Pet friendly Trip7 Pet friendly destinations in India that you will...

7 Pet friendly destinations in India that you will absolutely love!


Whoooo let the dogs out? Woof woof woof!! Well not only your dogs, but you would be jumping too, once you read this article on the amazing pet-friendly destinations!!

Travelling has always been fun, it’s a lovely experience visiting new places and even more fun when you feel completely comfortable and at home in these new places, until you start missing your furry friend you left back home, after the missing starts the restlessness and you just want to leave all of it, rush back home and cuddle with your pet.

No one likes to leave their pooches home for really long, and then there are the complexities of traveling with a pet, you wonder if your pet will actually have fun and will you ever be able to find a destination where you and your pet are equally taken care of? Obviously, we don’t want our pets to have problems with food and roaming freely with us, then it all comes down to a single question, should you travel at all?


The thing is, it’s difficult to be a pet owner especially the one who loves to travel! Tell me, wont it be amazing if while enjoying your beaches in Goa and sunsets in Pondicherry you could have your pet running around the place, won’t the sunset be so much more magical if you have your dog and both of you just run along the coast of the sea huffing and puffing and having the best times of your life!!

Well sounds like some Vacation to me!! So after considering this as a major factor and looking after the comfort and care of our 4 legged friends here is a list of places which are pet-friendly in the truest sense and will be great for your next trip with the entire gang!!

1. Four Seasons, Mumbai

Yes, Four Seasons Mumbai allows you to check-in with your pooch. Dog and cat lovers we know you screamed at this one! A luxurious stay in the maximum city for your pet, are you packing your bags already? Wait, there is more good news.

There is no extra charge for guests checking in with their pets and the hotel provides beds, rugs, toys, and food for the pet. It also offers services like dog-walking and you can avail grooming or vet services at an extra cost.


2. Oakwood Premier, Pune

The 200 serviced apartments at Oakwood Premier in Pune are not just well equipped and furnished but welcome pets too. So next time you are on a business or a leisure trip to Pune, you don’t have to leave your pet behind. Let him enjoy a luxurious stay with you at the apartment. Want to know more details about this us, call +91 8287 039 039


3. Taj vivanta, Bangalore

The hotel lawns are waiting for your dog. Situated at MG Road, one of Bangalore’s upscale localities, Vivanta by Taj has been known for organizing various brunches with pets.

While you’re here, we would recommend you opt for a room which opens to their gorgeous lawns so that there is enough space for the dog to run around and unwind. It’s one of the best pet-freindly destinations in India.

How about ordering in room service and relishing the exotic delicacies on the menu while your pooch enjoys his play time? While this pet-friendly hotel allows dogs under 45 kilograms, you’d need to take prior permission before you plan a stay with a larger breed than that. Also, you must carry a bed for your dog to the hotel. Charge for dog: Rs. 3000 + taxes per day.


4. Camp Della resort, Lonavala

If you are looking to give a taste of luxury to your pet buddy as a treat, check out the Camp Della Resort in Lonavala.

Along with its lavish hospitality, it’s also popular for being India’s first pet-friendly hotel and offers special kennel, bedding, pet-sitting as well 12 other friendly dogs to make your pet feel as welcome as ever on his Pawsome holiday to explore the beautiful landscape of Lonavala.


5. Presa di Goa, Goa

Not many things can beat staring into the oceanic bliss with your lovely pet as the sun settles down. Explore the fine beaches and indulge in the spoils of Goa with your dog as Presa di Goa poses as the perfect pet lodging option with its cozy hospitality and serene surroundings.


6. Greenex farms, Kerala


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Explore the calm and quaint natural habitat of God’s own country with a walk down its lush green leafy streets and pristine coastlines with your little buddy. The very much Kerala themed Greenex resorts allows you and your pet to lodge spaciously while enjoying many activities such as trekking, bird watching nature sightseeing, etc.

7. Dune Ecovillage, Pondicherry


The breathtaking natural scenic beauty of Pondicherry is sure to strengthen the bond between you and your favorite companion. Enjoy your dog capering around this elegant beachfront village and discover the magic of Pondicherry in its flawless golden beaches and turquoise blue waters. It’s amongst the best pet-friendly destinations in India.

An amazing place and a happy pet is by far the best recipe for an epic vacation!!

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