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Best honeymoon destinations in New zealand to visit once in a lifetime

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Deciding on an ideal exotic location for your honeymoon can be confusing as there are many options available. Spending your time in the landscape and surreal beauty is everyone’s choice on their honeymoon. The romantic atmosphere plays a major role and attracts many honeymoon couples to this alluring place filled with beauty and charm.

Your New Zealand itinerary should definitely consist of deep lakes, high mountains, dazzling beaches and snow-capped mountains. The destination is diverse environmentally as well as culturally which puts the place in your travelling bucket list.

Bay of Islands:

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Islands are always the best place for couples to visit once in a lifetime. Apart from the romantic weather of island, you can also do other activities like watersports, sailing and fishing.  It is a huge region that is made of 144 islands between the Purerua Peninsula and Cape Brett.

What to do in Bay of islands? Get into the water, try scuba diving you would love to explore the new underwater world.

Milford Sound:

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Rudyard Kipling is known as Milford Sound, It is listed under the “eighth wonder of the world” to know the reason why must visit. It is formed by the glaciers at the time of the Ice Age.  Your spouse will thank you forever if you give her a gift of a trip to Milford Sound.


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Auckland is the world’s best place to visit. It is an ideal city which you should start exploration. The weather is nice, visit its huge museums, and can also engage yourself in various Auckland adventurous activities.

Waiheke Island:

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From Auckland the way to Waiheke island is just of 30 minutes. It is also the best honeymoon destination in new Zealand.  You and your partner will enjoy here and can click the best pictures of you and make numerous unforgettable memories.


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Despite being attacked by four huge earthquakes, this church has made really a good comeback. You will love the original attractions of church that are still standing.


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It is located on the west south side, QueensTown has a good reputation as it is known as the adventure destination in New Zealand. At time of spring and winter months, it is also called as the best place in the world to skiing . There are much more things to do at Queens Town like Skydiving, Bungee jumping, Jet boating, as well as river rafting that will make your experience unforgettable.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves:

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This place is naturally illuminated by so many of glowworms, it is also among the best areas to visit in New Zealand.  There you can take a boat ride by the caves to know about the science and history behind the phenomenon.

Franz Josef Glacier:

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You can take their Jaw-dropping tours that offers you everything from relaxed hike to ice climbing. In a cool place with your partner, nothing can create more romantic atmosphere than this.

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