Unique TripsTop 3 highest treks in India

Top 3 highest treks in India


Everyone wants to have some adventure in their life and TREKKING is a popular adventure activity among tourists. Trips to the mountains in India signify not only the natural beauty but a source of spiritual guidance as well.

The height and beauty of Indian Himalayas provide enthralling opportunities for trekking. Trekking through different regions of the country gives an opportunity to the adventurers to gain a deep insight into the immaculate beauty of the regions and the bewitching flora and fauna as well.

The mighty range of the Himalayas present in India provides one of the amazing trekking experiences to visitors. So, scroll down to witness top three treks in India.

1. Singalila Kanchenjunga Trek

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The Singalila Ridge, near Darjeeling, offers an outstanding view of Kanchenjunga- world’s third highest peak. From Singalila, there is a long but highly interesting approach to Goecha-La pass below Mt. Kangchenjunga. On this route, the enchantment of Himalayas upland trekking is there for the trekkers to enjoy, with the enticing challenge of the 5000 mts high Goecha-La at the end. An extra advantage is that the elevation gain is more gradual, and there is ample time to familiarize oneself with the climate. A trek is to one of the last remaining immaculate Himalayan wilderness.

The Singalila Round Trek is surely a gem of a trek in which you’ll fall in love with! It has almost all the ingredients of a Himalayan experience to make it one of the best remote treks in the Himalayas of North Eastern India.

You’ll be lost in the lush forests of Sikkim; the wild-flowers and colorful rhododendrons make the trek vibrant with its fragrance and beauty.

The cherry on top is the snow-capped cliffs of the region which allures the visitors. Held high above 7000  metres to as high as 8586 metres, it’s recognized as the third highest mountain in the world – Kanchenjunga. The inhabitants here swear by its name and considers the mountains as their God.

The calm, serene, and slow waves of the Lake Samity and Lake Goecha are something to admire. They will offer the peace to the core while the breeze smashes your face, getting you refreshed.

The trek is surrounded by the borders of Nepal and Sikkim crossing the divine Danpheybir La and Laxmi Pokhari before reaching Dzongri – the gathering place of the religious souls. Dzongri top let you witness one of the most eye-catching sunrises in the Himalayas as the Sun slowly lits up the mighty Kanchenjunga.

Area: Sikkim Himalaya
Altitude: 4940 mts
Duration: 20 Days
Season: Mid March to May, September to October
Grade: Moderate to Challenging

2. Gomukh Tapovan Trek


The trek along the holy Bhagirathi River takes the tourist right up to the source of the river that is commonly known as Goumukh, Cows at the base of the Gangotri glacier. The camp at Tapovan offers some of the rarest sites in the Himalayas i.e. the view of eight enthralling peaks- Bhagirathi I, II, III, Mt. Shivling, Chaturangi, Meru Parvat, Bhirgupanth, and Sudharsan.

Many other peaks providing a full view of the Gangotri Glacier are also the alluring part of this trek. Goumukh Tapovan trek can, however, be undertaken by novices with good health also. Tapovan is huge meadows where tourists can do camping. Along your trek, you can witness several other attractions as well. The huts and caves housing monks at Tapovan are also quite stirring.

There lie the wonderful attractions amid holy rivers and landscapes from Uttarkashi to Gangotri. This trek is an eye-witness of the spectacular beauty of Bhojwassa after you access the well-laid paths leading to the region.

The hilly climbs making way to high altitude are overcome by several people before. Also, you are welcomed to catch the glimpse of the main towers in the Himalayan Ranges stretching its boundaries across the region very approximately by staying at the grasslands; giving you the feel of velvet.

Glancing the unmatched beauty of Bhagirathi bunch of peaks, you’ll continue trekking to Gomukh and then towards Tapovan. Don’t miss the chance of marveling the flora and fauna of the region.

Gomukh Tapovan Trek is crowned to be one of the most exciting and thrilling treks. Looking like the mouth of a cow, the Gomukh Glacier is one of the main water sources of the holy Ganges. fencing the trek.

Enhancing its mesmerizing beauty and appeal, it’s also an important pilgrimage site for the Hindus and a dip in its water is treated as a holy ritual.

Tapovan, on the other hand, is located at the foothills of the Shivling Peak and is considered a difficult route for the trekkers. The sight of the Bhagirathi sisters shines in the moonlight from Bhojbasa, making sure your eyes are a constant witness of it! Undeniably, Gomukh Tapovan trek will be one of the memorable treks for you!

Area: Garhwal Himalaya
Altitude: 4465 mts
Duration: 12 Days
Season: May to October
Grade: Moderate

3. Trans Zanskar “Darcha to Lamayuru Trek”

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Amongst a knotted loop of jagged mountains, lies a rocky and mesmerizing land – Zanskar. Sandwiched between the Lahaul Valley and the major peaks of the Indian Himalayas, this secluded and inaccessible setting is well protected by snowy mountain passes. It has kept alive an ancient form of Tibetan Buddhism, which add-ons in the series of far-flung monasteries, the majority of which occupies amazing fortified spots, high on rocky ridges in remote valleys.

On the way, the visitors get to visit some ancient monasteries spectacularly built on rough hillsides and also stop and meet the welcoming Zanskari people. Charming villages, high verdant meadows, some crystal clear springs, gleaming snow-dressed mountains and the beauty of the isolated landscape make a perfect platform for one of the most exciting tours.

A passionate trekker? Well, Darcha Lamayuru trek is meant for you! Here, you don’t like to miss a single chance of adding the taste of thrill and adventure. While your trek path to Darcha to Lamayuru trek, you will head amid the Western Himalayas to a long distance track that links Darcha in Lahaul with Padum in Zanskar and Lamayuru in Ladakh.

Built under a huge cave, you can pay your visit to Phuktal monastery, followed by Sani Gompa, Karsha Gompa, Mani Gompa, Lingshed Gompa, Bardan Gompa, and Lamayuru Gompa. The trek will be accompanied by various passes like Shingo la 5100 mts, Sengge la 5060 mts, Parfi la, Hanuma la 4800 mts, Prinkti la, and SirSir la.

While trekking, you’ll come across a shepherds track, packhorse trail, and primeval route. Also, you’ll see rivers of Bhaga, Doda, Chandra, Tsarap, Indus and Zanskar.

Trekking tour of Darcha Lamayuru in Ladakh is without a doubt one of the epic tours that will make you see heaven on the planet, Earth. You’ll find various ancient Gompa throughout your way.

Area: Ladakh Himalaya
Altitude: 5090 mts
Duration: 25 Days
Season: Mid June to Mid October
Grade: Challenging

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