Hill StationsWeekend Getaway In The Natural Paradise - Pachmarhi

Weekend Getaway In The Natural Paradise – Pachmarhi


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Pachmarhi is blessed with surreal beauty and is loaded with a natural charm all around. The not so commercialized place is filled with peace and tranquillity. It is a perfect spot to see the magical places nature has created and refresh your souls with them.

Satpura hills
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Pachmarhi is a popular hill station in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Located in the valleys of the Satpura range the place is also popularly known as ‘Satpura Ki Rani’ or ‘ Queen Of Satpura’. Pachmarhi comes under the Pachmarhi cantonment area and has continued to be there since the British times. The range is at a height of 1067m where Dhoopgarh is the highest point situated at a height of 1353 m.

Pachmarhi has derived its name from “Panch” means five and “Marhi” means caves. The caves were built by the Pandavas during the Mahabharata during their time of exile. It is believed that they had spent their 13 years of refugee in these caves. The place holds great importance in Hindu Mythology and is also a tourist attraction due to the exotic view.

Pachmarhi is mostly covered by the green belt around so you get to see greenery all around. Nature is well preserved here and has many places to catch your attention. In this blog, we have some major attractions of Pachmarhi which you must visit. Also, the stories behind these places will make you filled with curiosity. Take a visual tour and plan a trip soon.

1. Jatashankar temple

Jatashankar caves
Via: Google                                                         The Jata structure that actually symbolizes Lord Shiva’s hair

In Jatashankar Temple every nook and corner has a story from the past. You can also go trekking around the Jata Shankar caves but you need permission from the forest department first. As you enter the temple you have to walk through the path with big caves on your sides. The first spot is the idol of Shiv Ji made by Kishan Lal Bhusel who belonged to a tribal community.

As we move further inside the temple you can spot a natural idol of Ganesh Ji. In Hindu mythology, it is said that all good things should start by taking the name of Ganesh Ji.

nandi rock

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Further, you can spot a Chota Nandi Garh which is a rock that naturally forms the shape of a cow. Nandi was the vehicle of Lord Shiva and so it has importance in the temple of Shiv Ji.

hanuman rock

Next, you can see a rock in the shape of Hanuman Ji. Hanuman Ji was human with a monkey face and a tail and played a major role in the Ramayana.

Shiv Parvati

When the water level rises the prayers and offerings are done in front of this Shiv Parvati idol.

You have to take the steep stairs and reach the main temple, Jatashankar temple which is 590 feet below the starting point. As you reach the temple you can see you are standing between the big caves. The place feels cold and the Shivling is highlighted which is partially submerged in the water. You can spot many peculiarities about this place.

crocodile with shivlings

There is a crocodile-shaped stone with many shivalings on his body. This has a story from the past. When Shiv Ji was escaping from Bhasmasur he took shelter in the Jata Shankar caves, to hide from the wrath of Bhasmasur he took the form of a crocodile.

snake mouth

He also took the form of a snake to save his life and so when you enter the temple you can see it has the look of a snake and if you stand inside you feel that you are inside a snake’s mouth.


The temple has a rock that is stuck between two mighty rocks. The astonishing part is that the temple has many interpretations to various rocks but these rocks never fall or hurt anybody.

Lion face rock in pachmarhi

You can also very clearly view a lion-shaped rock from the temple. These are the natural rocks that have magically formed themselves in such a shape that they narrate a story of past incidents.

The trident made from 5 metal kept in the Jata Shankar temple

The temple has a trekking route as well which is 5km long, take permission from the forest department otherwise, you will have to pay a fine of 30,000 INR.

Handi Khoh

Handi Khoh

Handi Khoh is also supposed to have a mythological story behind. The 3000 feet ravine is now converted into a deep dense forest. It is believed that once upon a time Handi Khoh was a lake. An evil devilish snake guarded the lake and was destroyed by Lord Shiva. As a result, the snake got angry and in that battle of fury he dried up the entire lake. The empty lake took the shape of an empty pot (handi) and since then it has become a tourist place.

Bee Fall

Bee Fall

Pachmarhi is home to many waterfalls but among them, the most famous and most visited waterfall is the Bee Fall. A cascade of 35 metres pouring down the hilly rocks attracts many people to its beauty. The perennial waterfall is the main source of drinking water for the whole city. The gushing stream during monsoon s creates a buzzing sound and hence is called Bee Fall. Take a quick dip into the chilling water and experience the freshness here.

