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Unique Places to visit in Finland

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The long and the icy place of Scandinavia, Finland in rare case fails to enchant. It attracts travelers with its far-flung forests snow-packed ski fields, etc. You may know about all these known attractions in Finland.

But today, we will inform you about the strangest places in Finland which we bet you never knew about before.

Strangest places in Finland

1. Moomin World

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So, if you come to Finland and you really aren’t too familiar with the Moomin Books written by the Swedish author Tove Jansson and stumbled upon this theme park, you might think you lost your mind!

This wacky place, located in Naantali, Finland on an island, it’s not your average amusement park. It doesn’t have any rides, it’s just sort of a fantasy playground for kids.

You’ll definitely come across some strange characters like Hemulen, like we see in this photo, this witch woman, or Sniff the dog. The main character seems to be this giant white hippopotamus thing which can be seen throughout the park.

2. Kemi Snow Castle

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Finland has so much to offer. They can actually build a castle out of it! You’d only be able to see this one when the snow isn’t melted but each year it’s reconstructed and it makes you think you’re walking into a fortress of ice!

This can be found in Lapland, near the arctic circle, in a small coastal town called Kemi. It was first built in 1995 and it was such a hit, that they’ve continued the tradition ever since. It can even reach 30 feet high and have 20,000 square meters of interior space. Other artists will decorate the castle with beautiful ice sculptures

3. The Lapland Forests

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While discovering the mysterious land of Lapland, you might begin to think you’re in some kind of real-life Dr. Suess book, but that’s not the case! The most Northern region of Lapland is well known for their cartoon-like snow trees like we see in this photo. The harsh weather here turns the trees from being green to completely white, especially during winter.

The mysterious beauty of these forests becomes an attraction for snow-loving tourist. Residents in Finland enjoy very few regulations on where they are allowed to hike or camp! The trees here get this way from the icy residue, when water droplets from the fog, turn to ice.

Due to its northern location in the arctic circle, you’ll find that it makes a beautiful location to witness the aurora borealis where the skies are painted with beautiful colors.

4. Sami Parliament of Finland

Via: monocle

After seeing the last one, you must have thought to yourself that no one could really live that far north in such inhospitable climates, with snow just everywhere! We’ll think again. The Sami people are Europe’s only indigenous people and they’ve been living here for over 10,000 years!

They inhabit the most northern parts of Finland’s neighbors as well. While some have adapted to modern technology and adopted Finnish as their language, some still live a traditional lifestyle.

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5. Kakslauttanen

Via: kakslauttanen

Feel like getting away for a little bit in one of the coldest places on earth? Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort seems like the perfect place to chill right!

This igloo like pods allow for a unique experience year round and allow you to stay somewhat warm while you’re checking out the Northern Lights!

This is located just south of Finland’s northernmost fishing village, but right in the middle of the forest! From an aerial vantage point, it almost appears as some UFO’s have landed which are making a hideout in the isolated forests in Finland. You can also witness some of Lapland’s crazy snow covered amid the comfort of your bed!

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6. Suomenlinna Fortress

The 18th-century fort on Suomenlinna, one of the world’s largest sea bastions, is a 15-minute boat ride from Helsinki’s Market Square (a mini-cruise to have beautiful views of the city in the form of a bonus attraction). Once here, you can easily fill a day with your sights and activities.

7. Rovaniemi and the Arctic

The Arctic Circle underlines Northern Finland, right through the city of Rovaniemi; it claims to be Arctic’s gateway. In summer, this means the famous Midnight Sun. While the Sun remains above the horizon for 24 hours in Rovaniemi on the summer solstice in late June to late May to early August, it never falls behind the horizon.

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