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11 Top Attractions In Baku, Azerbaijan That You Should Visit

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Over all these years, Azerbaijan has attracted more and more visitors. Although COVID-19 has made traveling difficult these days, we all should be hopeful about getting to travel soon. Holding on to historical events, wonderful attractions, and welcoming people, Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan is a place worth exploring.

Well, if you don’t know the place good enough, we have listed down the topmost attractions in Baku for your next visit to the place. Read further to know what a holiday here would be like.

Topmost Attractions In Baku, Azerbaijan

1. Icheri Sheher, Old City, Baku

attractions in Baku
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The fortified old city, Baku is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This city also served as the Medival capital for the Shirvanshahs. It still reminisces its historical existence, the events, architecture, and culture that prevailed then.

There are various bars and restaurants where you can relax and eat once you are done exploring the historical landmarks. Because of the traders from the past, this place also became popular as the Acropolis of Baku.

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2. Flame Towers

attractions in Baku
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Rising high up to 620 feet, the Flame Towers are popular as the tallest skyscrapers in Azerbaijan. The facades of these towers are turned into gigantic display screens. With over 10000 high-power LED luminaries.

The light effects here are said to be visible from even the farthest points in the city. There are three buildings: south, east, and west. Inside the towers, there are various offices, apartments, and hotels.

3. National Museum of History of Azerbaijan

attractions in Baku
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This one is known to be the largest museum in the city. It is situated within an Italian Renaissance-style mansion, holding on to more than 300,000 excellent artifacts. Along with ethnography, this museum gives a sight of both the ancient and modern history at the place.

There are many interesting exhibitions here including Ancient Greek coins which are a part of the extensive numismatic collection. If you admire history you’re going to love it. Nonetheless, you will admire the interiors for sure.

4. Baku Boulevard

attractions in Baku
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Spanning up to 3.75km along the Caspian Sea, Baku Boulevard is one of the must-visit attractions in Baku. There’s a lot of entertainment and amusement for the visitors, at the amusement park, cafes, bars, the cacti garden, Mini Venice, and the Baku Ferris Wheel.

You will catch up with some amazing views of the Flame Towers. Take a stroll along the coast. Right from the National Flag Square to Freedom Square, there are many great things to do and you will end up enjoying them a lot.

5. Nizami Street

attractions in Baku
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The 3.5-kilometre-long, Nizami street is named after an Azerbaijani poet, Nizami Ganjavi. It is one of the most popular shopping streets in Baku. As you move around you will also find different styles of architectural beauties surrounding you. These include Baroque, Non-Gothic, Stalinist, and Neo-Renaissance styles. You can also shop for things here and fill up a few bags for yourself.

6. Shirvanshahs Palace

attractions in Baku
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This palace belongs to the Shirvanshahs, the dynasty that ruled over Azerbaijan for over 800 years. The palace complex is said to have served as a royal residence for around 200 years.

Within this campus, there’s a palace, mosque, a mausoleum, and burial vaults. It is one of the topmost attractions in Baku, Azerbaijan, offering excellent views and awe-inspiring architecture.

7. Maiden Tower

attractions in Baku
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This mysterious, cylindrical tower dates back to the 12th century. It is believed that it served as a Zorastrian temple earlier and later a watchtower in the 18th century. A spiral staircase leads to the top of this 29-meter structure from where you can immerse in the spectacular views of Ischeri Sheher.

8. Bibi-Heybat Mosque

attractions in Baku
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Popular as the Mosque of Fatima, this historic mosque in Baku will give you interesting sights of the Islamic architecture. This mosque represents modern-day architecture keeping up its features well even today with its three domes and galvanized iron pillars.

9. Hammams in Baku

attractions in Baku
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If you’re feeling all stressed and tired, the traditional Hammams in Baku will be a perfect place to be at. A weekly visit to hammam used to be a mandatory tradition for all families in Baku.

There are different types of hammams all over the city varying from single domed structures to grand dome structures. Although this tradition no longer prevails, Hammams in Baku still exist and operate. Take a dip at one and relax.

10. Mud Volcanoes

attractions in Baku
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Azerbaijan is the most popular for its mud volcanoes. There are around eight islands in the Baku Archipelago that have mud volcanoes. They are popular by various local names and represent the geographical uniqueness of the place. You should surely visit one of them.

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11. Pink Lake

attractions in Baku
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Not only architectural amazement but there are also various natural attractions in Baku that will leave spellbound. The pink lake in Baku is one of those attractions and also one of the 8 pink lakes in the world. The locals have named it Masazir Lake which also produces salt every year. This place is one of the must-visits if you want some good pictures to allure your Instagram profile.

While you’re planning your future trips to Azerbaijan, make sure you consider the above-mentioned attractions. There could be many more in the list. However, we have listed down the topmost picks.

Keep Traveling!

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