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11 Incredible Travel Photographers On Instagram Who Will Make You Want To Travel Even More

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What you see, how you see defines what your life will be. Traveling lets you see the most of the world, grab all sorts of different experiences. In order to take the next step, to catch the next flight, to set off for the next adventure, if you were seeking inspiration, we have brought to you the best travel photographers from around the world. Surely, when you look at the world from their perspective will awaken the traveler in you and the urge to explore the world a little more.

Best Travel Photographers On Instagram

1. Chris Burkard | @chrisburkard 



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Spontaneous adventure seeker, Chris Burkard spends most of his time planning to explore the farthest corners on the Earth. His shots are a lively dose of adventure. You can feel the thrill in his pictures. He also organizes workshops for budding, aspiring travel photographers.

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2. Emilie Ristevski | @helloemilie 



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While traveling the world, Emilie Ristevski focuses her camera on the finest details that often remain unseen. Her profile seems to be a storybook with natural and nostalgic shots, and all the details one may want. This world traveler will become your favorite for her whimsical life.

3. Michaela Trimble | @michaelatrimble



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Journalist and photographer Michaela Trimble add life to all her shots. Whether it’s the penguins in Antarctica or Kayaking with the orcas. Little moments become iconic when captured in her camera. Her pictures mirror how little a person is in front of the grandiose of the planet Earth. She contributes to Vogue, Conde Nast Travel, Travel + Leisure, and AFAR.

4. Chase Guttman | @chaseguttman



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Travel photographer Chase Guttman is a drone expert, perfect at taking stunning aerial shots. He received the Young Travel Photographer of the Year three times. He contributes to National Geographic, New York Daily News, and Huffington Post. When not traveling, he takes photography classes.

5. Jeremy Snell | @jeremysnell



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Humans remain the focal point for, travel photographer and filmmaker, Jeremy Snell. His work is always impactful, raw, and compelling. Most of his shots exhibit men, women, and children, their environment, and the struggles of daily life. He works with different brands including Google, Facebook, Charity Water, Rising Daughters, and more.

6. Alex Strohl | @alexstrohl



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Alex Strohl presents a story with every picture that is probably the goal of every traveler. He captures the smallest and greatest travel moments in the most sensual and intimate ways. He travels to the most remote corners of the world with his partner Andrea Dabene, capturing moments that will stay life long in the pictures.

7. Kyle Miller | @_kmil


Kyle Miller focuses on the natural beauty of attractions around the world and brings out clean and colorful pictures. The wild that he captures, cannot be compared by any cities or colorful towns. He just makes the best use of natural light, praising the Mother Nature for her elegance.

8. Lisa Michele Burns | @the_wanderinglens



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Lisa Michele Burns is loved for her mystical captures that send viewers to dreamlike trance. Some of her best shots are from underwater. She is the editor and founder of The Wandering Lens, focused on destination guide and travel photography. You can learn some great tips from her.

9. Marianna Jamadi | @nomadic_habit



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Marianna Jamadi is a travel blogger, travel photographer, and social media strategist. Her pictures tap into the emotional essence of the surrounding world. The sensuality and wanderlust in her pictures will make you want to leave home any moment soon.

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10. Jim Richardson | @jimrichardsonng



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Jim Richardson is a photographer for National Geographic and can be expected somewhere amid wildernesses. He founded Eyes on Earth an inspiration for environmental photographers of the next generation. He also works for TRAVELER Magazine. His documentaries are worth a shot.

11. Paola Ambrosi De Magistris and Murray Hall | @paolaandmurray



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They have a warmth and lightness in all of their shots. Whether architecture, people, or landscapes, you will be amazed by their work. Follow them to take a look at their amazing captures from all over the world.

These travel photographers will make you go aww about traveling. While you are still bound to be at home, follow them to get the stunning glimpses of the world.

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