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Top 8 LGBT-Friendly Destinations Making The World A Better Place!

When all you will have is great travel experiences, it’s good to find escapes. There are times you need a getaway to get closer to good things of a good life. To help you make decisions regarding travel easily, we have brought to your the best gay travel destinations. Whenever travel begins again to make sure you set off for an international trip no matter solo or with your person.

The Topmost Gay Travel Destinations

You’ve come a long way and the world is turning out to be a better place. Certainly, there are various LGBT-friendly destinations that you’ve been missing out on so far. Therefore, reconsider your plans every time you set off for exploring the world. Take a look at this amazing list of travel destinations.

1. Thailand 

LGBT-friendly destinations
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Thailand has everything you would wish from a typical Asian holiday. This place boasts some of the best chilling beach getaways and an exuberant LGBT nightlife. Phuket and other cities situated along the coast have several gay beaches where you can spend days, soaking in the sun and nights at parties.

Thailand is a great destination for gay travelers while many other places in Asia may not remain less welcoming. All Thais have started taking up steps towards a better life with the recent enactment of the Gender Equality Act.

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2. San Francisco 

LGBT-friendly destinations
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The list of gay travel destinations would be incomplete without San Francisco. There are over 60 local bars and clubs along with the amazing boutiques and restaurants in the Castro neighborhood. For history buffs, “Crusin’ the Castro”, a local historical walking tour will be a great experience. Castro is one of the must-visit places among all LGBT-friendly places.

If you’re visiting California in June do not miss out on the SF Parade. This is one of the best and biggest LGBT celebrations in the world. In order to mark the Gay Pride Weekend over 1.7 million visitors gather every year at the Pride Festival.

3. Paris

LGBT-friendly destinations
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Undeniably, Paris is the most romantic place in the world. The French capital is a perfect place to explore whether you’re seeking romantic experiences or an amazing nightlife. Start off from the heart of Marais, the LGBT community in Paris, strolling through the medieval lanes.

Explore the chic boutiques, art galleries, shops, and the numerous gay-friendly cafes. Keep some time to dive into the most popular nightlife in Paris.

4. Puerto Rico 

LGBT-friendly destinations
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Planning to tie the wedding knot? The gorgeous island poises a perfect set up for your dream destination wedding. This Caribbean paradise will surround you by white sands and crystal clear water.

If you’re not here for a wedding, then you may consider visiting the gay beach at Condado. Further, head over to Old San Juan to dance all night. Make sure you visit here with some extra time to explore the best of the beautiful Vieques Island and its lush rainforests.

5. Bali, Indonesia

LGBT-friendly destinations
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Bali is a perfect tropical paradise to set out for a getaway. This place boasts the most amazing yoga retreats, surfer hangouts, and various five-star getaways, making it an LGBT-friendly destination.

You may find LGBT friendly places all over Bali. However, Seminyak is one of the most popular gay hotspots. Spend the day admiring the Cantina Beach and explore beachfront at night.

6. Algarve, Portugal

LGBT-friendly destinations
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Portugal is one of the most beautiful European destinations with the dramatic Atlantic coastline and the emerald green Mediterranean waters. Algarve will take you into a distinctive artsy vibe and music.

With various gay-friendly places, this coastal city boats a creative, young atmosphere. Once you’re done exploring the plazas and sun-soaked beaches head over to the excellent LGBT bars, cafes, and saunas.

7. Cambodia

LGBT-friendly destinations
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Looking for low-key travel plans, Cambodia could be a great choice. Cambodia is one of the most overlooked travel destinations in Asia. Although you may not have many gay night bars, there are a few great things to do around Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

The cultural landscape of the country changed drastically under the former King Norodom Sihanouk who was a major supporter for LGBT. However, PDA isn’t acceptable here. Therefore, save your kisses for home.

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8. Cuba

LGBT-friendly destinations
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While most of the places in Latin America have a less tolerant attitude, Cuba has been the most progressive. The country is seeing continuous growth in the number of American travelers.

There are now plenty of gay tour companies and cruises which are commendable. Visit Havana in May to participate in the LGBT Pride Week. Spend some time exploring the remarkable countryside and get to know more about the unique Cuban culture.

These are some of the best gay travel destinations, you may set off to explore. Plan it well.

Keep Traveling!

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