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Best Beaches In Santiago That You Cannot Afford To Miss


At approximately 3000 miles of seashore,  there are some splendid beaches in Chile. The Golden Sands is a major in this especially thin country and it is perfect for walking down with a good book and enjoy some sunlight.

What’s better is that these beautiful Chile beaches are generally revived in equally attractive cities and a perfect place to relax. Here are some of the best beaches in Chile.

Most Amazing Beaches In Santiago

1. Vina Del Mar Beach

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Viña del Mar is one of the most popular resort destinations in Chile which is jammed with seafood restaurants and shops along the boardwalk. The only real negativity is that the water here tends to be a little too icy to swim in.

Nearby Attractions: Playa Renaca, Jardin Botanico Nacional, Vina del Mar Casino, Flower Clock.

2. Concon Beach

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To the North of Viña del Mar, is the Concon Beach which is immensely popular with locals and tourists alike. You can relax on the beach and can go surfing in its clear, blue water. The main attraction here is the extremely big sand dunes that lie between the main road and the sea. Climbing up sand dunes is not the easiest of the task in the world but if you can manage to do so, you will surely have the pleasure of some.

Nearby Attractions: Playa Renaca, Jardin Botanico Nacional, Moai, Concon Dunes, Corporacion Museo de Arqueologia e Historia Francisco Fonck.

3. La Serena Beach

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La Serena beach is sort of a traditional beach. Outside of the crowded summer months, the beach town La Serena is calm and the atmosphere here is very frizzy. That what makes this place an ideal one to get some sunshine.

Some distance away from the beach the town has a lot to offer as it has some great food spots and pisco vineyards, which is a national favorite. It’s one of Chile’s Most Beautiful Beaches.

Nearby Attractions: Valle del Elqui, Playa La Herradura, Totoralillo, Isla Damas, Jardin del Corazon, Punta Choros, Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory.

4. La Caleta Beach

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In Chile, the La Caleta beach can be found within the Pan de Azucar (sugar bread) National Park in San Pedro de Atacama Desert. The location of the place is found to be in a desert, its landscape is very few and scattered and lonesome.

Other than just hanging around the beach, you can enjoy the boat trip to a nearby island, which is native to hundreds of adorable penguins.

Nearby Attractions: Castillo de San Sebastian, La Vina, Gran Teatro Falla, Balneario De La Palma, Park Genoves, Mercado Central.

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5. Bahia Inglesa Beach


The acknowledged beauty queen of Chile’s beaches, Bahia Inglesa is a seaside resort flaunting all crystal clear turquoise water and white powder sand. It is easy to identify why this is the most picturesque beach in Chile. Once you are here you will never want to leave this place.

Adding beauty to its visual display, the water in Bahia Inglesa is warmer than what you will find in the South. This means you can even go in the sea in the evening time. It’s one of the best beaches in Chile.

Nearby Attractions: Volcan Ojos del Salado, Playa Chorrillos, Playa Las Piscinas, Iglesia de San Vicente de Paul, Museo Paleontologico de Caldera, GeoTurismo Atacama.

6. Playa La Virgen Beach

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The beach is about seven kilometers (4 miles) south of Puerto Viejo. The name of the beach, Playa La Virgen, comes from a rock formation that looks like Virgin Mary. The beach has blue-greenish water, soft, fine white sand. This is amongst Chile’s best beaches. The seashore view here is just awesome.

Nearby Attractions: Laguna Verde, Playa Chorrillos, GeoTurismo Atacama.

7. Punta De Choros, La Serena Beach

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Very much close to La Serena, you will find Punta de Choros. In the Humboldt Penguin National Reserve, you will have the pleasure to see aquatic wildlife. A national reserve which is having the islands of Gaviota, Choros, and Damas. It is said to be the best place to plunge (dive) in Chile, with a range of biodiversity and good visibility.

Nearby Attractions: Turismo Sustentable, Playa La Herradura, Isla Damas.

8. Zapallar Beach

In the North of Santiago which is only 170 kilometers (106 miles) is the Zapallar beach. It is surrounded by small fishing towns and long spans of the beach. Playa Grande and Aguas Blancas are the nearby beaches which are great places to surf, while Maitencillo is a beautiful spot to see various species of birds.

Nearby Attractions: Playa de Zapallar, Cachagua, Playa Chica, Isla Los Pinguinos Cachagua, Cementerio, Salto El Puquen, Playa Las Cujas, Observatorio Toki Kura, Pintarroja Dive Center.

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9. Caleta Condor Beach


This extravagant beautiful beach concealed in the native reserve of the Huilliche community and is reached by trekking through the extreme and widespread greenery. It is usually isolated, and it has a white sandy beach and purple-blue waters. It’s one of the top Chile beaches.

Nearby Attractions: Osorno and the Lake District, Valparaiso, San Pedro de Atacama, Torres del Paine. 

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10. Playa Anakena Beach

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Easter Island is in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, which is filled with its ancient white sands and crystal-clear waters, which is an ideal place for both comfort and diving. There are coconut trees and moai sculptures around the beach. It’s amongst the best beaches in Santiago, Chile.

Nearby Attractions: Ahu Nau Nau, Playa Ovahe, Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Ahu Te Pito Kura, Easter Island Travel, Rapa Nui National Park, Buceo Isla de Pascua, Ahu Akahanga.

How To Reach Chile

Traveling via road is a possible option for people coming from neighboring areas. Many airlines travel to Chile so while traveling overseas should not be a problem.

Reaching Chile by Air

Arturo Merino BenÍtez International Airport (Santiago Airport) is the airport in Chile. LATAM Airlines is the largest transporter and has flights from many cities in the US, Sydney, Auckland, Papeete, Frankfurt, and Madrid.

Other airlines to Santiago Airport involves Aeromexico, British Airways, AerolÍneas Argentinas, Air Canada, Air France, American Airlines, Avianca, Copa Airlines, Delta, Gol Airlines, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, PAL Airlines, Qantas, Sky Airlines and United Airlines.

Reaching Chile by Bus

In Argentina, buses daily depart from Mendoza, Bariloche, and San MartÍn de Los Andes, and even from Buenos Aires weekly. From Peru, there are many buses from Arequipa.

There are also plenty of buses from Bolivia to northern cities and Santiago. There are Brazilian buses also from Sao Paulo, on Mondays and Thursdays.

Reaching Chile by Water

Particularly for countries that have cruise routes – for example – Maldives.

Reaching Chile from India

Jet Airways, British Airways, and American Airlines will go via Mumbai to London to Dallas to Chile.

Best Time To Visit

September to November, or from March to May.

Nearby Hotels

Platino Hotel & Casino, Centro de Santiago.

Average Charge Of Accommodation

Rs 4000/- per person*.

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