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5 mysterious doors of Taj mahal that are not accessible to public

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History of Mysterious doors of Taj Mahal: Maybe you would not remember all the 7 wonders on the globe but must remember Taj Mahal. It is the price of India and had the most romantic story that melts millions of people heart. But do you really think you know everything about Taj Mahal? It does not only contain architectural designs, extensive building as well as gardens? Absolutely not!

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Aside from the Taj Mahal eternal love stories between Mumtaz and Shehanshah, there is also one Mysterious tale that is about the secret rooms that are inside monument which are not known and visible to the common public. You might be feeling curious right?

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So many people discovered about these hidden rooms and many rumored about this. Various visitors of Taj Mahal was Intrigued about those rooms and start exploring more to the monument to know the interesting story behind this hidden rooms. But the unusual thing is that government is not giving permission to unlock these rooms to the public.

Check out some of these appalling and hideous tales behind these shabby, and dark rooms.

Secret arches

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It has been said that in the darkest and the deepest way to its corridors when you closely come and see you will find rectangular ventilators and the arches above that have been sealed with different sizes of tints and marble. Those arches take the public to the secret stairs that lead to so many rooms enclosed behind the arches.

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Who have the guts to enter in these dark and deepest rooms? Many such doorways in chamber rooms are there underneath Taj Mahal that is also sealed with lime and brick.

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There are so many arches like all these that have their own hideous stories.

Something is hidden beside the Mumtaz Grave

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All of us know the concept behind Taj Mahal, as there is a grave of the beloved wife of Shahjahan, Mumtaz. It is at the riverside. But this is known by everyone the thing that no one knows is that there is a two-story marble building which hides beside the riverside. The question is why it is hidden in that way?

Adding religion

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Another angle that some Hindu followers believed that Taj Mahal is originally a temple for Hindus of Lord Shiva. To hide this Shah Jahan hide it with some stone bricks all Hindu origin. But these are just rumors, not a truth.

People shut all the rumors and give the scientific logic:

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As you know that now supernatural activities are also proven through science then why do not this? The public is relating to this with just a simple logic. The main reason to sea the doors was that the chambers are all made from marble that converts easily into calcium carbonate when coming in contact with CO2, we humans exhale.

And it results into this:

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If these Taj Mahal hidden rooms open to us, it will probably deteriorate. You can check out more images what will happen to it.

Hard to believe

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Dr. Godbole another writer said that the Taj Mahal is not made by the Shah Jahan. It was originally the palace of Raja.

Well, still we don’t know the actual truth behind taj mahal and its hidden doors. Do their spooky rooms really exist or not? Yet it is the world masterpiece of rest architectural style in its execution and conception.

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