There are only two ways to visit Europe, the first with kids and other is without kids. Yes, this city is quite kid-friendly.  The best way to enjoy the actual fun and beauty of this continent it is better to travel to Europe without kids.

To experience romantic vibes must visit it with your partner before having kids. There are 8 places in Europe to visit before you have kids.

5 destinations to visit before you become parents

Paris, France:

Paris, France

You must know the city is popular for a very romantic destination on the earth.  If you are just married then there can be no better time to visit there.  You don’t have a baby and also just married then this place gives you all romantic vibes and increase the bond between you and your partner.

Visit Eiffel tower in the night and day both are awesome, but in the night it looks more stunning as of twinkling lights.  You can also visit the amazing ancient historic sites and museums and capture it on your smartphone.

You can also hook up at tiny hotels where kids are not allowed.  Dinner at restaurants, this city is cover with love and romance.

Barcelona Spain:

Barcelona Spain

It is Spain’s second largest city that deserves two visits, one when you just got married, and one when you have kids.  There are numerous things to see and do in this wonderful and colorful city that mix old-world charm and the modern design.

  Visitors can spend their hours exploring the markets of Europe, strolling and window shopping. There are huge palaces, fountains, as well as hidden squares to visit along with your partner.

Munich, Germany:

Munich, Germany

The best time to visit there is during the summer season. Oktoberfest is the most popular festival and people from other countries come specially to attend this festival. The festival includes Oktoberfest beer with various attractions.

Visitors will take benefit of side stalls,  amusement rides, traditional food, and games. If you are planning out for vacation then visit here, you will never able to forget this trip.

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Mykonos, Greece:

Mykonos, Greece
Via: Greek Boston

It is a very popular party place in Greece,  it is perfect for those travelers who are looking for the last fun and adventure before kids. You can enjoy the party on Cruise Ships.  You can try various types of drink here and will love the place.

Cilento Italy:

Cilento Italy

The coast is extremely beautiful with its dramatic cliffs, small bays, as well as seaside villages.  It is not known to many of us as well as not so popular area in Italy. Here you will not find kid-friendly activities, that’s why it is better to visit here before you have a baby in your hand.



This destination has become the world’s top gambling destination. And if you are looking for something glam and glitz type vacation then this is the right destination.

There are some exotic gardens and opera house to visit. Of Course, it’s not a budget destination so it is best before you have children visit theirs for once.