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7 mesmerizing things to do in Gangtok that you would love for sure

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In Gangtok, Tourism is a big thing as there is so much to explore in the city. Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is a beautiful city known for its adorable nature and awesome weather. The ecstatic views of surrounding mountains especially splendid eye-catching view of Kanchenjunga give you immense pleasure to see it; refresh your mind and you enjoy your day without a doubt.

There is the influence of an old and colorful culture through a traditional society which adds as one of the unique charms of Gangtok. This is one of the reasons why travelers from all over the country and abroad also visit this place for their adventurous destination in large numbers every year.

From a unique trip to sightseeing, there is a lot you can do in Gangtok for which every traveler dream of. They have nice smooth roads and a good transportation system. This is the reason why Gangtok trip is enjoyable as well as comfortable.

Gangtok means ‘hilltop’, as it is a perfectly described word for the city where it is located. Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim is therefore described as one of the most amazing hill stations in India. River Teesta flows in Gangtok, the city which surrounds beautiful mountains, forests, classic weather. Turn your heads towards this beautiful place and surely the city will not let you feel bored.

Best things to do in Gangtok trip.

1. River Rafting – One of the best things to do on a Gangtok trip

things to do in gangtok
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Teesta River provides the best experience for rafting. The river is an important part of Sikkim including its capital city Gangtok. Because of the amazing splashing waves, spin around, and turns there are changes in the area of land specifically of a group of rocks. Teesta is so just perfect whether you are experienced in rafting or you are a new one.

There are some areas that are difficult to raft but there are also parts where you can experience the pleasure of raft without any problem and peacefully. You can find professional rafting organizers who provide you with the raft, gives you safety jackets, and there are expert rafters who will continue to guide you throughout the session of rafting.

You have to decide whether to go for small waves or a larger one when decided to buy the tickets and go for a crazy and the best adventure you will ever have in Gangtok. Adults and kids both can enjoy river rafting in the city.

Location: location is Triveni, near Teesta Bazar, where you have to go do feel this adventure.
Best Time to visit: month of December till June*
Price: Rs 900/- per person*

2. Paragliding – One of the most adventurous things to do in Gangtok

place to visit in gangtok
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One of the most thrilling experiences in Gangtok is surely the paragliding. It is nowadays becoming the most popular adventure thing in the city. Just imagine the feel of being in the sky as if you wings now attached to you. You are flying over a heart-stopping landscape of snowy mountains, rivers, meadows, and forests. It is I guess one of the best experience you will memorize for a lifetime. Don’t you?

You don’t require being an expert in paragliding either. The operating centers of paragliding have trained paraglide pilots who will join you on the ride and will control the flight for you. The only thing you have to do is just relax and enjoy the spectacular view.

Tip: Remember, the ride is not for the people who weigh more than 90 kg or people who are physically not fit to take off and land. These are the two times (take off and land) when you have to follow the instructions of your pilot and do the same.

There are two options available to you for paragliding. Either you choose the height of 1400 m or you can go for a high flight of 2000 m.

Location: The place where you would have the pleasure of paragliding is Baliman Dara.
Best Time to visit: May-October*
Price: The price of it is Rs. 4500 for high height in the sky to fly and for the medium it is Rs. 2500 per person and a GoPro video recording include an additional cost.

3. Cycling on Silk Route – Cycling, biking on Silk Route, Gangtok, makes you feel like heaven!

top 10 places to visit in gangtok
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A person who loves cycling along with the magnificent view; Gangtok welcomes you! The Kanchenjunga and the Himalayan ranges will join your beautiful journey throughout.

The Silk Route travel is organized by many operators of the tour. They will provide you with the cycle, helmet, and other stuff that you need. The trip they organize includes camping and sightseeing. The trip begins from Sillery Gaon Via car, you can reach there from the New Jalpaiguri Railway Station.

The experts there will help you in all the technical understanding of long-distance cycling. And don’t forget to carry your water, food, and necessary medicines along with you during the trip.

