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9 Amazing Water Sports Activities In Thailand You Must Try

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Thailand is home to one of the best water sports activities. Whether you’re a diehard adventure Junkie or nature enthusiast, water sports will surely lure you to Thailand. With a gamut of adventurous activities to choose, from Thailand is a great place for vacation. 

If you want to pursue those fun water activities, Thailand is the place to be. So here is a list of Thailand’s best water sports activities. 

1. Jet Skiing

Best water sports in thailand
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All you need for some exciting adventure is jet skiing! And for this you don’t need to know swimming, just know about how to ride a bike. Yet jet skiing across the vast sea is simply amazing for you single explores. It is one of the best water activities and the most popular sport in Thailand.

The right time to enjoy this water sport between September to April. And the perfect location for jet ski almost everywhere especially at Phuket and Pattaya. 

You can take a guided visit or ride your very own stream ski to increase the rush. No related knowledge is required to ride a fly ski, making it ideal for all capacities.

Cost for one ride: 1500 To 2000 INR for one Jet Ski for 30 min. 


2. Scuba Diving 

adventurous water sports
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Scuba Diving is a famous water activity in Thailand. The nation is the best destination for divers with scuba diving being one of the most popular water adventure sports in Thailand. Whether you’re a first-timer or hundreds of dives on your record, there are plenty of PADI dive centers scattered all over the nation to guarantee the most memorable scuba diving experience, regardless of your skill.

The perfect location for Scuba Diving is East cost: Koh Tao – to learn diving, Koh Samui and West cost: Phuket, Suring Island, Hin Daeng, Hin Muang. And the perfect time for Scuba Diving at West Cost is between December to April. 

Cost for one day trip: Approximate 7000 To 10000 INR.

3. Banana Boating 

water sports in thailand
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If you’re searching for a Fun water activity experience to please all participants in your family or group, then a happy banana boat trip can’t go wrong. The clutch on your loved ones closely, while your six-passenger banana boat connected to a driven vessel, cruises you through the picturesque, turquoise waters of the area crazily and excitingly. 

Not every water sport is serious, but at the same time, few are smooth and enjoyable. Banana boat trip is one of the water sports that you and your loved one should appreciate. 

It’s a nice option for families who want to have some excitement and fun in the water together. 

Perfect time to enjoy this water spot is between September to April. And the perfect location is almost everywhere in Thailand, but most famous at Phuket and Pattaya. 

Cost for one group (six people): 1500 to 2000 INR for a group for half an hour fun ride on a banana boat. 

4. Wakeboarding  

thailand adventure activities
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Wake-boarding is one of the speedy growing water sports in Thailand. Wakeboarding for those who are especially perfect and experienced in water activities but No matter you’re a veteran or even new to this game, you’ll find no dearth of places in Thailand, providing highly fun, safe wakeboarding lessons and sessions that suit every skill level and rideability. 

Swimming is not required for these water activities. The perfect location for wakeboarding is Thai park near Bangkok, Lake Taco and for beginners Wake up wakeboarding in Koh Phangan.  

 Cost for one person: 800 To 1000 INR for two hours. 


5. Sailing 

best places in thailand
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Thailand, with its heavenly Ocean, idyllic islands, and an abundance of marine delivers everything you might want in a get-away journey. So why not indulge these fascinating mysteries on board a wonderful sailing yacht full of solaces? 

This water sport is a challenge to the adventurer in you. Imagine yourself at the helm of this wonderful yacht, cruising towards the sea, exploring the ocean as you go along. 

Swimming is not required for Sailing. The perfect location for Sailing is Similan Islands, Phang Nga Bay, Koh phi phi. 

Cost for one-day sailing: A day sailing is a HITIA 24 for two starts at 6000 INR. A bigger yacht can cost you up to 30,000 INR offseason to 45,000 INR in season (Nov – Apr). 

6. Kiteboarding 

best of thailand
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Kiteboarding activity for water daredevils. This sport is spreading out from the west and becoming an increasingly popular water sport in Thailand. Just one stage in front of wake-boarding, the controlled kite just zips you around on the waves.

Perfect time to kiteboarding activity in November to April and the perfect location for this water sport is Koh Samui, Hua Hin beach and especially Phuket. 

Cost for one person: 2500 INR for One-hour Kiteboarding. 


7. Kayaking 

adventurous things to do in thailand
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Thailand is a shelter for paddlers, with some amazing decisions for exercises like canoeing and kayaking. Taking to the sparkling waters on a kayak will give you unrivaled access to the area’s most bewildering seashores, isolated village, and transcending limestone formations, which are generally only from time to time, came to by guests. Kayaking entails a bit more effort than activities wilderness boating, but that said, it’s sure to take your water adventure to a whole new level.

The perfect location for Kayaking activity is James Bond Island in Nga Bay between Krabi and Phuket and Koh Panek. Basis level swimming is required for this activity. 

Cost for one pair: Half day kayaking in Krabi area start between 1500 to 2000 INR approx for adult and approx 1000 to 1500 INR for teenager

8. White Water rafting 

best things to do in thailand
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The country’s northern area is known for its stunning scenery dotted with green jungles, striking mountains and beautiful rivers that make their way through gorgeous valleys and canyons. The pristine charm and secret natural wonders are not fully enjoyed until a white water rafting trip is experienced. Fortunately, there are many specialist organizations in the district, offering world-class white stream boating choices to guarantee an adrenaline-filled touring knowledge.

The right time for White Water rafting is July to February. And the perfect location for this water sport is Chiang Mai in the Mae Taeng River. Swimming is not required for White Water rafting. 

Cost for one group: approx 3000 INR for a day. 

9. Ziplining

adventurous things to do in thailand
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Ziplining is one of the most attraction and thrilling activity in Thailand. Ziplines consists of a strong stainless steel wire ropes suspended between two points and a pulley system that allows users to secure themselves the cable and travel down the wire rope using their body weight to proper them and descend from the starting point to the finishing point. 

Ziplining is a must-try adventure in Phuket, The thrill of zooming from one tree-top to the next as you’re enjoying the desert wind–it feels like you’re Tarzan for a day. The aspect that caps off an already good thing is that the entire area is operating within a forest. 

The location for Zip lining is Flying Hanuman at Wichitsongkram Road in Kathu. Flying Hanuman provides visitors with a thrilling, exciting and fun-packed day without on the natural balance within the forest environment surrounding. 

Cost for a person: approx 4200 INR for one ride. 


Thailand has no shortage of water-based activities, being a destination endowed with the endless stream of sparkling and tranquil water. You should plan a trip to Thailand. And take advantage of these amazing activities. 




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