoy it too, pack your bag and explore these fun places with zero gravity.

7 Places With Zero Gravity On Earth 

Upside Down Waterfalls

zero gravity place on earth

If you have been to England but never visited Hayfield, you have missed a fun trip. The view of the waterfall of Hayfield is not less than magic as water never flows downward instead it goes up. What’s the secret? Only gravity is the answer but locals say the strong wind pushes the water upwards. Well, that sounds a bit logical but the view is definitely worth watching.

And not just in England, the wonderful waterfall of Naneghat (India) is also a beholding sight.

Anti-Gravity Village Of India

zero gravity places on earth

India is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and it is also home to few of the places with zero gravity. Gujarat has a village where gravity is powerless. Vehicles can travel miles without a human operating it, and no we ain’t kidding. Whosoever comes to this village of Gujarat, try this anti-gravity phenomenon at least once.

On the outskirts of Junagadh where the land meets the border of Amereli, there lies an age-old village famous for its thousands-year-old temple of Lord Krishna. There is something magical and spiritual in the Tulsishyam village as the natural resources here have the power to heal.


But, the highlight is its exceptional capacity to cancel out gravity on the hills. Whatever rolls up on the hill, slopes down too but the view is opposite here. It is nothing but an illusion that the car can roll up on the hill even without a driver.

Mysterious Rock Of Myanmar

zero gravity experience
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Myanmar is undoubtedly a country with a serene view and intriguing monuments. However, the state has a great example of balance and spirituality in Mount Kyaiktiyo. The Golden rock balancing on the edge of the mountain’s small cliff is the major attraction of tourists.

It seems dangerous not because of its heaviness but its ability to defy gravity. It might seem that the rock can fall any moment but it is standing still for years. However, there is a common belief that circumambulating around the rock thrice in a year will bring good fortune.

What’s more interesting is that according to Buddhist belief, the boulder is balanced on the hair of Buddha. But, there is another strange belief that only women can move the stone thus they are restricted to go near it.

Magnetic Hill Of Australia

zero gravity place

We all know that earth is the biggest magnet that not only attracts metal but also keeps humans on the ground. But, Australia has the biggest example of the magnetic power of earth where you can watch a strange phenomenon.


All you have to do is switch the car’s engine, set it to neutral, and leave the brakes. The car will automatically roll on the hill. Well, the magnetic force is not the exact reason behind it again the optical illusion is the real reason. For more such amazing experience, visit the museum of optical illusions. 

The Secret of Santa Cruz

zero gravity place in world

California’s Santa Cruz is famous for its off-shore breaks, varied marine life, amazing amusement parks, and great hiking spots. But, within the tall-buildings and various tourist spots lies a mysterious spot that was undiscovered till 1939.

Come to the mystery spot of Santa Cruz, a place spread across the area of 150 ft. This place is widely famous among physics lovers who often come here to challenge the laws of Newton. And guess what, they always fail because the place always puzzles them with unusual results.

Things change their size, water changes their direction, and even magnetic compasses show the incorrect deflection; all these prove that gravity fails here.

Cosmos Mystery Spot

experience zero gravity

There is another magical place in U.S. America’s South Dakota that will let you challenge the laws of science. It is a very famous tourist destination where people come not only to enjoy nature’s beauty but also to force them to brainstorm.

The distorted background of the room and illusions within the small cabins will blow your mind. How? That’s something you should figure out yourself. Take a trip to America’s cosmos mystery spot located in Rapid City.

Leh’s Magnetic Hill

mystery spot

Just like Magnetic Hill of Australia, India has the place where tourists love to visit and it’s the beautiful hills of Leh. The Srinagar-Leh highway will take you on an adventurous journey if you allow your vehicle to move on its own.

Set the car to neutral and it will move at the speed of 20km/hr without any human support. Apart from cars, even the airplanes passing over the highway have experienced the mysterious phenomenon.

So, where are you traveling now?

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