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When Jingle Bell Rings ‘n’ New Year Arrives, isn’t that amazing?

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Here comes the festive season of New year with twinkling lights and decorated streets, with delicious aromas and the happy spirit in the air!!
The year-end has come and there is an unsettling feeling everywhere, the Happiness of Christmas and New years with the nostalgia of a one year, some choose to replenish whatever time is left with parties and festivities while some prefer this time to spend it with the loved ones and remember the good times.
You can be any one of the both but you can’t get away from the merry feeling in the air!! So gather a bunch of your party friends or bundle up with your family, but whatever you choose make sure you jingle all the way through the Christmas day! Wherever you are, there is always a Christmas plan waiting and there is always a church to be visited. So here comes a list of a few things you could do make your Christmas special!! Ho Ho! Let the celebrations begin!!

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All the houses in Bandra village of Mumbai are well-lit and decorated, celebrations are held at churches and families visit and exchange gifts, sweets, and wishes. It is one of the places where Christmas is celebrated with all its oomph and show.

Vasai another such area which does not lack behind in Christmas celebrations has unique ‘Orphan Christmas night’ and ‘Environment-friendly Christmas night’. Khotachiwadi, Borivali, Malad, Andheri east are some other places where you can be sure of an unforgettable Christmas evening!!

Some of the churches that you definitely should not miss are Holy Name Cathedral, Colaba. Saint John’s Church, Colaba. Saint Thomas’s Cathedral, Fort. Gloria Church, Byculla.

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The markets of Silicon Valley Bangalore are thronged with people eager to buy gifts, decorations, and other festive items. There are special bazaars held at various places where people also sell home-made food and decoration items. Shops and streets are decorated with traditional colored decorations giving a perfect look for a colorful Christmas.

On Infantry Road, Safina Plaza is especially famous for its decorative items and unique Christmas gifts. There are a number of Churches especially in the central part of the city which engage in grand decoration and keeping the spirit alive by holding midnight mass and number of other activities during the season.

St Mary’s Basilica, Christ Church and St. Patrick’s Church are some of these. Want to know for upcoming events in Bangalore.

There are a number of eateries which spread some delectable holiday cheer with some of the best festive dishes prepared specially for the occasion.

There are numerous parties happening all over the place. Pubs and Lounges have tickets for their special Christmas concerts and Christmas menus.

Both Christians and Non-Christians celebrate the festival with equal gusto through the Christians try to retain the traditional charm of Christmas by attending church services, preparing Christmas dishes at home and having a family reunion to exchange gifts and celebrate relationships.


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The city of grand parties Delhi finds another reason to light up around Christmas and New Year!! Cathedral Church of the Redemption, St. James’ Church, Sacred Heart Cathedral Church, St. Mary’s Church, are some of the most visited and packed churches to attend midnight masses in the city.

Visit a Christmas Market, or help an Animal Shelter on the Christmas Eve as simple as your plans for Christmas is this decked up city always makes it a special feeling to be in!!

If you are into the real feasting experience, try some of the many Christmas Buffets in central Delhi, experience a day or two of fun here. this area buzzes with activity during the Christmas period. It is decked up with Christmas lights, decoration, seasonal sales stalls, and street food vendors. Want to explore stay options in Heart of Delhi.


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Kolkata loves to celebrate every festival with great zest and fervor and Christmas does not stay behind! There is a grand Park Street Christmas Carnival that takes place every year in Kolkata is one of a kind and the unique Christmas carnivals of the country.

The streets are heavily decorated and the celebrations don’t stop till the Christmas they go on till the New Year’s. The previously crowded Park street becomes packed with onlookers and visitors to such an extent that Traffic on 25th and 31st of December has to be closed for safety reasons.

The street is lined with food stalls and decorative, happy faces and Christmas lovers!!. Want to book a stay in Kolkata.


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Other than attending a mass in some of the most beautiful churches of Goa and going with the age-old traditions, Goa has its set of traditions for Christmas which you never might experience anywhere else.

Like, head to the beaches of Goa and set out a blanket so you can sit back and watch fireworks lighting up the midnight sky on both Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Popular North Goa beaches to watch fireworks at are Baga and Calangute while Colva and Bogmalo beaches are the ones to head to in South Goa.

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Another unique tradition of Goa which actually gained popularity with time is burning the old man, in which as the name suggests an old man made out of hay and twigs is burnt symbolizing all the evils of the past year with the hope of a better year ahead! And how can anyone forget the numerous parties in Goa which are perfect for letting your hair down and grooving to during this festive season? Want to enjoy a beach villa near Baga Beach.


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Christmas brings in the season of joy and cheerfulness to the households of Kerala. The holy birth of baby Jesus is rejoiced by the people with customs and traditions that have a tad of local flavor. The brilliance of Christmas stars the serenity of cribs and glittering Christmas trees offer the warmth to celebrate this winter fiesta.

kerala christmas
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And of course with the quintessential Santa Claus and Christmas gifts – the joyous season of Christmas ushers an array of hope and joy to the people of Kerala.

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Some of the best go-to places for an amazing Christmas in Kerala would be Kochi, the city is known to celebrate Christmas with charm. You can see the beautiful homes and churches decorated with ornamental lighting and Christmas trees.

Trivandrum, Kovalam, and Munnar are other suggestion for the seasons best Christmas and Celebrations. One must definitely experience the life in a Heritage Kerala House.

Northeast (The seven sisters)

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The Northeastern states have a considerable population of Christians who celebrate the birth anniversary of Christ with some pomp and glory, which makes it a picturesque place to celebrate Christmas in. The streets, the churches, and the homes are decorated with beautiful lights and one can easily feel the excitement in the air.

The midnight mass sees huge crowd pouring to the churches of the cities with bands playing soulful gospel music. The beauty of the region, its food and the general excitement for Christmas makes being here a memorable experience.

Major cities like Meghalaya, Guwahati, Shillong, Kohima, Mokukchung are seen drenched in the festive mood of both New Year and Christmas much more than the rest of the areas. Planning for visiting Northeast.

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