Pandav Caves

Pandav Caves

Pandav Caves is a hidden gem in its own way. Five rocks cut into Buddhist temples is a popular tourist spot. The caves are uneven and are not architecturally correct but are still beautiful and attractive. The stories vary about the creation of these caves, however, it is still uncertain to tell the exact time when these caves were made by the Pandavas. One of the caves is specially made for mediation. The sound echoes over here. It is said that the Pandavas took shelter in these caves for 12-13 years while they were hiding from their relatives.


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Rajendragiri is a picturesque spot to witness the mesmerising view of the sunset. Located a height you can view the sun setting between the mountains. The place is named after Dr Rajendra Prasad as he used to visit this place very frequently. Stand in front of the scenic mountains and captivate the breathtaking view forever.


Via: Wikipedia

Pachmarhi is blessed with beautiful mountains surrounding the hill station. Chauragarh is the second highest point in Pachmarhi. On the peak, a temple of Lord Shiva is situated. Out of the many places in Pachmarhi, this spot is considered as the most sacred one. The courtyard of the temple is surrounded by Tridents or Trishul which is the weapon of Lord Shiva and marks his existence.

You can reach the temple by two ways, either you can climb up the 1250 steep stairs or you can also make a way through the dense trees. The trek to this alluring beauty is a new experience as you can view the whole city from the hilltop.

Bade Mahadev

bade-mahadev pachmarhi
Via: tripadvisor.in

Pachmarhi and Lord Shiva have a deep connection as you can find many Shiv temples here. Bade Mahadev is also a temple dedicated to him. A 60 ft tall cave which has Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv idols is a very famous spot to visit in Pachmarhi.

This place is said to be scared because Lord Shiva killed the demon Bhasmasur here. The stream coming down through the caves forms a holy pool in which you can bath.

Adorable monkey and their babies in the Bada Mahadev Temple

Gupt Mahadev

gupt mahadev
Via: Pachmarhi Trip                                                                                    Narrow cave for Gupt Mahadev

In the Bade Mahadev temple premises, the Gupt Mahadev Temple is also located. A 40 ft long and very narrow cave heads towards the shivling. The passage is very thin that’s why only 8 people at a time are permitted to go inside the cave. Also, this Gupt Mahadev cave joins the Jata Shankar temple Cave which is a fun fact to know.

Interesting Facts About Pachmarhi

Stevia leaves
Stevia Leaves

Pachmarhi is a land with amusements everywhere. You will be to see the beneficial plants and vegetables over here. The guides will acquaint you with the Stevia leaves and some amazing health benefits with the consumption of Stevia leaves.

The leaves will taste normal, no distinct sweetness or sourness but, after that, you can’t feel anything sweet. The leaves, when consumed regularly, can help in controlling your Blood Pressure and maintains insulin level in your blood. It also strengthens your bones and metabolic system.

Pachmarhi is a sacred land which has many special qualities which every city should follow.

  • The place is safe from robberies and thieves. People over here are very faithful, loyal and honest.
  • You won’t find a crowd of beggars following you throughout the way. People of Pachmarhi firmly believe in working hard and earning rather than asking, begging or stealing.
  • You will also not see any cows, donkeys or any animals roaming around on the streets as the place has a tiger reserve and for animals safety, people don’t keep cows at their home.

floating stone

  • Also, a temple in the Jata Shankar temple premises has rocks immersed in water that float in it.

Ideal Season:

To enjoy the most at this beautiful destination you should prefer winter and rainy seasons to come here. Avoid peak summers as this place get hot and you might feel inconvenient travelling and trekking at certain places.

How To Reach:

By Air – The nearest airport is the Raja Bhoj Airport in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

By Train- Pipariya is the nearest railway station. From there you can take any road transport such as a bus or private taxi to reach Pachmarhi.

By Road- Plenty of private and Government bus services can be taken from nearby cities to reach Pachmarhi. Also, you can take a road trip and head towards your destination.

After knowing so many facts and gaining a fair amount of knowledge about the history and scenic beauty of this place I’m sure you might be wanting to plan a trip soon. Endure the natural paradise in Madhya Pradesh and gather experience of a lifetime.





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