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10 Best Places For Rock Climbing In Israel That You Must Go For!

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10 Best Places For Rock Climbing In Israel That You Must Go For! With the abundance of dry valleys, green valleys and desert cliffs spread in the areas of Israel, it’s very much common to develop outdoor activities such as rock climbing and rappelling in the country.

Rock climbing in Israel is one of the best things to do in the areas of Jerusalem, Golan Heights, and Negev Desert. Although some of the regions in Israel are strictly under the archaeological survey, it doesn’t interrupt the adventurous spirit of thriller-seekers.

Awesome Places For Rock Climbing In Israel

Here are the bunch of rocks and caves, you can go rock climbing during your trip with to Israel with friends and family.

1. Shilat Cliff

Shilat Climb
                            Via: israel-extreme.com

Shilat Cliff is located just half an hour from Tel Aviv in the central area of Israel. Located in the middle of Ben Shemen Forest, this cliff provides an ideal place for both beginners and experienced climbers to go rock climbing, rappelling (a system used to slide heights with a rope) or zip lining in the area.

A visit to this site takes about 3-5 hours.

A picnic spot has been set up at the top of the rock at 30 meters height to help the climbers feeling fresh altogether. This site is safe for both children and adults.

The best time to go for rappelling or rock climbing in Shilat Cliff is during spring and summer as one can experience the smell of the pine trees or have a glimpse of the lake at the base of the Benyamin mountains.

Where: Central Israel near Tel Aviv

2. Luzit Cave

Luzit Cave
                                   Via: Wikimedia.org 

Luzit caves, located in the central area of Jerusalem, are the interconnected tunnels of limestone connected with carved during the Bar Kochba revolt. This rock climbing in Jerusalem, Israel is highly recommended for children.

Luzit cave climb
                                Via: israel-extreme.com

Anyone can choose between entering the caves or rappelling down into the caves by foot and then opt for rock climbing.

The amount of time for this activity is 3-5 hours for children and Summer and Autumn seasons are recommended for it.

Where: Luzit, Jerusalem, Israel
Charges: INR 4000 per person
Time To Visit: 9 AM – 6 PM

3. Black Canyon

Black Canyon
                           Via: Israel-travel-secrets.com

Black Canyon or in Hebrew known as Nakik Shachor, a canyon formed due to volcanic activity in the northern Golan Heights region of Israel.

The valley is flooding with greenery, wildlife, and water sources, this is the reason why hiking or canyoning happens near or in the waters.

The rock that grows on a deep pool is a popular choice for rock climbing in the Black Canyon.

Black Canyon climb
                                 Via: Israel-extreme.com

The hike and climbing in the canyon are difficult and thus takes about 6 to 8 hours. This is not recommended for children. Summer is the most recommended time for rock climbing in the canyon.

Where: Golan Heights, Israel
Charges: INR 2300

4. Yonim Cliff

Yonim Cliff
                                     Via: thecrag.com

Yonim Cliff stands magically on a 25-meter vertical cave in Northern Israel. The vertical cave is called karstic cave and is made of limestone. Its most unique feature is that the cave looks like a bell.

There are several climbing routes near Yognim, making it a popular choice between both beginners and advanced rock climbers.

From the top of the cliff, one can look for a panoramic view of Haifa Bay and the Caramel Mountain.

The hike and the climb to Yonim cliff take 3 to 6 hours and is best avoided in Summers.

Where: Galilee, Israel

5. Ein Fara

Ein Fara
   Via: climbing.com

Ein Fara is located in the Juden Desert in Central Israel. It is a naturally formed valley and there are many freshwater springs in this area. Ein Fara climbing is an exceptional recreational activity for children and adults alike.

The Ein Fara canyon has two popular Wadi Qelt cliffs( North and South) meant for rock climbing. It is most suitable for beginners and the cliffs also have an assembly of monks living in one of them. It is a 15-minute drive from Jerusalem and the day tour to Ein Fara takes about 6-8 hours.

The Ein Fara canyon has two popular Wadi Qelt cliffs( North and South) meant for rock climbing. It is best suited for beginners and the cliffs also have a bunch of monks living in one of them.

It is a 15-minute drive away from Jerusalem and takes approximately 6-8 hours for Ein Fara.
Where: Dead Sea Region, Israel.

6. Zanoach Cliff

Zanoach Cliff
             Via: ytimg.com

Another place for rock climbing in Israel is the Zanoach Cliff in the Juneau Mountain Range. The rock is surrounded by the Yehuda mountains and lush greenery.

Climbing or rappelling takes around 4 to 6 hours and it is most suitable for beginners and children.

Private tourism has already clinched their spots onto rocks which makes it easy to climb. While climbing in itself is not so strong, it will have to hike for about 45 minutes to reach the base of the Zanoach cliff.

Where: Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem

7. Matzok Gitta

Matzok Gitta
            Via: cloudfront.net

The Gitta Cliff is the only place in Israel that favors Italian form of adventure climb called Via Ferrata. It provides the best climb in Israel and undoubtedly is the biggest rock used for rock climbing in Northern Israel.

Cliff climbing in Gitta Cliff is unique because it is done on a narrow iron ledge fixed to the rocks and contains all the safety ropes and cables attached to it.

It is completely safe for young children and is a popular game throughout Israel for the whole year. For climbing hill and rappelling, it takes about 3 to 6 hours depending on the experience level of mountaineering.

Where: Galilee, Israel

8. Performance Rock

Performance Rock
      Via: backpackingmastery.com

Performance Rock is an indoor rock climbing site in Israel, mainly focused on the boulder method. This is one of the oldest indoor activity areas created in Israel.

They provide more than a hundred climbing and bouldering paths in their gym, which is suitable for both beginners and advanced climbers.

Children of 5 years old can try their hand at rock climbing here. The gym also comes with a cafe. One can take a break from the laborious climb.

Where: Rivel 3, Tel Aviv, Israel
Time To Visit: 7 AM – 11 PM
Entry Fee: INR 1800

9. Upper Galilee Canyon

Upper Galilee Canyon
 Via: israel-extreme.com

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In the Upper Galilee region of Israel is surrounded by immense greenery with oak trees and waterfalls every few kilometers.

Experience of rock climbing in this canyon is unique because it consists of a series of hiking, rappelling and climbing through three major waterfalls.

Rock climbing eventually begins from the base of the third waterfall and you have to climb in opposite to limestone walls.

The area also serves an amazing view of the regions below the Galilee such as Mount Hermon, Hula Valley, and Golan Heights.

Climbing is not recommended in the rainy season, while generally, climbing takes about 4-6 hours.

Where: Upper Galilee region, Israel

10. Haifa Boulder

Haifa Boulder
             Via: amazonaws.com

Another indoor rock climbing gym in Israel, named Haifa Boulder, is located in Haifa Bay. As the name itself tells, this gym also specializes in bouldering activity and is similar to both children and adults.

Where: Yokhanan Hasandlar street 18, Haifa, Israel
Time To Visit: 8 AM – 7 PM
Entry Fee: INR 1000

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