InternationalStargazing Destinations In Montana For Magical Getaways

Stargazing Destinations In Montana For Magical Getaways


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There are astounding experiences throughout the world. Traveling is one of the finest ways to capture most of it. Definitely you need to change your choices and perspective a little to experience something new and miraculous. Well, while exploring Montana, this is quite easy to make your dreams of one of those fairytale nights come true. The “Big Sky Country” and its gorgeous glittering night sky is your ultimate destination. The dark sky in Montana will offer you a chance to see the Milky Way unlike the 80 percent of the United States.

Since you will be in search of stargazing destinations that are far from light pollution, we have listed down the best ones. In order to reach those places, you will have to travel the off-beaten path, away from crowds and hustle.

Dreamiest Stargazing Destinations In Montana

1. Medicine Rocks State Park

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Belonging to the people for eons, this place allures perforated sandstone pillars, rock arches, ancient petroglyphs, and signatures dating back to the 1800s. Even today at the Medicine Rocks State Park, visitors can cherish the dark sky like that of the early travelers.

There are around 12 campsites here that offer you excellent opportunities for stargazing. You can stay up awake here itself or travel 12 miles south to Ekalaka. There are ample facilities for lodging and restaurants. Explore the Carter County Museum during the day it boasts some interesting heritage of First People and dinosaur exhibits.

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2. Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge

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If you wish to set off to some remote landscapes, this is a perfect place spanning over 1 million acres to the northcentral and northeast of Montana. While the massive Fort Peck Dam and the area around may have a more light population, the visitor center is a great stop.

Beyond the dam and rugged breaks, you will reach a point from where the night sky seems to be limitless. Along the southern edge of Fort Peck Reservoir, the Hell Creek State Park is one of the exceptional stargazing destinations with dark sky.

It also avails an expansive campground with excellent electrical hookups. During September and October, you may find a lot of primitive camping opportunities. Although the place boasts excellent scenery, it is important to be careful about the weather while visiting here.

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During rains, the gravel roads made up of a natural clay base, turn into a mess. You cannot pass these routes until they dry up. If you are seeking experiences that are less rustic, you may start from Lewistown as a base. You will find various restaurants, hotels, and shopping places on this route.

3. American Prairie Reserve

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The privately-owned land at American Prairie Reserve, bordering some parts of the CMR, offers great opportunities for stargazing. It spans over 3 million acres. The Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument is situated at its ends. Most of the routes here are gravel roads and best traveled by four-wheeled drive vehicles. The Antelope Creek Campground, and the Mars Vista unit are paved suitably for all types of vehicles.

You will find campgrounds at Antelope Creek, and Buffalo Camp in the Sun Prairie region. It may be around 9 miles away from the James Kipp Campground. You can also rent the off-grid yurts and huts. Malta and Lewiston are the most preferable destinations among most of the visitors. The Enrico Education & Science Center is ana amazing experience in the Sun Prairie region, however, make sure to get reservations beforehand.

4. Brush Lake State Park

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With great swimming experiences and various enthralling watersports, this is a 2,800-acre lake in the Northeastern corner of the state. It is one of the ideal stargazing destinations in Montana. The dark sky makes it perfect. You may reserve your places at the campgrounds and also for lodging and restaurants available around 25-30 miles away from the national park.

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5. The Little Rocky Mountains

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Situated in North-Central Montana, this is an island mountain range spanning over 25,000 acres. To the south of Fort Belknap Reservation, there is no light pollution in the remote region, making it perfect for stargazing. At the Little Rockies, you will find a 10 spot campground, The Montana Gulch. However, as you head 30 miles away, you will find other lodging options and cabins in Zortman.

While seeking stargazing destinations in Montana, you may consider the above-listed best ones. You will surely have some of the most miraculous experiences here.

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