Tip: You must practice how to cycle before going cycling on the Silk Route. In East Sikkim,  And it takes 7 days to complete the journey*

Location: East Sikkim
Best Time to visit: May-October and it takes 7 days to complete the trek*
Price: Old Silk Route is found that charges Rs. 20,800 per person for cycling*
Nearby Attractions: There are some famous spots like Zuluk, Nathang Valley, Kanchenjunga, Himalayan ranges breathtaking views, Banjhakri Falls and Energy Park, Bakthang Waterfall, Flower Exhibition Centre – Ridge Park, Tashi View Point, Bojoghari, Deorali Butterfly Bridge, and many more sights to soothe your eyes.
Other Adventurous Things To Do: Camping and Sightseeing.

4. Seven Sisters Waterfall – Top places to visit in Gangtok

best place to visit gangtok
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A must do a thing to do in Gangtok is to visit the gorgeous seven Sisters Waterfall. You can identify from the name itself that there are seven waterfalls of different sizes that flow one next to another. You just can’t miss this spectacular view. In the months of monsoon, all the seven waterfalls come to life and furiously they fall from the edgy rocks and create huge waves below.

The sound which is heard from the seven waterfalls rushing down through the forests surrounded by mountains is just hard to mention. You can arrange a small picnic with your family and friends to have a wonderful day. It is located on the National Highway which is 32 km from the Gangtok.

Location: Settled at Lachung Highway, around 32 kilometres away from Gangtok.
Best Time To Visit: May to July
Price: It costs nothing to see the best view
Nearby Attractions: There are some famous spots like Hanuman Tok, MG Marg, Himalayan Zoological Park.

5. Nathu La Pass – One of the top tourist attractions in Gangtok

gangtok things to do
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Located at an altitude of 14150 feet, Nathu La Pass is surely the best thing to do. The area gives you a stunning view of the White Mountains.

The India-China border is few feet away from the Nathu La Pass and you can clearly see the soldiers of both the countries guarding the border. You can also visit Sherathang Market and cloud-covering Kupup on your trip. Nathu Laa Pass has a low level of oxygen because of its high altitude. But you can easily carry an Oxygen cylinder with you if you want to go for adventure activities.

Sikkim Tourism Department gives you a Protected Area Permit, plus you have to carry an ID proof and two passport size photos along with you, otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter the Nathu La Pass without these things.

Best Treks around Gangtok: The Sandakphu trek, Dzongri trek, Goechala trek, and Green Lake trek are amongst the most popular ones. For professional mountaineers, the Kanchenjunga trek is an adventure to remember for a lifetime.

Location: 52 km from Gangtok.
Best Time To Visit: 8 AM to 9 AM, Wednesday to Sunday*
Price: Protected Area Permit costs Rs. 200 per person*

6. Tsomgo Lake – Attract your eyeballs for sure!

gangtok attractions
Via: wikimedia.org

In east Sikkim, Tsomgo Lake is found with a height of 3,780m. It is also known as ‘Changku Lake’. It is having several myths and beliefs in it. The lake is situated on the Gangtok Nathu La Highway; close to the Chinese border.

During the summer and winter season, the weather around this splendid reservoir goes from breezy to moderate. Snow covered mountains, reflections of clouds on the clear blue water gives an alluring view of the atmosphere.

Because of the close distance of the Indo-China border with the lake, the non-Indian nationals might have to take special permissions in order to visit this lake.

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7. Enjoy Yak Safari – One of the best things to do while you step in Gangtok

places to visit in gangtok
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Yak safari in Gangtok is one of the most easygoing activities when you visit Tsomgo Lake. On the side, there is a market and on the other, you will see the snowy mountains. Yak journey is undoubtedly the unique experience that you will definitely don’t want to miss.

These Yaks have long hairs that protect them from cold and are decorated with colorful rugs and ribbons which are tied to their horns. Every Yak has an expert trainer who will control the animal when you are riding.

Location: Tsomgo Lake, located about 40 km from Gangtok.
Best Time To Visit: Winter season is a perfect time.
Price: Riding a yak to the bridge make you cost Rs. 40; to the viewpoint, Rs. 80; to the village 100; and all the way to Kemang costs 250. Clicking a picture will cost you Rs. 10. Also, you can have this safari near Tsomgo Lake.

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