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9 ugliest cities in the world

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There are countless ugliest cities in the world, but today I bring you the 9 ugliest cities in the world those cities which are the least popular around the world.

Our globe has some unique destination, some heavenly destination you know about but do you know there are some cities which are always listed under the ugly cities in the world.let’s take a look.

They’re concrete jungles, lack of urban planning, if you plan to live in these cities, then after reading below you will disagree for sure.


vVia: beyondtheordinary

This city is a crime-filled city. It is the capital of the beautiful country.  Once you see at the city it makes you feel like you are in a slum as compared to its capital city.  It has so many buildings built near that, not at all looks nice.


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Currently, it is counted under the list of the world’s most dangerous cities.  It is not a popular city and also the most polluted city in the world.  This makes it the least popular city.


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OMG, what to say…. You don’t find a single place without having ugly buildings as the city have soo many buildings it never looks clean.

All buildings look like crumbling on each other. For a person who loves to stay in a place where there is no crowd and pollution than one will never visit Amman.


Via: rsf.org

It is popularly known for its success at the International beauty pageant as well as their women are extremely famous for plastic surgery improved bodies, however, the country’s capital is not at all a  beauty.

It is surrounded by the shantytowns and the place don’t have planning and style.


Via: rockefellernews.com

It is the very less developed country in the world.   Its new development has created something that makes sit quite attractive, but previously it was too ugly. The fact is that it is known as the most expensive city.

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Via: wikimedia.org

This city is an industrial city which is covered with Soviet-style buildings. the main thing is that these apartment buildings are not clean always and most of the buildings are decaying. There are so many unattractive cities in the eastern Europe side.


Via: eguidetravel.com

It is also one of the ugliest city and also the fourth largest city in the United States when talking about its population.  But you will not find any attraction in this city.

Los Angeles:

Los Angeles
Via:Los Angeles

You all know Los Angeles for what it is popular. However, it also fails to be in the list of beautiful cities. It is also the less pedestrian-friendly city. Yes, there are beaches which are nice but then also not the attractive place on earth.

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Sau Polo:

Sau Polo
Via: wikimedia.org

When it comes to talking about the exciting city everyone knows Sau Paulo will be on top however when discussing the beautiful cities you will never find this city under the list. It is also known for shopping and dining but also has big concrete ugly jungles.

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