InternationalMost Romantic Sunset Places to Visit This Valentine's Day

Most Romantic Sunset Places to Visit This Valentine’s Day


Most of you may be making plans for valentine’s week celebration and finding ways to make your partner feel special. Sunsets create absolutely romantic surroundings where you can soak in the exquisiteness of nature and all the beauty around. 

Well, if you haven’t made any plans for valentine’s day yet just know that it’s still not late. Take your love out to one of the best sunset points. There are numerous places in the world that will offer immense beauty and surreal views. 

Most Beautiful Sunsets in the World 

Here’s a list of the best sunset places around the world that you may visit this Valentine’s Day. 

1. Taj Mahal, India 

most beautiful sunsets in the world
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Known to be one of the world’s most popular architectural wonders, the Taj Mahal will let you embrace the magic between you two. At the end of the day when the sun is about to set and stars begin to appear, you will surely be mesmerized. Watch the sun rays bending to wind around the beautiful marble dome, watch the orange-pink haze beautifully drizzling over the garden and the stuccoed walls of the architecture. 

2. The Matterhorn, Switzerland 

beautiful sunsets around the world
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The backdrops of the mighty Matterhorn stretching out towards the sky up to 4478 meters feature the most awe-inspiring sunset views. Watch over these streaked slopes to catch up with the best views around you. You may also enjoy exploring the Monte Rosa hut, because of its eco-friendly, futuristic atmosphere. A trip here will emerge as a trail offering you absolutely great time together. 

3. The Isle of Skye, Scotland 

most beautiful sunset
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The oddly shaped, Quiraing the Trotternish Ridge at the Isle of Skye is one of the most significant spots for photographers. Capture the sunrays bouncing off the crevices and crags as the sun moves down the horizon. 

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4. The Maasai Mara, Kenya 

best sunsets in the world
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Sunsets and safari are a good combination. The Maasai Mara National Reserve lets you catch up with the most exquisite sunset views. It may be one of the best places to reach in order to grab magical moments with your partner who’s also interested in exploring nature’s wilderness. See the blue sky turning orange as the sun sets. 

5. Bali, Indonesia 

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One of the most preferred travel destinations, Bali, takes you through amazing encounters and otherworldly beauty of nature. Jimbaran beach in Bali will let you savor the best seafood along with surreal sunsets. Plan a getaway to Bali this time, sit by the sea, let the tranquility of sea waves embrace your soul. 

6. Santorini, Greece 

best sunset in the world
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As the rays of the setting sun hit the white-washed Oia, you will be left mesmerized. Many tourists arrive here seeking worthwhile picnic experiences. When it’s time for dusk, the Aegean Sea lights up with a gorgeous rose-pink hue all over the sky. Grab the most elating views together. 

7. Venice, Italy 

most beautiful sunset in the world
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Venice is, of course, one of the most romantic places you may visit for valentine’s week celebration. You may spend the day wandering around canals, exploring the narrow streets and marble churches that offer you an enticing tour through the city. Once you’ve captured the place in the best of its light, turn towards the unparalleled views of the setting sun. Choose a perfect spot for a perfect evening. 

8. Sussex, England 

best sunset in the world

You will come across the most surreal views at dusk while walking on the picturesque Sussex coastline featuring the Chalky cliffs. The entire backdrop turns out to be a blank canvas for the sun rays to bounce off and add to the panorama. The landscape gets painted with burnt orange and lights up with a dark pink glow. 

9. Santa Monica, California 

beautiful sunset
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California’s much preferred, Santa Monica Pier offers great opportunities for amusement, some of the best cafes and shops. There are various arcades, an aquarium, and the whirling carousel which acts as a landmark. Capture the most mesmerizing views of the twilight while the lights from the amusements shine. 

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10. Zanzibar 

world's most beautiful sunrises and sunsets
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Beautifully laid off the coast of Tanzania Zanzibar takes you through the spectacular tropical beaches which are the best spots to view beautiful dusks. As the hot-African sun moves down the horizon, capture the panorama from a cruise or boat with your loved one. 

While there are numerous places to reach for the best sunsets, the above-discussed sunset places will also prove to be worthwhile travel destinations. Make the day special.

Keep traveling! 

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