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9 Best Things To Do In Buenos Aires While You’re Here For The First Time


While you’re up to exploring the most pleasing aspects of Buenos Aires you’re more likely to find it difficult to put your hand on everything in one visit. There are hundreds of interesting things to do in Buenos Aires and you cannot afford to miss even one of them. Confusion! Well, what are we here for then? We’ve shortlisted the best experiences for you. Give it a read.

Most Interesting Things To Do In Buenos Aires

An explorer can find a bit of everything here. From operas to shopping boutiques, several great sights, and tango. There are a lot of touristy places where travelers still go with the same enthusiasm (there’s surely some reason behind it). There are amazing nature trails that let you keep up the balance. You will admire all of the local aspects here.

Here’s a list of top things to do in Buenos Aires.

1. Visit The Recoleta Cemetery

Buenos Aires
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If you’ve known about this place before, you may know this cemetery isn’t ordinary. It is the final resting place for Argentina’s most powerful, richest and popular figures. This huge cemetery with passages of ornate mausoleums is hard to explore without a map that navigates you well.

The grave of beloved Eva Perón is the most popular site here. She was the first lady of Argentina from the year 1946 to 1952. Although cool, the cemetery may give you some eerie haunting vibes because of stray cats wandering around there.

2. Kayak Across The Tigre

Buenos Aires
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While exploring the city may turn quite overwhelming, it would be a good idea to escape into nature nearby. You will be amazed to see the world’s largest delta systems, just at an hour’s distance from the city. Sunday is probably the best time to be here. For adorable craft and affordable food, consider visiting Puerto de Frutos.

For some extraordinary activities, rent a kayak at the main dock. If you’re not really looking into adventure, you may go for a boat ride and relax while sailing through the peaceful, quiet surroundings.

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3. The National Museum Of Fine Arts

Buenos Aires
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With the amazing works of popular Latino artists Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and Claude Monet, this beautiful museum is one of the best in the world. It is one of the best free things to do in Buenos Aires.

4. Teatro Colón

Buenos Aires
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It is one of the most significant operas in the world and a popular historic landmark in Buenos Aires dating back to 1857. Tourists arrive here for ballets, operas and entertaining orchestral symphonies. The Teatro Colón carries its restored former glory. If you’re not interested in attending a show, consider taking up a guided tour.

5. Go For A Street Art Tour

Buenos Aires
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With Graffitimundo, you can set out for the best walking tours in the city. It’s interesting to explore some amazing street arts with the artists themselves. Guided tours will help you sneak into the most beautiful sights within a short duration. You can also buy some prints to take them home.

6. Try Out Tango!

Buenos Aires
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If traveling with your partner, go out for a romantic dinner and tango night. Maybe this perfect date night gets you to action. There are several places you can go dancing the tango. You can sign up for tango lessons before that.

This is a popular activity among tourists here. Attend the Sunday night milonga at San Telmo after being at the antique fair. You may either set out for an open-air milonga at La Glorieta.

7. Try Cocktails At Speakeasies

Buenos Aires
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Speakeasies let you choose your sip from plenty of options. Floreria Atlántico which looks more like a flower shop is known to be the most popular. For chilled vibes consider heading out to the Victoria Brown Bar, Palermo. There’s Bar 878, offering exclusive, romantic surroundings, hiding behind the wooden doors in Villa Crespo.

8. Get Hippie At La Bomba De Tiempo

Buenos Aires
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Every Monday, this is a massive percussion event for all hippies at Konex Cultural Center. This is absolutely your place if you don’t mind marijuana. At the end of the event, you will find yourself dancing with the amazing crowd.

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9. Get Instagrammable In La Boca

Buenos Aires
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Go strolling through the Italian-influenced neighborhoods of La Boca. It’s home to one of the most favorite football team, the Boca Juniors. It is a must-visit place for soccer lovers.

El Caminito holds on to numerous colorful houses and open-air museum with tango music in the background. This is undeniably the best place to get good clicks. Head out to the sketchy outskirts of the neighborhood.

While the list is too long to discuss here at once, the above listed best things to do in Buenos Aires will let you grab the most pleasing experiences.

Keep Traveling!

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