Pet friendly TripTraveling With Your Dog? Consider These Important Tips

Traveling With Your Dog? Consider These Important Tips


Pets are an integral part of families. While they are included in all important events of your everyday life, traveling with your dog is also something significant. 

Along with the immense fun, it is also a matter of great responsibility. After all, showing the incredible world to your buddy with paws isn’t going to be so easy. Amidst new places and people, it’s important to ensure that your pup is happy, healthy and safe. Not only this but you need to see that you break no rules and offend no other travelers around. 

Some Quick Tips For Holidaying With Your Dog 

Understand that it’s serious than it appears. There are a lot of preparations that need to be done. Also, if you’re traveling with your dog for the first time, you need to know a lot of things. Here are a few tips that will surely make things easier for you:

1. Do Not Rely on Assumptions. Instead, Go and Check! 

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Although traveling with animals is getting more common every year, there had bee several issues that travelers with pets continually face. Many times places that call themselves pet-friendly aren’t so. 

Well, the best way to deal with this matter is to feel free to ask. Confirm whether or not are dogs allowed at the places you visit or choose for stay. Of course, you can look for “Pet-friendly” or “No pets allowed” symbol but a double check is always more reliable.

2. Carry Several Copies of Pet-Related Documents 

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If you’re planning to set out on an international expedition with your pawed buddy, make sure you have their health records on hand. There may be times when you need to prove that your dog is properly vaccinated and healthy.   

This is also helpful when you visit a new vet abroad. You will be easily able to provide all medical details and history to them. Consider carrying multiple copies of medical reports since you may be needed to submit them often. 

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3. Get a Pet Carrier 

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Your furry friend may get uncomfortable exploring public places on their own. It would be great to get a suitable pet carrier. Carrying your pet to different places will be easier. Also, you can ensure that they don’t disturb other people around them.  

Based on your vacation, you may look for a suitable pet carrier. There are varieties available in different colors and designs.

4. Pet-Friendly Apps 

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While on roads, pet-friendly apps are going to be useful to navigate to pet-friendly places. Exploring new cities with your lovely friend gets a lot easier with these. They come along various trail maps, suggestions for restaurants, and attractions that you can hit with your pet. 

There are many popular pet-friendly apps. Look for one that serves you the best. They will also help you well during pet emergencies.

5. Save Hotel Charges 

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Mostly, hotels charge an extra amount for accommodating pets and this can certainly raise the amount you give in for stays. However, there also hotels that allow pet accommodations without any additional fees. 

Spend some time browsing for such places to save money and spend a good time with your furry friend. This is something really important to consider for international trips. 

6. Check the Airline Pet Policies 

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Always double check airline policies especially before traveling abroad. Rules and policies tend to change from time to time. Therefore, it is suggestible to go through them before moving any further or else you may be in trouble. 

Also, check the prices that you may have to pay according to different breeds and sizes of pets. It will reduce the end moment hassle and make traveling easy with your pup.

7. Respect the People You Meet 

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No matter where you go holidaying with your dog, be considerate about others. Everyone has a different outlook on pets and will react differently.  Make sure you don’t offend anyone. Some may be pleased to meet your pawed friend while others may be terrified. 

Do your best to manage such situations and keep your pet calm. Know where your pets need to be controlled. If they are aggressive or unfriendly, notify the fact to people approaching them.

8. Rules Differ for Different Countries 

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There are different travel destinations and different rules poised for pets. Make sure you research well about different places and make out whether or not they accept pets. Many countries ban specific breeds

Also, the documentation required to take your pet on a holiday may also differ. Choose your holiday destination wisely. 

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9. Carry All the Essentials 

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Just the way you like to pack some important things as you travel, there are some essentials you will definitely need to carry for your pet. List down all the important things required and settle them in a separate bag. The following essentials can be considered: 

  • Collapsible Bowls 
  • Dog food and water 
  • A bed 
  • Toys 
  • Travel documents and medical records 
  • Tick and Flea medicines

10. Teach them manners and help to make friends 

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Before you start traveling with your dog, train them well with manners they should follow in public places. Also, trained pets can be left behind for a few hours until you explore a museum or eat at a restaurant. 

Dogs are social animals, teach and let them make friends with other pet visitors. You may visit the best dog-friendly restaurants around or go for a walk at a dog park. It will let your buddy have some gala time too. 

Consider these tips before you set out traveling with your dog. Make it a worthwhile experience. Keep Traveling! 

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