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15 Dream Places To Swim With Dolphins And Make The Most Out Of It

Dolphin lovers are going to love this section! You will be seeing here the best places where you get the chance to meet these extraordinary creatures and get to know them the most!


15 Dream Places To Swim With Dolphins And Make The Most Out Of It: Do you love Dolphins? Some people Do! Swimming with dolphins is a wonderful experience that everyone should try to do at some point in their life. There are some special areas where you can find these beautiful and intelligent marine mammals.

Many of those places are located in the Caribbean or at least close to the Equator, take a look at the most popular places for swimming with dolphins around the world. Some of them might surprise you with the best!

Best places to swim with beautiful dolphins

1. Dolphin Cay Atlantis, Bahamas

Dolphin Cay Atlantis, Bahamas

You’ll meet the beautiful dolphins at the Dolphin Cay Atlantis in the lovely Bahamas which is a dolphin paradise.

Here you can swim with dolphins and make yourself enter into the world of adventure and pleasure.

Average Price: $130.00 – $150.00 per person throughout the year.

2. Cuba

Grand Cayman

Nearby Cuba lies the exotic Cayman Islands which are just perfect to relax on the beach and having an unforgettable time.

Grand Cayman, the biggest of the Cayman Islands, has its own dolphinarium called Dolphin Cove.

Average Price: $100 – $300

3. Dubai

Dubai dolphinarium in the United Arab Emirates

Away from the Caribbean and on the other side of the world, you find Dubai dolphinarium in the United Arab Emirates. Here you’ll see one of the most luxurious vacation destinations in the world, along with a dolphinarium in Dubai.

Average Price: Starts from AED 45/-

4. Turkey

Istanbul Dolphinarium

Turkey, not being too far from Dubai has an awesome dolphinarium. The Istanbul Dolphinarium is a phenomenal place having the mixed zones of history, culture, and architecture of the capital city of Turkey.

Ticket Charges:

  • Adults – 140 TL – 220 TL
  • Children (3-11 years old) – 110 TL – 180 TL
  • Children under 2 – Free

Charges For Swimming With Dolphins (10 min)

  • 1 Person – 850 TL
  • 2 Persons (Simultaneously) – 1450 TL
  • 3 Persons (Simultaneously) – 2000 TL
Interaction with Dolphins Program(10 Min)
  • 1 person – 850 TL
  • 2 persons – 1400 TL
  • 3 persons – 2000 TL
  • 1 person (20 min) – 1700 TL
  • 2 persons (20 min) – 3100 TL
  • 3 persons (20 min) – 3800 TL

5. Hawaii


Hawai, a place which offers classic, tropical islands giving an extremely pleasant backdrop for dolphin tours. The island is hypothetically decorated with these fun-loving creatures, and operators offer both boat tours and swimming with dolphins.

In particular, the island of O’ahu in Hawaii is famous for these super beautiful dolphins.

The capital of Hawaii, Honolulu, is on this island and has tons of different tours where you can swim with dolphins in the wild.

6. Mexico

Dolphin Park Mexico

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Before dive in the turquoise water to meet the dolphins at Dolphinaris in Mexico, take some time to know dolphins’ behavior and physiology.

You’ll also get a kiss and a fin shake from the dolphins, as well as a dorsal ride, as part of the dolphin swim program.

Once you finish swimming with them, head towards Dolphin Park for a variety of land and water activities, including Dolphin Planet workshops, which explain participants about behavior and adaptations that dolphins have made to their surroundings.

7. Florida

Discovery Cove, Florida

Florida has delightful places to interact with the dolphins. Discovery Cove in Orlando is one such place that you can’t miss to mention.

Guests of Discovery Cove can swim in the middle of thousands of tropical fish, stingrays, and other marine animals.

All inclusive entry to Discovery Cove includes tickets for SeaWorld Orlando, Aquatica Orlando or Busch Gardens Tampa.

