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9 Important Tips For Safe Hitchhiking In Eastern Europe

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While you love to get going with some out of the box travel plans, Hitchhiking still remains one of the most commonly practiced throughout the countries of Eastern Europe. Well, this is a common practice for locals. Being a foreigner it is important for you to know its rules and expectations before you actually start.

Moreover, most foreigners are likely to fall prey to criminals. But if you have made a decision, make sure you move forward considering the safety recommendations and precautions. Read further to know what it will be like.

Some Important Hitchhiking Tips For You

1. Do It Only When Necessary

Hitchhiking in Europe
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Transportation across Eastern Europe isn’t always efficient, clean, and comfortable. Moreover, hitchhiking is turning out to be dangerous worldwide with every passing year.

If you are in a situation to hitchhike in Eastern Europe, it is suggestible to be extremely cautious and go with your instincts. If you feel that something is not right, it’s better to drop that plan.

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2. Always Ride In The Front Seat

Hitchhiking in Europe
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The backseat of a car may turn out to be a vulnerable position. Many of the cars even have child safety locks at the backside. Your position should be such that you can bolt at the first sign of trouble.

Even if you have to take a seat at the back of the car. Check that there are no child safety locks. So that nothing can impede you from opening the car door from inside.

3. Choose The Hitchhiking Location Wisely

Hitchhiking in Europe
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You should avoid hitchhiking on highways or curvy roads that may be risky for the drivers or you. Having to stop the cars on roads where vehicles are driven at high speed is not safe for anyone of you. Rather, you can do this from gas stations or rest stops so that vehicles can easily stop by.

If you’re trying to hitch a ride on a dangerous roadway, there are chances that someone would call the police since there are roadways or freeways where hitchhiking is illegal.

4. Keep Your Documents, Valuables, And Baggage To You

Hitchhiking in Europe
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Anytime during traveling in Eastern Europe, take special care of your documents. Keep them safe in a separate wallet underneath your clothes. In that case, even if you have lost or anyone takes away your main bag you won’t lose your money and identification. Or else, you will be in another big trouble. Also, keep your expensive devices and phones out of sight.

While hitchhiking if you’re offered to put your luggage in the trunk, it’s suggestible to decline. Settle your luggage somewhere close to you, on your lap or at your feet. This will ease grabbing your luggage and get out of the car during an emergency.

5. Decide A Destination But Keep Your Plans Flexible

Hitchhiking in Europe
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It will be great to carry a map so that you know where you are reaching. While hitchhiking, it is better to tell the driver a general location or locations that will be at a short distance. In that case, if you suspect something unusual or less-than-good intentions of the driver, you can be saved.

The ride will be short and your final destination will not be known to the driver. No matter you’re in one of the major cities or a town, this practice the most suitable.

6. Go Hitchhiking With A Friend

Hitchhiking in Europe
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Irrespective of being a male or a female traveler, it’s always a good idea to go hitchhiking with a friend. This way you will have a companion and any potential criminal won’t be able to do any harm unless you are watching over for one another.

7. Get The Details Of The Vehicle

When you’re hitchhiking in Eastern Europe, take a note of all the car details before you start the journey. These details include car model, color, plate number, or license. If possible, take a photograph. If anything goes out of order you can report to the police.

8. Feel Free To Turn Down A Ride

Hitchhiking in Europe
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When hitchhiking in Europe, make sure to negotiate for the ride before you get into the vehicle. If you get suspicious of anything feel free to turn down the ride. Foreigners are considered to be the most vulnerable and anyone offering you a ride can takeaway money or other things from you.

Along with that people don’t prefer riding with someone they can’t communicate with. Don’t leave space for any unspoken expectations of the driver for offering you a ride.

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9. Dress According To Weather

Hitchhiking in Europe
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Make sure to pack clothes that are weather-friendly and keep you safe in inclement weather too. It would also be great to wear older clothing that is inexpensive so that you seem to have no valuables. Go for dresses that will help you when the temperatures rise or fall.

Since hitchhiking in Eastern Europe isn’t that easy, consider the above-mentioned things before you start off to somewhere.

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