Beaches ResortsTravel Guide For An Enthralling Trip To Perhentian Islands

Travel Guide For An Enthralling Trip To Perhentian Islands


If you adore the dazzling sunsets and magnificent pristine beaches, then Perhentian Islands in Malaysia is the place you should explore. The place comprises two islands Perhentian Kecil and Perhentian Besar. There are many reasons to visit this stunning place and enjoy the natural beauty around it. 

Your Personal Guide To Perhentian Islands

It is the best place for the adventure enthusiasts as there are many thrilling activities one can do here. You can come here for a romantic getaway, gazing around scenic views, walking on the clear water beaches. Lavish resorts by the bay are another attraction to visit this Malaysian paradise.


Romantic Beach

Located 21 km off the coast of Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia, the island attracts a major crowd all throughout the year. If you love Island hopping and want to relax on this exotic and surreal location then keep knowing more about it.

Highlights Of Perhentian Islands

Turquoise Beaches


The place is loaded with beauty all around. People love coming here to enjoy the calmness and charming view of this place. The turquoise colored beaches are a perfect spot to glowing sunsets.

The Perhentian Kecil Coral Bay and Adam and Eve beach are places where people head to enjoy the tranquility. You can choose to sunbathe on the beaches or take shed under the shacks and captivate the alluring view the beach offers.

Trekking And Spotting

Trekking at perhentian islands

If you love to trek then the high peaks of the Perhentian Islands are an ideal place. The wooden trek will take you down towards the beach making the trek interesting and beautiful. Look down to witness the charming view. You can also take small trails that take you through the forest area where you can spot monkeys, lizards, spiders, geckos etc. 

Perhentian Turtle Sanctuary


When you move towards Perhentian Turtle Sanctuary on Basah you can see turtles living in their natural habitat. It gives great excitement to see the green turtles strolling near the beach. It is a sighting many people look for.

Mosque A R Rahman Pulau Perhentian

A R Rahman Mosque

If you are visiting Perhentian Island do not miss on to this amazing andc worth visiting mosque. This alluring mosque established above the water is one of the most amazing place which you should visit. 

Overnight Camping

Camping at perhentian islands

If you love to spend a night under the stars in a camp then you can head towards the Teluk KK where you can have the opportunity to spend time on the beach enjoying the cold breeze and gazing at the stars. 

Fire Show

Fire Show

Visiting such an interesting place and getting to know about their culture is the best exploration. The fire show performed at the beach sided by the locals will give you an insight about their culture while they perform traditional dance. Their fire show is engaging and worth watching.

Must Try Things In Perhentian Islands


perhentian islands

Snorkel in the water to explore marine life closely. Dive in to see the exotic fishes, turtles and coral reefs. It is an amazing experience to be in water and swim with all the varieties of fishes around.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking

The water is fairly calm at the Perhentian Island so you can explore the edges of the island renting a kayak. You can either go for sea kayaking alone or take a tour on it and observe the island closely. 

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving

Dive into the water and go deep to witness some unexplored rare species of marine life. It is altogether a learning and unfading experience to do scuba diving at this pristine island. Touch the floor of the sea and enjoy in the company of little fishes that swim and kiss you. 

Living On Tree

Tree House

If you do not want to book an upscale resort and pay heavily on lavish hotels then you can live on trees. Yes, you can book accommodation in a tree house at Perhentian Island. Surrounded by jungle and trees wake up in the pleasant and natural ambiance.

Munching At Santai

Confused where to eat at Perhentian Island? You can take a glass of chilled beer or your favorite mocktail and enjoy it with a dazzling sunset at Santai. The place has a vast menu from which you can offer Pizza, burger and many western dishes. If you want to eat the freshly catched seafood then you can order from their barbecue section as well.

How To Get There

Perhentian Island is very well connected through rail, road, water and air transports. One can read this heavenly place fastest by reaching Kota Bharu and Kuala Terengganu airports which are the two nearest airports. Take a road drive to  Kuala Besut Jetty and then reach Perhentian Island via boat or jetty.

Where To Stay perhentian islands

There are great options to live near Perhentain Island. Since the place attracts tourists all throughout the year the places are packed. If you want to reserve your stay then the best pocket friendly options are:

  • The Barat Perhentian
  • Abdul’s Chalet
  • Tuna Bay Resort
  • Bubu Villa
  • Alunan Resort

These places are value for money places which offer all the necessary things at affordable rates. All the places have an amazing view of the beach to make your stay comfortable and memorable.

Perfect Time To Visit Perhentian Island

The high season ends by September and the place has monsoons around November. Therefore the ideal time to visit this place is between March to early November. July, August and early September is the season when the place welcomes the most tourists.

Can’t resist to visit this eternally beautiful place? Enjoy and take the experience of a lifetime at the Perhentian Island.

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