Adventure Trip7 Enthralling Adventure Activities Near Lake Louise At Banff...

7 Enthralling Adventure Activities Near Lake Louise At Banff National Park


You may not have heard about the surreal Lake Louise but you definitely remember some of its pictures, when you think of Canada. It’s popular in pictures for its turquoise waters and snow-covered peaks of the Canadian Rockies surrounding it. Holding on to its beauty in the Banff National Park, Canada, this lake boasts extreme adventure for travelers. The glacial erosions result in its magical blue appearance.

There are many travelers who visit here just to get some good snaps. However, there are various other reasons that are worthy enough to stay back here. Amidst such spectacular natural settings, there are plenty of outdoor activities. While canoeing and hiking enthrall you during summer, winters bring in the fun of snowshoeing, skiing, and ice-skating.

If you ever get a chance to be here, make sure you involve in more worthwhile activities than just taking pictures. To help you with this we’ve brought to you the best things you can do here.

Best Adventurous Things To Do At Lake Louise

1. Canoeing

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Canoeing can be one of the best things to do at this lake that’s about 2 miles long and half-mile wide. The pleasure of being in the middle of the surreal lake with calm, still water, surrounded by mountains, forests, and glaciers is like none other.

It is an experience you can never have on dry land and you cannot afford to miss this despite being so close. You can go on for guided sunrise canoeing trips.

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2. Horseback Riding

Things to do in lake louise
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Surrounded by high altitude lakes, mountain paths and shady forests Lake Louise poises one of the best places for horseback riding. With the help of local adventure travel agencies, you can easily book your plan.

There are options for both experienced riders and beginners with different choices of time-frames. The Plain of Six Glaciers and the Lake Agnes Tea House is the most popular trails. You can also go for sleigh rides in winter.

3. Snowshoeing

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During winter it gets difficult to cross various hiking trails with your normal footwear. Snowshoeing is an absolutely fun way to move across these trails that get covered by snow in the future. Make sure you research well about these trails and know the avalanche risk warnings. There are plenty of trails you can choose throughout Banff National Park.

4. Hiking

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The lakefront remains rich with splendid views and peaceful early mornings during summer. You can seek some light-adventure at the Lake Louise Shoreline Trail. It is situated towards the west on the foot of Victoria Glacier. For a more challenging hiking experience, consider heading out to the Fairview Lookout. It is a quick climb, offering a rapid change in elevation and excellent views of the mountains around.

You can also go for longer hikes that take you farther from Lake Louise. Set out hiking to the Lake Agnes Tea House, offering baked goods and tea bags. This is a 2.2-mile hike. It is one of the most suitable hiking trails for almost all hikers. In any case, you will be welcomed by the unparalleled views of naturescapes around.

5. Ice Skating

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Even the imagination of gliding on the beautiful frozen Lake Louise, surrounded by snow-covered peaks on all sides is overwhelming. From December to April, the Lake turns into one of the most spectacular ice-skating rinks with an ice-castle, right in the middle. There are also places for ice hockey.

6. Biking

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There are over 100 miles of road riding and mountain biking trails in the Banff National Park. You may find various trails that exist both close and far from the lake. The Tramline and the Bow River Loop trails will let you have fun close to the Lake.

You can also set out for the Ross Lake trail that’s known to be quite difficult and connects you to the Yoho National Park. Most of these trails close down by November to June. Therefore, plan accordingly.

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7. Skiing and Snowboarding

Things to do in lake louise
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With expansive 4,200 acres of skiable terrain, the Lake Louise Ski Resort will turn out to be one of your best experiences ever. It offers over 145 trails with varying levels of difficulty.

There are ten different types of lifts that elevate skiers and snowboarders to the destination. If you’re on a family trip, you may have fun in the tube park. During summer there are opportunities for sightseeing, wildlife-watching, and hiking.

There are so many adventure activities you can enjoy at Lake Louise, Rather than spending all your time in taking snaps, also involved in some of your favorite adventures. Plan it well.

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