Thailand7 Helpful Travel Tips for Thailand Visitors

7 Helpful Travel Tips for Thailand Visitors


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Thailand attracts lots of visitors because this is the land of beautiful beaches, water sports, half-moon celebrations, luxurious hotels, delicious food and much more. These article for those people who planning a tour of Thailand soon. A few insider tips will help make things easier and more enjoyable for your visit to Thailand.

Here are some important travel tips will help your first adventure in Thailand.

1. Choose Best time to visit Thailand

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The perfect time to visit Thailand is depending on where you go. On one side of the country, the islands have a slightly different rainy season than on the other; the good news is that this increases the warm, bright season of Thailand. So if in one location it’s raining and gloomy, it’s a short hop across the coast to sunlight on the other.

December to March are the perfect months to go to Thailand – although a brief yet incredibly torrential blast of rain is unpredictably like, even in the sunniest days.

The Thai islands in the Gulf of Thailand – Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao – will, in general, get less downpour than the remainder of the nation (even in blustery season), and are at their best from the finish of January until mid-March. January is the freshest month – extraordinary for after the Christmas and NYE party turmoil.

February is the driest month, one of the sunniest, and the warmth still tolerable; and March is bright and dry, as well. The European and American summer break groups hit the Gulf islands (Koh Samui, Koh Pha-Ngan and Koh Tao) during July/August, so heading here in September, for the most part, hits the sweet spot for the two groups and climate.

The period not to go to Thailand is the rainy season, with monsoons coming in from all directions from May to October.

2. Carry Important Documents

important documents
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Visitors to Thailand are required by law to carry with them at all times a form of identification. This need not be your visa, and you may never be stopped and asked to see your identification. It is because of this, however, that we suggest never give your passport to anyone when renting a motorcycle, which is used as a common form of insurance. Instead give them a student identification card, license, and a copy of your passport.

There are some important and documents to carry while traveling. It’s easier to just put them in your bag pocket and get them prepared than pursuing a copy machine or printer down at an internet cafe.

  • Along with original passport and flight tickets, keep hotel vouchers and agent’s contact details handy.
  • Print out of Return air ticket paid in full.
  • 2 passport size photographs are required for visa application. The background must be white-colored. Carry gum with pasting photos.
  • Make sure that the passport has at least one blank page, and is valid for the coming six months.
  • Activate international calling in your SIM card or opt for local SIM cards sold in Bangkok and Phuket airports.
  • Ensure that your debit/credit card is international. The bank may charge some fee for transactions.


3. Carry cash

carry cash
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Thailand is very much a cash-based society outside of swanky bars, luxurious malls and high-class hotels. There is little point going to a market with a credit card. Some smaller establishments, including local restaurants and many attractions, often demand payment in cash. Even some tour operators prefer traditional methods of payment for plastic. Make sure to bring with you enough cash to pay for your regular needs.

ATMs are commonly generally accessible, even in littler towns; however, in case you’re taking to progressively off-the-lattice areas or remote islands, it’s ideal to recharge your assets before setting off. It likewise pays to have a decent reserve of littler notes and coins for low-esteem buys; numerous littler stores and cabbies don’t have a lot of progress.

The Thai immigration authority recommends bringing with you at least 10,000 Baht worth of currency while entering Thailand. So you must carry minimum 10,000 Baht with you.


4. Avoid scam


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There are some that scams and tricks, as with most places in the world, that prevail in the tourist areas of Thailand. And, no items could spoil a great holiday day as soon as you remember that you were well and truly known. The laid-back culture of Thailand and the happy local people could make it easy to fall into a false sense of security. Nonetheless, hold your guard and maintain a healthy level of skepticism.

Visitors in Thailand are great to get ripped off. From jewels to jet skis, there are more than several con artists willing to prey on visitors. Be aware of what are the most common scams are (taxis without meters, sex-show scams, etc.) and try to avoid them if you can.


5. Savvy street food

street food
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In Thailand, There is plenty of Thai street food, high quality or surprisingly inexpensive. But it can also be a fast track to food poisoning and harm your health. Take sensible precautions, such as before and after washing hands, just especially: eat when people are present, faster turnover implies fresher meat and doesn’t drink the tap water always drink packed bottle water.


6. Prepare for cold

prepare for cold
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You probably won’t think you need a sweater or coat in a tropical nation like Thailand. Thailand appears to have an affection for cooling, nonetheless, which can make being inside rather crisp. Transports, minivans, and trains can likewise be colder than you would anticipate. Pack at any rate one lightweight sweater or coat and have it helpful when utilizing open transportation.

You may likewise feel the advantage in case you’re going through hours chasing for deals in enormous shopping centers. Moreover, a few territories in Thailand can get quite cold in the cool season, particularly goals in the north.

In Loei area, for instance, temperatures can plunge to zero degrees Centigrade! Mountain zones will, in general, be cooler than different places, and even the islands can feel nippy come night time, particularly following a day in the sweltering sun.


7. Keep your calm

keep your calm
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Be polite. Even in an argument, smile, and never make an angry face and never raise your voice. Thai guys can be nasty when they want to. Try not to haggle a lot.

The laid-back lifestyle in Thailand can be both charming and disappointing. But cool your mind, getting angry won’t fix your issues. Now and again, losing your temper can be dangerous. This can respond severely to losing face, which can occur if an outsider beginnings shouting at them out in the open and things can rapidly heighten. Regardless, shouting in open isn’t cool.

So, soon begin preparation for Thailand. But before you begin your journey, make sure you read these helpful tips. Remember these travel tips when travelling around Thailand and have phenomenal time in the land of smiles.

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