World TripRevisiting Your Favorite Travel Destinations; Coronavirus Left Them All...

Revisiting Your Favorite Travel Destinations; Coronavirus Left Them All Empty!


The world is under threat due to COVID-19, while general meetings seem scary, traveling places is way too far. However, we have brought to you some pictures that will show the current scenario at some of the most popular travel destinations.

Your Favorite Places Around The World Amid Coronavirus  

You may be missing the times you could explore the world with ‘no’ restrictions. Moreover, the fact that it’s necessary to be at home cannot be ignored. Until things get back in place, keep reading and know what the virus has done to amazing places around the world.

1. Times Square, New York  

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All iconic landmarks in New York are empty since all residents are asked to stay back except essential service workers. This situation seems starker when you realize that around 3,80,000 pedestrians, passed through Times Square every day.

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2. Vatican City

Vatican city

While Italy is one of the best-explored places in the world, coronavirus has left people under thereat about it. It was really sad this time that worshipers could not attend the important Holy week prayers and celebrations. The St. Peter’s Square seems strange without its crowd.

3. Rome

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This time during Easter, there were no public masses in Rome amid complete lockdown. There were live streamings of the masses, however. But, can anything replace the pleasure of being at those amazing historical places? Huh. No.

4. Porto, Lisbon

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Over 20000 decorative tiles at São Bento Station, Porto, are now almost empty during this state of emergency. Excellent museums, transit hubs, colleges, and schools are also closed down. The charm of Portugal is now sitting alone with no crowds and that’s both weird and beautiful.

5. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 

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The authorities in Brazil have been criticized a lot for downplaying the seriousness of the virus. However, a state of emergency was declared in March. The beautiful Ipanema and Copacabana beaches which are usually known to be crowded, now remain deserted. The iconic Christ the Redeemer is also closed for visitors.

6. Paris

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We’re really sad for all the new couples who may have planned their wedding shoots or honeymoons here. It’s not surprising that due to COVID-19, most of the important attractions including the Versailles Palace and the Louvre have been closed for visitors. Being the most paid monument and one of the most popular travel destinations, the closure of the Eiffel Tower is much more impactful.

7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

travel destinations

Once the most visited city, Kuala Lumpur is now home to empty streets and highways while everyone is quarantined. Partial lockdown and ban on travel have left the bustling city all deserted.

8. Varanasi, India

travel destinations

Due to nationwide lockdown, the ghats that once used to be overcrowded, lay deserted and noise-free. There are no religious chants and the Ganges river bank sits silent and alone.

9. Venice

travel destinations

Amid lockdown, the streets and canals of Venice look absolutely surreal. The place is seeing no tourists and residents are under isolation. The city canals are getting so clean that someone can even see the bottom of the canal and this is rare.

10. Lima, Peru

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Home to the Cathedral of Lima and the Presidential Palace, Lima’s Plaza de Armas has been freed from visitors and residents have been isolated. The country’s borders have been closed and a state of emergency is declared.

11. Barcelona, Spain

travel destinations

Spain has seen some of the greatest losses due to Coronavirus. Most of the tourist attractions are now closed off. The city has now entered a zone of hope-filled darkness while residents stay at home and tourists are eager for situations to get normal.

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12. Milan

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Since early March, Milan has been shut down. Most popular attractions including La Scala, Duomo di Milano, and FRodazione Prada Museum, all are closed off. This huge cut off in tourists is a hard hit for local restaurants and stores.

13. Buenos Aires

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Except for essential services, Argentina is entirely closed down. The busiest and bustling neighborhoods of Buenos Aires are now all empty with its silent charm and no people around.

While some of these scenarios are scary others seem surreal. Well, as far as travel goals and explorations are considered, all we can do is wait for things to get normal and back in place. Your favorite travel destinations can wait. Until then, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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