Average Price: $140 – $250

8. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

You will find the presence of dolphins on the shores of Sri Lanka, although north-west offers some great views.

Spinner dolphins are some of the most exciting, because they move through water alongside boats, and jump, trying to pose for the camera. Wow! Amazing that is!

December to April is the best time to visit and get the chance of watching whales here too – or leave your boat to find leopards in the nearby Yala National Park.

9. Western Australia (Koombana Bay)

Koombana Bay, Australia

From October to April, it’s the best time to witness the stunning dolphins in the city. Marine biologists and environmental scientists lead tours to swim with bottlenose dolphins (species of grey dolphins) in sandy Koombana Bay, to catch them in their natural environment.

An explanatory center here provides more information on learning about your swimming companions.

Walking through the mangroves, fishing or scuba diving in the Indian Ocean are also available here.

Average Price: Approx Rs 2,000 to Rs 8,000.

10. Dominican Republic

Dolphin Explorer dolphinarium in Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic has been a popular holiday destination for a long time, but many tourists miss out the Dolphin Explorer dolphinarium in Punta Cana. Prices are not that much higher and there are many package deals you can avail.

Average Price: $100 – $300

11. Egypt


Egypt is a place where there is no dolphin swim program. Very close to the Pyramid of Giza, you can find a place where you can swim with the dolphins at sea.

You will see a spot known as horseshoe-shaped coral reef, where a pod of spinner dolphins spends their days, improve in health after a long night feeding. The reef is outlined to make sure that boats don’t disturb them.

You will love snorkeling here with the dolphins, sea turtles and a huge variety of reef-dwelling creatures here, in safe, not so deep harbors – incredible night boat expeditions are also available

March to November is the best time to be here.

Average Price: Starts from $25 to $400

12. The Isle Of Mull, Scotland

The Isle Of Mull, Scotland

This is a picturesque destination for wildlife fans. Your day trip here is all that you expect as wonderful as including bottlenose and common dolphins, as well as minke whales and porpoises, are combined with tours to see otters, puffins, red deer, and eagles.

Sea biologists guide the boat tours, guaranteeing a fascinating, educational experience – and if you’re lucky enough, you might even spot an orca.

Best time to visit Scottish place is from late April to late September.

Average Price:

13. Madeira, Portugal

Madeira, Portugal

All the species of dolphins including bottlenose, mango, Atlantic spotted, Risso’s, and striped can be admired off the coast of this volcanic island, although swimming with dolphins is not as easy to arrange here.

The “Flower Island” offers several Earth-based happiness, which includes a cable car ride along with numerous vegetation zones, water channels, superb hiking, and mountain biking with magnificent bay views.

Best time to visit and have the pleasure of seeing the utmost beautiful mammal, dolphins, hit the months from May to September.

Average Price:

14. La Gomera, Spain

La Gomera, Spain

Canary Island, the second smallest island is a great place for dolphin-watchers.

Alongside several dolphin species, including bottlenose, striped and rough-toothed, there are the pilot, fin and sperm whales to watch out for, while on land the Garajonay National Park (a UNESCO site) protects exclusive flora and heavenly landscapes.

Biking, scuba diving, and yoga are just some of the available activities. Best time to visit here for seeing dolphins is between March to June.

Average Price:

  • 3-hour trips: Adult: £52, Child: £49
  • 4-hour trips: Adult: £69, Child: £65
  • 5-hour trips: Adult: £80, Child £75

15. The Ligurian Sea, between Italian Riviera (Liguria) and the island of Corsica

Ligurian Sea

Practically all the cetacean species living in the Mediterranean region are found in this area. The ongoing projects have kept an eye on the whales and dolphins populations – including striped, bottlenose and the unusual Risso’s dolphin, up to 4m long and easily recognized by its scratched, scarred skin.

You can join the research trip, living onboard and participate in data collection and analysis, as well as participate in daily boat activities.

Average Price: Range starts from $45 to $100

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