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5 Mysterious uncontacted Tribes in the world

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5 mysterious uncontacted tribes that are not known to the people of the outside world, including video and photos of some who remain unknown to modern science. Explore the dark depths of the Amazon, an isolated island, a remote desert, and the dense jungle of Vietnam.

1. Korubo

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The Korbo live in Brazil’s western Amazon basin and were once referred to by explorers as the “clubber Indians”. They are called so because of their war clubs. They live in the region which is bordered by the confluence of two rivers Ituí and Itaquaí in the Javari Valley.

These inhabitants having an approx population of 200 still live in isolation. In 1996, after several attempts, FUNAI contacted a small group of Korubo Indians. The Korban began to visit the villages of the Matis Indians and the FUNAI encampments in the forest after the encounter.

The aggressive tribe’s preferred hunting and a battle weapon is a club, often used along with poisoned darts.

2. Mashco-Piro

via: Society for the Anthropology of Lowland South America

The tribes of Mashco-Piro or Mascho Piro, also known as the Cujareño people and Nomole, are the endemic natives of nomadic hunter-gatherers who populate the remote regions of the Amazon rainforest. These tribes live in Manú National Park in the Madre de Dios Region in Peru. In the past, they didn’t have any contact with the outside world.

In 2011, Peru’s ministry of environment released a video appearing to show the uncontacted natives along the Manu River. The video was shot by the tourist present there at that moment. He did not realize that he had taken the closest images of the Mashco-Piro.

3. Sentinelese

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North Sentinel island in the bay of Bengal is home to the Sentinelese, one of the few uncontacted tribes outside of South America.

They have made so little advancement that it’s believed they can’t produce fire and subsist on fish and coconuts.

The small amount of contact with the tribe has resulted in violence and even death of two fishermen in the year 2006.

4. Pintupi

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The Pintupi is an aboriginal group who live in a harsh and remote part of the western desert of Australia. They remain undisturbed by the modern world until Australia’s blue streak nuclear deterrent missile test in the 1960s.

Pintupi is the tribe that belongs to a nomadic one and they were the last tribe to be in contact with the Europeans. A population of 200 people is there in this tribe. They prefer eating emus, kangaroos, roots, and other things they gather or hunt.

Most of the hunting is done by men, while most of the gathering is done by women. Boomerangs, spears and spear throwers are the specific weapons used by this tribe. The base of their survival is that they make use of the things around them i.e. animals and plants.

Different traditions are followed by them, such as marriage traditions and rituals for birth, death, and puberty. People of Pintupi are so different from other tribes because of their traditions.

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