Fashion10 Best Places For Shopping In France 

10 Best Places For Shopping In France 


Shopping in France is incomparable to any other part of the world. Besides, when two people decided to shop together in France the experience is always different. Most travelers prefer to visit either designer stores or perfume houses, there are some who consider going to local markets. 

The capital city of France “Paris” is home to some of the best places to shop in France. While cities like Cannes, and Marseille are worth visiting for the budget shopping. Before planning to tour the French Republic, do visit some of our top 10 places for shopping in France.  

Top 10 Places For Shopping In France 

1. Louvre and Tuileries District

Louvre and Tuileries District

One of the most popular districts for shopping in France is the lovely neighborhood of the Louvre and Tuileries. The place is widely popular as the “fashion district” of the country offering various clothing stores by classic designers.

Visit the Palais Royal which has a diverse collection of luxury perfumes, and has a few vintage stores, along with art galleries and a jewelry showroom. Being one of the best shopping spots in Paris, the Louvre and Tuileries is a must-visit if you are willing to escape the hustle and bustle of Paris. 

Top Brands To Buy:

  • Saint Laurent
  • Versace
  • Hermes
  • Loius Vuitton

Location: Paris

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2. The Marais
The Marais

Yet another perfect location for shopping in Paris is the historic quarter of Marias. The place is quite popular among art lovers as it has plenty of handmade crafts and antique shops. Some of the popular shops being des Vosges, Rue des Francs-Bourgeois, Diptyque and Rue des Rosiers. 

If you love trying different kinds of teas, chocolates, and even coffee, then Marias is a place that you must include in your shopping list. For the best tea in the town, head towards the tearoom of Mariage Freres. For high-quality chocolates, check out Josephine Vannier.

Location: Paris 

3. Jo Malone 

Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a London-based perfume franchise that offers several unique and elegant Bristish perfumes. They are known for using botanical as well as natural fragrances in their perfumes. Some of the fragrances they use in their perfume include tonka, vetiver, vanilla, rose, green wheat, and tonka. 

Location: Paris, Lyon, Cannes, and Nice

4. Jovoy Paris 

Jovoy Paris

Jovoy Perfume house is popular all over the country for offering some rare perfumes which you may not find anywhere else in the world. It was founded in 1923 by Blanche Arvoy and he introduced his brand launching four animal-shaped bottles. Today, the showroom is owned by single-family and they produce personalized and hand-made scents. 

Location: Paris

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5. Le BHV Marais

LE BHV Marais

Situated in the Marias district, LE BHV is a shopping center that offers several trendy fashion brands and housing wear clothes. LE BHV can be drived as “Bazar de I’Hotel de Ville”. It is one of those destinations for shopping in Paris that offer authentic souvenirs, which means goods manufactured in Paris. 

You can find everything you must look for in LE BHV including the latest trends, classics, and many more. If you are looking to wear something for a specific function, then Shopper Staff is there to help you decide. You can also book a personal shopper to guide you related to the latest trends. 

Location: Paris 

6. Christian Louboutin 

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is one of the notable shoe designers in France and is famous for producing high-quality footwear. They generally have red soles in their shoes as a signature which is considered one of the most beautiful globally. The footwear company was founded in 1992 by Christian Louboutin and the first shoes were produced in Italy. 

Location: Paris 

7. Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette

Even if you are not willing to shop at Galeries Lafayette, a visit to this grand departmental store is worthwhile just for window shopping. Its amazing interior and setting are enough to gain your attention. The department is also listed among the top heritage sites of Paris. 

Location: Paris, Grenoble, Toulouse, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice and Montpellier

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8. Christmas Market

Christmas Market
Christmas Market

If you are traveling during December end, then visit the annual Christmas market and purchase some of the local gifts. The market is inspired by a famous traditional market in France “marches de Noel”. Here you will find gourmet products, regional goods, decoration items for Christmas, and much more.  

Location: Paris

9. Cocoa Aficionados

Cocoa Aficionados

While shopping in France that too in the capital city, you must try the authentic chocolate of Cocoa Aficionados. Cocoa Afiacionados produce the most delicious and some of the best chocolates in the country which are quite popular among tourists. don’t just taste the chocolate, do take a few of them for your loved ones. 

Location: Paris

10. Cours Saleya Market

Cours Saleya Market

Cours Saleya market is a traditional market situated in the old town of the Nice city. The main market square of the Nice city is lined up with various boutique stores, designer showrooms, and several wine shops. The market offers an authentic combination of France and Italian traditions. 

From Tuesday to Sunday, the main highlights of this market are the flowers that surround the entire square while on Monday the highlights are antiques and vintage clothing. If visiting in summer, there are shops that offer unique clothes for homeware, finely crafted jewelry, and traditional scarfs. 

Location: Old Town, Nice City

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