For many travel enthusiast, New Zealand is both once in a life place to visit and a dream destination. If it is your honeymoon time then i will recommend you none other than suggestion just visit New Zealand. It is the place which is known for romance. You and your spouse will never ever gonna forget this place once visit in a  lifetime. What time is better than honeymoon to visit?

There are so many places that are attractive and best for honeymoon couples. So, here are the top picks for the young couples to visit in New Zealand.

8Bay of islands:


Islands are always the best place for couples to visit must once in a lifetime.  Apart from romantic weather of island you can also do other activities like watersports, sailing and fishing.  It is a huge region that is made of 144 islands between Purerua Peninsula and Cape Brett.

What to do in Bay of islands? Get into water, try scuba diving  you would love to explore the new underwater world.