Haunted PlacesMost Scary Places In Thailand And Their Spooky Stories

Most Scary Places In Thailand And Their Spooky Stories


Every place is said to have a history that rules the place. But having a scary background makes the place haunted. Thailand is a land where the Buddhist monks have lived and the place is considered to be sacred because of that. But despite of all the monasteries the place still has some haunting elements present.

Spooky places
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We’ve known and heard about Thailand for it’s epic picturesque places and attractive beaches, but here you will know some scariest places in Thailand and the stories associated with them.

Planning to visit Thailand, be aware of these haunted places.

1. Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport
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Ghost have dominated Thai culture since a long time. You will be amazed to know that the actual airport of Thailand Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the scariest land in Thailand. The airport is believed to be constructed on the old cemetery and people have seen and experienced spooky things on this airport.
The new airport was opened in 2006 after the closing of Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport. The Suvarnabhumi Airport lies outside the Bangkok’s city centre and was on a marshland known as Cobra Swamp. During the time of construction people discovered that the land was part of an ancient cemetery. The workers noticed unusual things and sightings which made them believe about the haunted history associated with this place.
The ghost of Poo Ming is said to haunt the airport who was once the guard of the cemetery. It is believed that he still comes to the airport to guard it’s area. People have also seen a woman carrying a baby and many accidents have been reported due to this woman.

2. Koh Hingham

Koh Hingham
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Koh Hingham is a small unsettled island located near Koh Lipe. The place has beautiful ricks that make the place attractive and catches tourists. However it is believed that no one can take even a single pebble with them. There have been reports where people have couriered the pebbles back to the National Park Office.
The locals say that anyone who takes pebbles with them has to face the wrath of Asian deities and so np one dares to do it. You can spend as much time as you want on the shore but don’t dare to take anything from here.

3. Koh Kham Noi

Koh Kham Noi
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Koh Kham Noi is a spooky island on the coast of Chonburi Province. The site was used as a site of burial during the ancient times. The place has reported of earthly signs, weird noises and moaning sounds. During the wars the ground was considered as the burial land and also a muslim burial ground. Also when the malaria had spread all over the place, people died and their bodies were buried on the island.
The people believe that the ghost pgf people who died untimely, their ghosts roam and haunt this island even today. The presence of the supernatural elements on this islands makes it a very uncomfortable place to be.

4. River Kwai Bridge and Hellfire Pass

river kwai bridge
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During the Japanese occupation time the workers were forced to work under severe condition s for the construction of Thailand to Burma Railway station. The bridge is said to be haunted because many workers died during its construction.
Workers were forced to work under harsh climate conditions, during sickness and even starved to death. The workers cursed the bridge due to which Thai people believed this place is one of the haunted places in Thailand.

5. Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Baiyoke Sky Hotel
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Baiyoke Sky Hotel was once Bangkok’s tallest and high class hotel which was known for its h hospitality and grandeur. But during the construction of the 88 storey tower, the mishappening happened where three workers died. The ghost of those workers are said to haunt the place even today.
The place has reported creepy sights and unusuals sounds of groaning, moaning and shouting sounds. This unnatural place is haunted and people believe in the ghost stories behind them.

6. Jang murin nakorn House

White Lion House
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Among the most haunted places in Thailand Jang Murin Nakorn House or White Lion House in Chiang Mai is known for all creepy and haunted stuff. The large mansion is said to be spooky and the Thai people have heard field of screams from this house. The owner of the house back then was warned about the unlucky aspect of this house.
White Lion House
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Ignoring the warnings given by the monks and people he still constructed huge mansion. But the owner went insane and killed his family members on the house and since then people are afraid to break into the house. The house is left isolate and unattended and many supernatural activities have been suspected in this area.

7. Ayutthaya Historical Park

Ayutthaya Historical Park
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The Thai land is said to have many ghost stories and Ayutthaya Historical park is one of those ancient land which is no exception. A headless Thai prince Pu Som Fao Sap is said to watch over his treasures located at the Wak Kudi Dao.
During the clashes and fights between Burmese and Siamese many people lost their lives and their gjist are believed to still haunt this ancient ruin. Burmese troops looted many ancient buildings of Siamese including Ayutthaya Historical Park.

8. Erawan Shrine

Erawan Shrine
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The Erawan Shrine was built by the government to rectify the loss caused to the Erawan Luxury hotel. The Erawan Shrine has an idol of four faced God Phra Phrom. Despite the newly made shrine the fatal experiences and deaths ddin;t stop for which this newly constructed shrine was made. In 1987 the luxury hotel was finally shut down to story all the eerie experiences and mishappenings that were occuring to the people due to the ghostly presence.

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