surreal places

India is a land where different colors of nature exist in one place. The land is blessed by the God that makes it extraordinarily beautiful.

Those who are fond of traveling will shock by the fact that there are a number of surreal places in this country which is a complete blend of fantasy and fact. Live the real-life fairy tale with these surreal places:

Majuli in Assam


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It is the largest River Island in this world where boats connect the city to the island so that people can visit this exotic location.

Although it is not known to many people as they are unaware of the true beauty of it. The place is best to visit in the month of March to October.

Ran of Kutch

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This white salt desert is one of the unique places on earth as its Beauty is breathtaking at night. The desert glow like a prism at night when moonlight falls on the sand.

Also, Rann Utsav festival brought life to this desert plus tourist can enjoy the traditional dance by the local.

Kudremukh Karnataka

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Mountains are enough to make anything beautiful and the scenic beauty of Kudremukh make this place a surreal destination.

Hill ranges, dense forests, and waterfall are the main attraction here plus it is an ideal gateway for tourists.

Butterfly Beach in Goa


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It is the most sheltered beach because of its location but totally a worth it place to visit. Ferry is required to go to the beach which is possible through cruising.

The touching rocks and golden sand make a perfect view and rest of the work is done by the palm trees and blue water of the sea.

Sundarbans in West Bengal


This beautiful wildlife forest is extraordinary; the southern delta part contained this Wildlife forest. The mangroves forest here makes the visitors fall in love with its untouched and god gifted beauty.

Royal Bengal tigers are the pride of this forest plus there number of animals species in here.

 Pangong Lake in Ladakh


You may not hear about it but you have seen it in the movie 3 idiots.  The beautiful lake appears enchanting blue plus its color changes according to the daytime.

It is a hub for photographers and under the gazing stars, camping is an ultimate experience.

Gurudongmar Lake in North Sikkim


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Located in Sikkim, a beautiful lake that can be accessed via road plus one will get a breathtaking view of the extraordinary Himalayas from here.

Also, the snow-capped mountains add more beauty to this epic view.

Duzuko Valley in Kohima


You can say that it is a paradise on earth as the valley looks colorful during winter when white and red rhododendron, wildflowers and lilies beauty this place with its beautiful colors. The place is best for visits in spring and winter.