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Chile Travel Tips: Everything You Should Know On Your First Visit To Chile

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Every country is unique due to its cultural geographical and economical differences. Knowing them well makes an exploration a lot more sophisticated. While Chile is a country with an interesting history, stunning landscapes, and diverse wildlife, there are many things that are still left unexplored.

Although it’s not one of the most popular places on a traveler’s bucket list, there are surely many facts and factors that make it one of the most incredible ones. You will come across glaciers, lakes, volcanoes, and the dryest non-polar desert. Read further to know some precious Chile travel tips and understand your next destination a little more.

Some Important Chile Travel Tips

1. Know The Right Time To Visit

Chile travel tips
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The climate in Chile is certainly changeable in a short time. Therefore, when you should visit here, it depends on the activities you want to do and things you want to see. Moreover, places like Patagonia in Northern Chile are mostly warm. November to March is considered to be the best time to explore the places in the north.

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2. Language Barriers

Chile travel tips
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Although Chileans don’t speak Spanish, we will recommend you to polish those skills. This is because you will come across various Spanish speaking travelers from neighboring countries. While you interact with them it’s preferable to know a bit of Chileno Spanish so that you don’t face problems in communicating.

3. How To Pack?

Chile travel tips
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You cannot afford any inconvenience just because you did not have appropriate clothes. Make sure you’re done with your packing correctly. Research and get the correct perspective about places.

Imagining the south of Chile as Alaska and the North as California will help. The climate generally changes from extremely dry to extreme cold. Therefore consider the time you’re going to travel and the places you will be moving to.

4. Setting The Right Budget And Saving Money

Chile travel tips
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When you start your trip from Northern Chile, your set budget should subsequently increase as you move further starting from Colombia, getting through Peru, Ecuador, and ending in Bolivia. In fact, when you ‘re in Bolivia, the costs are certainly going to be doubled, considering the charges of bus fare and groceries.

Some Ways To Save Money In Chile

You should not give away any chances to save a few pennies while you explore. Here are a few ways to get going and saving at different places:

Walking Tours Instead Of Guided Tours: Most of the cities offer free walking tours which is a great option to catch up with some popular attractions and not getting into the core of things. You will get a perfect glimpse of the place. Despite being free, these walking tours are absolutely reliable.

Chile travel tips
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Later in the end you can pay an amount that you feel is appropriate according to their services. Free walking tours are popular in cities like Valparaiso, Santiago, San Pedro de Atacama, and Vina Del Mar are easily available.

Watch For Savings On Hotel Taxes: While most of the explorers may not be aware of this. Tourists paying from foreign credit cards are allowed a deduction on a 19 percent hotel tax. Considering the changes in taxes and other updates, look for appropriate deductions in your hotel bills.

Restaurants And Tipping: You may also take some time to know and understand the tipping culture in Chile. It can create an awkward situation for you since you miss out on giving a tip where you should and where you want to but the server is creating some different issues.

Chile travel tips
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In Chile, a 10 percent tip is customary and this amount is often added to your bill under the head “propina”. While you’re paying with your credit card, the server will ask if you want to add on the tip. Moreover, it is assumed that you will pay the tip in cash. Before you give away any amount, doubling the taxes, make sure to check.

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5. Flying Across Chile

Chile travel tips
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While you may be comfortable with traveling on buses everywhere, things seem to be different in Chile. The buses here can be labeled as reasonably priced considering the fact that they offer high-quality services. They are however not as expensive as in countries like Argentina.

Although they remain to be your primary option for traveling around places, there are domestic airlines like SKY that offer amazing offers and affordable flights to different places. There are various other ways you can seek deductions on flight deals.

This will help you skip long days of bus trips when you are short of time. Consider this to be one of the most important Chile travel tips since it can save you both time and resources.

6. Finding adapters And Charging Points In Chile

Chile travel tips
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There may be times when you want to charge your phones and devices after a long flight to inform your friends and family that you’re safe and reached your destination. However, in Chile, you may find that most of the wall outlets may be wrapped.

