SeasonsThe 7 states with the worst winters

The 7 states with the worst winters


We all can bear the scorching heat, and consume lots of water to stay hydrated. yet, when it comes to cold, there is always something bewildering about it which makes it the most intolerable thing ever. Thinking about this, let’s have a look at some of the states with coldest temperatures!

These are the coldest States in the world

1. Wisconsin

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There’s a reason they pan themselves with all that Cheese. It’s one of the coldest cities in the US. The people of Wisconsin are notably kind but tough; intense winter might be the reason for this.

In between December to March, Wisconsin temperatures are damn cold. The average annual snowfall here can be as high as 167.5 inches. And despite having the consistent below freezing temperatures, people still put on a million layers to accompany at Packers games.

2. South Dakota

South Dakota

Slightly less miserable than North Dakota. Here, the summers are unconditionally boiling hot. And so the winters are absolutely chilly. The winter here are dry with snowfall averages that range between 31 inches (in the eastern part of the state) to 198 inches in the deadly cold western part of the state.

During winter, the average temperature is about 25 °F. The temperature here is four degrees higher than North Dakota.

3. Maine

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Winter-Like these are only Spoken About in  “Game Of Thrones”. Maine winters are especially brutal, literally with snow up to your ears. On average, the average snowfall in the Norther’s interior is approximately 110 inches, closest to Canada. And these winters are long, usually starting in November or October and do not stop until April, some years. It’s definitely one of the coldest places in the US.

4. North Dakota

North Dakota

Even worse than South Dakota.

Like South Dakota, North Dakota is extremely dry and heated in summer, up to 121 ° F. That on the flip side, in winters, the temperature reduces up to 5 ° F many days. However, the average is a cool 21 ° F. Still below the freezing, but sometimes it is not very bad as those occasional extreme freezes.

One last thing to consider when North Dakota is portrayed as the cruelty of winter, the Fargo state- the largest city in North Dakota, USA); it’s also a horrifying film/TV show where people are scared through the frozen tundra of the state. It’s one of the coldest cities in the US.

5. Alaska


What does the sun look like again?

The people of Alaska deals with 67 continuous days of no sunlight and temperatures falls down to – 20 °F in some places.

6. Michigan

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It’s even shaped like a damned Mitten.

The average wintertime temperature in Michigan is nearly 17 °F. The average snowfall can reach up to 202 inches in some parts of the state.

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7. Minnesota

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Gets 170 Inches of snow That’s 2.5 times the height of Kent Hrbek. To top the list of worst winter states, Minnesota finds its place on the peak. Here, the winters are most brutal that you have ever heard of.

This is most likely because Minnesota gets struck with the worst combination of weather-related downfalls. In Minnesota, winter patterns such as Alberta Clippers and Panhandle Hook are normal, bringing almost consistent snow that mounts over 200 inches in some areas of the state and makes winter last for at least 5 months. Temperature can generally strike -60 °F, at which frostbite can appear in fewer than five minutes.

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