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7 Worthwhile Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations In California

Traveling is fun. However, it could be funnier and joyful with your pawed friend. While you plan to travel with pets, you not only have to look for a place that’s suitable for you but also the one that’s perfect for your buddy. Finding the best dog friendly vacation ideas California? We have brought you the worthiest answers.

Undeniably, your dogs are more than pets. Therefore, while you are all set to explore the amazing world with your best friend. You deserve one of the best vacations together and California certainly has a lot to offer.

Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations In California

1. San Deigo

dog friendly vacation ideas California
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Pet-friendly travel destinations could never include a better place than San Deigo. Dogs are really loved here and you can clearly see this place as one of the best for your pawed friend. With hundreds of things to see and do it’s a paradise for your dog. There’s a long list of pet-friendly hotels with the best reviews so far.

It is a great place for your adventure-loving pet. You may find some of the most top-rated adventure parks in San Diego to hit an adventure with your buddy. There are also hundreds of pet-friendly coffee shops and restaurants where you can enjoy good food together.

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2. San Francisco

dog friendly vacation ideas California
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With over 86 dog-friendly hotels, boasting stunning views, and amazing access to waterfronts, San Francisco turns out to be another great choice for a vacation with your furry friend. Indeed this one is an amazing travel destination for traveling with your special friend. Positive hotel reviews will help you select the best one.

If your pawed-friend is an active explorer, then there are numerous activities to enjoy including the Golden Gate Park. Cherish the lovely views around and the popular landmark. Do not forget some good clicks. San Francisco avails all types of activities and attractions for its visitors.

3. Big Bear Lake

dog friendly vacation ideas California
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Big Bear Lake would be a great surreal escape with your pet. This beautiful lakefront resort lets you escape into the wildernesses. The amazing reviews comply perfectly with the place. This is actually an escape from the usual life.

You will have a great time exploring the village and the skiing slopes. This is a delightful place for your active buddies with so many things to keep them engaged. Hit the Alpine Pedal Beach for interesting activities and awe-inspiring views. The restaurants around, let you enjoy really good food.

4. Palm Springs

dog friendly vacation ideas California
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You should consider Palm Springs as a worthwhile option for a vacation with your furry friend. It is yet another paradise for traveler dogs. You both will surely end up loving the place. There are many great hotels with the best facilities for your stay. You will also find numerous great self-catering options here.

Palm Springs offers you everything you may seek for a perfect getaway with your furry friend. The expansive, Palm Springs Dog Park with the amazing run-around and other interesting activities should not be missed. Go sightseeing and enjoy eating at the best dog-friendly restaurants here.

5. Santa Cruz

dog friendly vacation ideas California
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Among our favorite picks for dog-friendly vacation destinations, Santa Cruz is definitely one of the most important. Everything that makes your dog happy and comfortable is available here. There are amazing pet-friendly hotels in close proximity to the airport. These stays will never disappoint you.

Santa Cruz has a wide range of attractions and activities to offer to visitors. Your pet will surely enjoy it at the Twin Lakes State Beach. However you will have to keep your friend on a leash. Have a good treat at the pet-friendly bars, cafes, and restaurants here.

6. Los Angeles

dog friendly vacation ideas California
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Los Angeles is of course one of the top dog friendly vacation ideas California. La boasts awesome hotels with desirable amenities to cherish great vacation time. There are various great dog parks although at some places you will have to leash your dog.

You are likely to enjoy more at Westridge Canyon back Wilderness Park amid amazing views of the downtown and the stunning scenery. You may better go off for sightseeing during the day.

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7. Long Beach

dog friendly vacation ideas California
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Long Beach is where dogs are adored and provided with the best environment to live in. You can have cruise ship fun at the Queen Mary without having to leave the shore. This is an amazing option for a luxurious stay. There are really interesting activities and attractions at Long Beach that you will enjoy.

Including Rosie’s Dog Beach and the Recreation Park Dog Park there are various dog-friendly beaches you can enjoy. There are respective facilities for various dog breeds. The stunning expanse with trees, water, and the beach is a great place to spend a peaceful time with your friend.

While there are various other Dog-Friendly Vacation Destinations In California, the ones mentioned above are the best picks. Make sure you plan this getaway well.

Keep Traveling!

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