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13 Top Travel Destinations for 2020

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Traveling is something you can never leave behind. It’s always great to look for a change. While you may be seeking some exotic plans to travel, we have listed down the top destinations for 2020

Why plan holidays to those same old places? It’s high time to look for new places and experiences. After all, life is best spent traveling. Every year you wish to create extraordinary moments with yourself or your loved ones. Well, traveling according to time and trend will let you do that perfectly. 

Best Places to Visit in 2020 

Several different factors determine your next holiday destinations and travel trends. Consider reading the earlier blog: Amazing Travel Trends That Will Rule Over 2020 to know the trends that will continue throughout the year. 

Now, scroll through the page to know the best travel destinations this year.

1. Cape Town, South Africa 

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Witness the colorful amalgamation of nature, culture, and music; presenting a graceful cusp of Africa. Explore the events of the past at Robben Island, know more about Nelson Mandela and his efforts for freedom. 

The place beholds multi-sensory experiences for weekends. Stroll through the downtown for worthwhile shopping experiences, cafes, and restaurants. There are great options for hotel stays that seem to be quirky but remain luxurious. 

Cape Town is a perfect destination for a family vacation this year.

2. Kyoto, Japan 

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The timeless city in Japan portrays the past and present coming together to form worthwhile experiences. Moving along its massive, modern shopping complexes and glass hotels; traveling via the ultra-modern railways, you will get the glimpses of future. 

Considering the fact that Japan will be hosting the 2020 Olympics, crowds will certainly increase here. Along with this, the place will welcome many first time visitors this year. The visitors are likely to witness many architectural marvels and important events this year.

3. Vietnam 

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Vietnam is undeniably one of the top destinations for 2020 with its diverse landscapes and jaw-dropping scenes of nature. The unique destinations in Vietnam display an interesting blend of modernism and ancient history. 

Visit the breathtaking Ha Long Bay and explore other numerous attractions and ancient cities. It is the best place for cultural enthusiasts. It takes you through a lot of spectacular sights.

4. Cairo, Egypt 

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Housing the most attractive Tutankhamen’s treasures, this place will take you to the ancient world of pharaohs and Egyptian rulers. The Grand Egyptian Museum awaits the most interesting explorations for you. 

There are the world’s largest and mind-boggling collections and amazing pyramids. The Red Sea and Luxor remain to be some of the best holidaymakers. Catch up with all of them.

5. Brazil 

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Having changed its visa policies, Brazil is going to be the next best place to visit in 2020 for travelers from various countries. There are over 2000 beach explorations, all of them absolutely affordable. 

This place is intimidating and the most biologically diverse whether you consider Rio De Janeiro or the Amazon Rainforests. Along with this, the spectacular carnivals will highly astound you. Visit Copacabana Beach for even more explicit stays and experiences letting you capture the surreal views of Sugarloaf Mountain.  

6. The United Arab Emirates 

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This is one of the most luxurious and futuristic destinations you will ever visit. You will have both the tallest, Burj Khalifa and Palm Islands, the largest artificial islands in the world. The spectacular attractions in Abu Dhabi including Sheikh Zayed Mosque will let you capture the most beautiful sights. 

It is the best part of the Middle East, offering its visitors with exuberant, modern and luxurious experiences like nowhere else. 

7. Malaysia 

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Bask in the sun at the Desaru Coast in Malaysia. Catch the most beautiful scenes around, live the best of beach life. The sparkling sea and luxurious experiences here had already been popular. 

Visit here for the interesting cultural and culinary offerings. Book your stays at one of the best resorts and enter the world of rejuvenation. You will easily find plenty of family-friendly hotels and getaways here.

8. Croatia 

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The sapphire sea and rugged beaches in Croatia along with the ancient walls seem to be reciting some ancient tales. You will definitely have a great time exploring these dramatic landscapes and Game-of-Thrones backdrops

Spend time amidst the lavish Mediterranean expanse, and enjoy a yacht party for more fun. The best part is that Split can be visited all around the year. The coastal town is a quieter and affordable choice. Of course, Dobrovnik is an all-time favorite here.

9. Oman 

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To experience the ancient, contemporary Arabia, Oman is always a great choice neighboring Dubai. There are bustling souks, emerald-colored fjords, 17th-century forts, and sandscapes and pristine waters and dolphins. 

However, make sure you get hotel bookings beforehand since there are limited top-tier options for stays and many visitors. You will surely enjoy the world-class amenities and sleek infinity pools at these excellent hotels.

10. Jaisalmer, India 

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Not only Jaisalmer but most of the Indian destinations will let you experience the most incredible elements in the world. This one is moreover the best place to reach for royal explorations. While you like luxurious holidays, you have all the best opportunities here. 

Jaisalmer has long been in the list of best places to visit for travelers from all over the world. There are numerous architectural marvels, reciting the stories of Rajputana valor. Stroll through the Golden City, the majestic fort and capture the surreal city views. 

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11. New Zealand 

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New Zealand had been a common destination choice for adventure seekers. Backpackers can certainly set out for here to grab the best adventure trails. There are several whimsical and innovative attractions in Auckland

This place witnesses varieties of travelers and has great things to offer to them. This year the Great Walk Trail is going to make your visit worthwhile here. Consider visiting the Paparora National Park for even interesting experiences.

12. Montreux, Switzerland 

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Situated in the French areas of Switzerland, Montreux is one of the finest travel destinations in the world. Cherish the stunning views of Lake Geneva and the snow-capped French Alps. Lined with colorful tulips and weeping willows it is definitely the horticulturist’s choice. 

The castles and their stories are other important reasons to visit here. You will also enjoy attending the Montreux Jazz Festival. You can take up beautiful lake cruises, go for architectural tours and try the different cuisines here.

13. Costa Rica 

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With its widespread appeal, Costa Rica is one of the most popular year-round travel destinations within the Western Hemisphere. You can seek all pleasures of life here in the relaxing, rejuvenating and romantic surroundings. 

Chocolate lovers should move across Talamanca, with numerous factories demonstrating Cocoa production in Costa Rica. Explore the volcanoes and go camping at some of the best locations with natural abundance. 

The complete list would be quite long. But you will surely get some interesting suggestions from the top destinations for 2020 listed above. Keep Traveling! 

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