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10 Best Places Around The World To Travel In December


December is one of the best months to explore the world. It’s the time for Christmas and New Year, which means the world can be seen in the most colorful forms. You can completely lose yourself to the holiday season, live an amazing life, or relax at one of the most luxurious destinations. However, deciding where to travel every next time can be absolutely daunting. Well, as always, we are here to help and resolve this problem for you. Most of the places allure snow, streets decorated colorfully with lights. And most importantly, you will have a lot to eat and explore in its best form. Read further to take a look at the best places to visit in December, around the world. While the winters around this time will make it absolutely interesting, try to make the best choice of places.

Best Places To Visit In December 

1. Venice, Italy 

best holiday destinations in december
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The floating city, Venice, is one of the most beautiful places you will ever explore in Europe. Because of its gorgeous visage, tourists crawl up to here very commonly. December is the peak tourist season. If you think coming here during summers would be a great experience when the lagoons and canals sparkle in the sun, you might be right, but the icy fog during winter is actually something you would love even more.

If you’re super lucky, you may even witness a snowfall. You may take a walk across the St. Mark’s for some great city views and Instagrammable selfies. Find one of the best stays and make this visit even more memorable. We suggest you extend your trip at least up to a week and collect all the worthwhile explorations that surround you. Observe and admire the city architecture, neighborhood, and all of the popular and unpopular attractions.   

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2. Strasbourg, France 

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Strasbourg hosts an absolutely amazing Christmas market, just like Milan. It is one of the oldest markets you will explore in France, which is famous for its pork knuckles and dumplings. There are many interesting treats all through your explorations that are likely to mesmerize you. You will come across a massive, beautiful Christmas tree, illuminated decorations, and more than 300 huts filled with adorable handmade gifts.

Do not forget to savor on some of the best local dishes that remain popular during this time. Make sure to travel with enough time in your pocket since it is not easy to reach this place by train. Plan things in a way that you’re left with enough time to explore everything.

3. Yellowstone National Park, USA 

best places to visit in december
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Apart from winters, this incredible national park in the USA is always tightly packed with visitors. However, December is a perfect time to spot and observe the wildernesses here. From bison to the brown bear, you can spot various species in their natural habitat during winters. Snowcoach tours are the most preferable to explore Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, the Old Faithful. You can enjoy snowshoeing and skiing at one of these best places.

The contrasting violent volcanic landscapes and snow-covered surroundings make up really pleasing views. You will never be able to forget what you see. You may book one of the winter lodges in the national park to stay and enhance your experience. Most of them support sustainable explorations, and you will surely love them.

4. Bali, Indonesia 

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Bali is one of the most rewarding travel destinations to explore. It’s special enough to explore not once but many times more. This place will completely transform the state of your mind and make you feel at peace more than ever. December is definitely a great time to be in this paradise.

Because of the numerous beach resorts and luxurious accommodations, it has turned into the most preferred honeymoon destination in Asia. Apart from the popular tourist attractions, there are various other experiences and cultures that you would love at this place.

5. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

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The Brazilian capital, Rio De Janeiro, remains in highlights for its fantastic Christmas celebrations. It is known to be one of the liveliest and most vibrant cities around the world. The city has the ever-existing carnival aura, which mostly attracts tourists from all over the world. Apart from unique Christmas celebrations, there are various sightseeing options and experiences you will love delving into.

Spend some memorable beach time at the well-known beaches in the world. There are several attractions you must not miss, including Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana Beach, and Ipanema Beach.

6. Siargao Island 

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While you are looking for places close to nature and its beautiful creations, Siargao Island is definitely one of the best choices. Shaped like a teardrop, it is a small island with lots of amazing activities for its visitors. This island stretches up to about 437 kilometers with azure waters and pristine sand waters. December is the time for dry weather here.

However, it is still great to explore this beautiful place. It is a popular place among adventure and water sports enthusiasts. Do not miss anything that could bring you great memories. Be clear about flights and other bookings.

7. Cape Town 

december holiday destinations

Cape Town is the Southernmost city in Africa. It has a significant role in history for trade between Europe and Asia. This city will offer you the best lively experiences from white sandy beaches, panoramic views, and a vibrant nightlife. December is probably the best time to set off for great explorations.

There are many popular attractions in Cape Town, including Robben Island, National Botanical Garden, Table Mountain, and the Castle of Good Hope. There may be times when it rains. So, make your plans accordingly. Moreover, it would be great to visit here in December.

8. Madagascar

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Madagascar is a world different from the world that’s home to damp, dark December. You will be surrounded by wildernesses and different types of species. There would be wildly colored chameleons, giraffe weevil, and various others you haven’t even heard about. Exploring the rich rainforests would be a great adventure.

There’s certainly a lot to explore, including impenetrable limestone karst warren, spiny woodlands, and the Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve. Early December is the best time to travel offseason before the place sees heavy rain. Plan one of the best stays on the Private Island, the Miavana that’s situated on the east coast. This place has some of the best mid-century modern, stone-cut villas with one of the best castaway escapes.

9. Fiji, South Pacific 

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Spending December in Fiji will make it a beautiful distant memory for you. The dazzling white sand will give you a little glimpse of heaven. You can see life in an entirely new form. December here is the time of the early rainy season; therefore, you may witness afternoon showers. And believe us, it would make things even great.

There are various culturally aware hotels around that offer the best opportunities for stays with the best of all facilities. You would also find some great options for honeymoons. Apart from the beaches, you will also have a great time meeting locals and exploring the local culture. 

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10. Milan, Italy 

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If you think Milan may be too modern a destination to consider for Christmas celebrations, you might miss on many things. It is one of the most festive cities in Europe. Several highlights include Sant’Ambrogio with twinkling markets, and Castello Sforzesco, the red-brick fortress. Explore the unique Milanese tradition. You would fall in love with the local treats. Also, try and elevate your fashion sense at the best shopping centers here.

Every place has something good for you to explore and experience. Make sure you choose a place that makes everything memorable and excellent for you. Plan things well in advance so that there are no confusions at the end moment.

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