Heaven places for men

Places are Just Heaven For Men: Whenever it comes to Bachelor party or in a little fun way, then only Thailand or Goa come in your mind, right?

Just ask any man who once went to Thailand, he will tell you that why it’s heaven for men? The place has everything an individual desires.

Similarly, there are some other cities that are incredibly like heaven for men and can drive men crazy.

These cities are known as ‘Sin cities’ where men are allowed to do all his naughty sins. Now, have a look to know more about such cities:

5Berlin, Germany

Via: thetimes.co.uk

Keeping aside the World War and Hitler era in which Berlin wall is destroyed, Berlin has become a very open city.

Berlin feels more like a common city in the daytime, but as soon as the evening strikes, the city becomes young and energetic. You will find wonderful clubs, night parties, sex or whatever you want.

Besides drinks and intoxication, there are sex parties in the night, in which you can enjoy sex with someone after paying a certain amount.