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Travel Packing Hacks: A Quick Guide For Moms Traveling With Kids

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Traveling with a family is fun but this fun journey doesn’t start without packing which is the boring and exhausting part of planning a vacation. Because there are lots of things to keep right from clothing to toiletries and kids’ essential if you have toddlers at home. At first, it feels you are ready to go but the moment you leave the house; it feels like you’ve forgotten something. Our travel packing hacks will help you especially the moms who often struggle with what to keep and what to avoid.

Pack smartly and efficiently with these hacks so that you don’t end up exhausting before the real fun begins.

9 Travel Packing Hacks Every Mom Should Know

Pack For Entertainment

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The journey begins as soon as you head out of the house and so as the entertainment. Your kids will keep troubling you during the drive or on the flight so pack some games and toys that keep them busy. But, don’t pack the big toys with which they usually play at home.

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Instead, keep a coloring book and some crayons as it will entertain them longer and also eat up less space in your luggage. Puzzles can be the best option as well to keep the kids packed for longer. And for younger kids, tablets and headphones are better. Let them enjoy reading throughout the journey.

Use Multi-Purpose Ziploc Bags

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No need to fill the suitcase with all the clothes and struggle with unpacking when you need to change the kidswear, use this one of the essential travel packing hacks instead. Buy few Ziploc bags and pack the entire outfit in one bag so that you can easily pull out what you need without disturbing the whole packing. In addition to this, Ziploc bags help you save a lot of space in the suitcase and you can keep extra stuff.

Besides being a space-saver, Ziploc bags are also good for protecting gadgets from water in case you are stuck in rain during the trip. And in case you don’t have access to water or laundry to wash dirty clothes, you know where to put them.

Organize The Cords

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Just like you need to recharge on the trip, your gadgets will need the energy too so traveling without headphones and chargers is impossible. And when traveling with family, everyone has their USB cords, chargers, and headphones so there would be lots of cables.

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Instead of throwing them straight into the suitcase or adjusting in the side pockets, organize them in a glass case or packing cubes. Buy few cheap ones from the store or use the old ones or simply make a DIY cord organizer at home and keep all the cords safe so that you can easily access and don’t lose them during the trip.

Invest In Baby Carrier

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This is one of the best travel packing hacks for mom who are traveling with toddlers. It will save you from carrying the kids all time and also prevent body aches. However, invest in a metal-free carrier so that you can easily pass airport security.

Wipes For Everyone

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Not just diapers for your little ones, you need wipes for adults too. Antibacterial wipes are very handy things to carry especially post-pandemic. You’ll need a pack of it as your kids won’t stop frequently touching the surroundings like the armrest, doorknobs, window shades, and more.

Other than keeping the surrounding bacteria-free, the warm weather will make you ask for one. The face wipes will help clear all the dirt and grime on the face and make you feel refreshing whilst prevent washing face often especially during the trip.

Smart Snacks

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No, you don’t have to pack lots of food items for the journey as it will increase the weight of luggage plus the foodstuffs may get spoiled due to the weather. Get instant noodles, pop chips, bars, rice cakes, dried fruit, dry oatmeal cups, trail mix, granola bars, or pretzels to ease the frequent hunger pangs of kids.

Packing Cubes For Toiletries

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Packing cubes are a great place to store essential toiletries like shampoo bottles, toothpaste, wipes, face lotion, hairbrush, dental floss, and more. They can easily fit into your luggage and give you quick access to these stuffs without letting you open the big suitcase again and again. You can even carry them separately or get color-code cubes for everyone so that kids don’t have to use each other’s stuff.

Comprehensive First-Aid Kits

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Moms should never go unprepared with kids because these little travelers are super messy. They can hurt themselves even if the surroundings are safe. So, you never know when you’d need a bandage or burn cream.

Buy a comprehensive first-aid kit that comes with all emergency medical essentials and it’s handy especially when you are traveling to less-developed places or new destinations because you might not find a clinic or first-aid kit during an emergency.

With these travel packing hacks, you are ready to go!

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