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India’s religious history is very unique and it has born many religions like Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh on earth. Due to this, religious tolerance is seen in this country which plays an important role in the history of this country. Every citizen of India is proud of its diversity.There are many such places in India which are very beautiful and also have religious significance . These places are kept in the category of holy places. Among these spiritual places are some of the most beautiful  and interesting places, in which there is a touch of divinity in comparison to religious architecture and sacred art.

There are many sacred places in India for pilgrimage where people can feel divine power by getting rid of their sins.

Chausath Yogini Temple:


Mother Durga has 64 yoginas in the Chautsath Yogini temple located inside Chambal Valley in Morena. There are 64 rooms in the premises of the temple, apart from this, the center is located in which various statues of Hindu Goddesses are installed.
Yogini Temple is more famous for the system functions and beliefs. It is said that Indian Parliament is on the line of this structure.

Sarkajj Roja Mosque , Gujarat


Sarkajj Roja, the place where Ahmed Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh is located in the suburb of Ahmedabad is the tomb. He was the advisor to Ahmed Shah and Sufi saint. This saint played an important role in the construction of Ahmedabad.

In addition to the tomb, there is a mosque, a library and a ruined palace and cultural center. This Mansjid is an unspoilt specimen of Indo-Sarasenik style.

Monster Sudan Temple, Maharashtra


The monster Sudan Temple, located in Lonar, was built by the Chalukya Dynasty between 6th to 12th century. Many warriors and kings have been associated with this temple. Legend has it that a monster called Lavnasur had harassed the villagers very much.

Then Lord Vishnu defeated Asur in battle with the incarnation of the enemy Sudan. Monster Sudan threw the monster so fast on the ground that there was a big pit

Holy cross church, Tamil Nadu


You can also enjoy water sports in Mandapati, a village of temples, and drive four hours to Madurai. However, this place used to be a major pilgrimage place for people of Christianity before development. This cathedral is a white high-rise building.

In 1540 the Portuguese’s vessel was trapped in a fierce storm near Manapad, coming from east. After avoiding this storm, the captain of the ship installed a cross made of the ship’s original mast on a hill. It drew the attention of St. Francis Xavier and he made his home here.

Anandpur sahib Punjab:


Anandpur Sahib Guru is the birthplace of the Khalsa. It is the residence of Nihang’s largest camp. In 1665, Guru Tegh Bahadur, the 9th Guru of Sikhs, founded it. There are many gurdwaras in this village and in all these cases, Kesgarh Sahib is the chief. This is one of the five major pilgrimage sites of this religion.