Wait. All you need is to buy yourself an adapter at a hardware store or ferreteria. It would also be perfect if you get a multiple block converter that can work across universal borders. This will save you a lot of time and solve a lot of issues.

7. Self Driving Options In Chile

Chile travel tips
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It may not be preferable to choose self-driving on exploration in Chile. You will be getting mostly around deserts with roads is not an excellent condition. Most of these roads are old and may fail to give away a smooth driving experience.

An added problem is that you are likely to get confused among roads that lead to the same destination. Like any other place, there are a few rules that need to be followed while driving in Chile. Make sure you research these and take decisions carefully. Chile is one of the countries that are strict with respect to its rules.

The Best Places To Visit In Chile 

This list can go quite long since there is certainly a lot to see and do. However, based on when you visit Chile and the length of your trip, the choice of destinations makes a lot of difference. It plays a major role in either helping you leave with the best experiences or messing up everything.

Since it’s an important part of Chile’s travel tips, we have listed down a few best places based on reviews and past experiences. You can prioritize them in your list of places to visit.

San Pedro de Atacama

Chile travel tips
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Featuring breathtaking landscapes, San Pedro de Atacama is one of the most popularly visited places among local and international travelers. This place takes you amidst ancient cultures, simple lifestyles, and dramatic, spellbinding landscapes.

Travelers who admire nature and its beautiful creations, absolutely adore being here. You will come across amazing facts about the thriving town with 16th-century buildings and local art culture that’s commendable.

What To Do?

The salt caves, salt dunes, and lunar landscape at Moon Valley is an attraction you must visit. It is definitely one of the topmost things to do in San Pedro de Atacama. At the Atacama Salt Flats, there’s another spectacular treat for the eyes, the Tebinquiche Lagoon. There are plenty of hotspots for photography and sunset vistas to please your eyes with some spellbinding views.

Easter Island

Chile travel tips
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Of course, you may have this place already while you’re planning to explore Chile. The Eastern Islands are counted among the major attractions here. Travelers who prefer ancient explorations will find the place enticing.

You will probably be surrounded by spectacular views and landscapes where you can come across some fascinating facts. It is a dreamland for photographers situated on the Chilean coast. There are various native-run tours that will help you know the place better.

What To Do?

You must visit the Moai statues at Ahu Tongariki and Rano Raraku. While one of them is an amazing cliff-side location, the other holds on to more than 400 hundred statues from the ancient era. Sunrise is a perfect time to get some excellent captures.


Chile travel tips
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Valparaiso is well-known for its inspiring local poets and artists and rich culture. Situated to the west of Santiago, it has everything that visitors may expect from a World Heritage Site. Pleasant and beautiful seaside views, bright colored streets, and a vibrant nightlife make this place a great experience for the visitors.

More than any specific tourist attractions, you will love the seafood and surroundings here. Pleasant weather makes it worth taking a stroll.

What To Do?

Climb up the stairs at El Peral funicular to reach the Cerro Alegreneighborhood here. You will come across various street performances, artists, beautiful churches, and homes designed elegantly. This place is worth looking around.


Chile travel tips
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The cultural and political center of Chile, Santiago offers the real taste of Chilean cultures in various forms. There are some popular art galleries, museums, and local handicraft stores to spend some good time knowing the place a little more. Also, consider visiting the city center with impressive facades.

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What To Do?

The Bellavista neighborhood is a worth visiting place, with several art galleries, cafes, and boutique houses. There is also commendable street graffiti art. Go trekking at the St. Christopher hill for breathtaking and panoramic city views.

From the long list of places to visit and things to do, you may consider to must go for the above-listed ones. The Chile travel tips discussed here will help you to get a clear idea of how you should proceed on your first visit to Chile. (We have excluded the points that included currency and visa regulations).

Plan your perfect holiday based on the details shared here. Make sure you research facts well before leaving and be prepared for what comes your way.

Keep Traveling!

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