Best Mexican restaurants

Mexican food is one such cuisine which is loved by people from all around the world. Whether, you talk of a bowl of nachos, or a taco truck nearby, you are immediately drawn to the tangy, spicy flavors of this cuisine. You can say these are just finger licking food! Dig yourself deep into the culinary history of this land and you will be surprised with the complicacy of the recipes, which they bring on to the table with such complex, sweet-sounding, and delicious flavors.

So, it won’t be wrong to say that Mexico is one of the best places to eat the authentic Mexican food since it’s available all across the planet. Meet some of the best Mexican restaurants where you can find these authentic delicacies. If you’re fortunate to plan a trip, just make sure you put the best food items tasting your tongue.

Take a look at the piled list of some of the best Mexican restaurants serving some of the savory recipes:

Best Restaurants In Mexico City

1. Pujol


Pujol ranks first in the list as it needs no introduction. Famous for being the best Mexican restaurant in the world, Chef, Enrique Olvera is an artist who brings a contemporary depiction of this gourmet dishes. As soon as you finalize your travel dates, be sure to book yourself a table, because the last minute feast is almost impossible.

2. Quintonil


The list of the best Mexican restaurants in Mexico City will be incomplete without mentioning Quintonil. Famous for its 10-course best tasting food menu, you will find all of the Mexican here. There is a lot to choose from and from corn to beans, and even from favorite Chilis. This Modern view of Mexican cuisine, Quintonil is like a blow of fresh air!

3. Merotoro


Merotoro is well-known to serve the traditional brews and recipes from Baja California, Merotoro is a must on your vacation here. The most delicious dishes are served here are of seafood. So indulge into the savory food here, but make your bookings in advance as getting a seat here at last minute is very difficult.

4. Panadería Rosetta

Panadería Rosetta

The restaurants in Mexico City offers you the best traditional along with multi-cuisine feasts. And Panadería Rosetta is one such place that let you meet with its European style decor, and Italian and Mediterranean flavors. If you’re looking for a breakfast then you can have the best coffee in the world in addition with a roll, or even you drive here for a quick dinner.

Best Restaurants In Mérida

5. Wayan’e


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If in search for a quick snack on the streets of Merida, Wayan’e is the place for you! While serving the best tacos in the city, you must give a try to their chili fillings, although they provide many options like chicken, pork and even eggs. They have handful outlets throughout the city, but the original one is considered to be the best!

6. Kuuk


Kuuk is known to one of the lavish restaurants in Mexico. It is a complete treat for the taste buds, offers you a 12-course tasting menu and something you will remember for a long time. While it may give a little pressure on the wallet, it is completely worth every bit.

Best Restaurants In Todos Santos

7. Michael’s At the Gallery

Michael’s At the Gallery

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Todos Santos is marked as one of the best restaurants in Mexico. This list has Michael At the Gallery. Specializing in Asian cuisine, this restaurant serves simple, yet delicious dishes. Red Thai Curry having crab cakes is one of the best recipes here.

8. Los Adobes

Los Adobes

Los Adobes is a traditional Mexican restaurant which is favorite amongst the tourists as well as the locals. The unique facet of this restaurant is that how they cook and use only locally grown organic ingredients. The stars on their lovely menu include fish filet drowned in amaretto liqueur, and grilled shrimp with mango and basil, accompanied by many more.

Best Restaurants In Other Mexican Cities

9. Terraza


Terraza serves you the best steaks in town including quality, ambiance, service, and flavors at the same time. The menu offers an authentic wide choice of cuisines and there’s something that will suit each and every one. Since it is one of the top Mexican restaurants, a must-visit is required!

10. Las Mercedes

Las Mercedes

Las Mercedes is famed to have some of the best Mexican restaurants of Mexico, Guanajuato is loaded with the choicest options.

This restaurant lies at the top of the list. Popular for being one of the few traditional places, authentic Mexican food, special recipes of which are passed from one generation to another, are served here.

Like the aged times, these tasty dishes are prepared over hours, giving this cuisine the perfect flavors that are the specialty of this eatery.

11. Restaurante la Compañia

Restaurante la Compañia

Occupying the position inside the famous Meson Sacristía Hotel, Restaurante La Compañia in Puebla is one of the top food places to eat. The decor is a dashing, classy place, with antiques in every corner, which look like a piece of art! Make your way here in the morning for a good long breakfast, or see the lit up restaurant in the evening!

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12. Casa Jaguar

Casa Jaguar

Casa Jaguar is famous for seafood, set on the beaches of Tulum. Glancing at the silent splashing waves, in addition, cooking freshly delicious prepared food on the shore, just the most perfect way to enjoy the weather of Mexico.

13. Cafe Brujula

Cafe Brujula

A small glimpse into New York City in Oaxaca, Café Brujula serves you with one of the most delicious snacks and drinks. Bagels, fresh coffee, sandwiches and more make this place a little bit more highlighted than other, equally gripping eateries.