International8 Best International Backpacking Destinations For Budget-Friendly Trips

8 Best International Backpacking Destinations For Budget-Friendly Trips


In this great world, it seems crazy to talk about a few best backpacking destinations. Of course, there are hundreds of places that can make up dozens of lists that will add on to your bucket lists. Whether you look for the most relaxing places, outdoor locations, big, busy cities, adventure sports, or destinations for beginners; you have all the options you desire.

However, your choices would be dependent on various other important factors. Therefore, it’s quite helpful to shortlist the best options you can pursue. To consider a few, a place should have enough affordable accommodations, interesting dining options, natural beauty that makes it worth a visit, and all the resources that can contribute to making life-lasting memory.

Topmost Backpacking Destinations In The World

1. Chattanooga, Tennessee

best backpacking destinations in the world
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Although it’s not home to sprawling city expanses or world-class hotels, Chattanooga has some of the best adventures to keep you active and enthralled. And the good news is that you don’t have to spend a huge amount of money.

On the banks of the Mississippi River, there are some challenging trails for rock climbers. In case bad weather hits, there’s an indoor climbing center too. It is situated near the national aquarium in downtown.

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There are various other perks for adventure travelers that include kayaking at the Tennessee River, Whitewater rafting near Ocoee River, and hand gliding at the southwest of the city across Georgia state line. The downtown in Chattanooga is set with the best farmer’s markets and restaurants in the Southwest.

You can reach out to the amazing hiking trails at the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and nearby national forests through cars. Seeking advanced reservations will let you enjoy the finest services and accommodations at “boutique hostels”.

2. Western Canada

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Entrance to the Canadian national parks is no more free since 2018. However, the scenic trails will always be worthy of your visit. There are numerous national parks including Jasper, Banff, Yoho, Glacier, Mount Revelstoke, and Kootenay. All of them are rich with camping and hiking trails and beautiful views.

Moreover, not all of the attractions here will take you into the wild. Cities like Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton are equally welcoming for backpackers from all over the world. Among all of them, Vancouver remains the most popular, offering a wide range of budget destinations.

You should know that there can be a large distance between places than you may expect. For instance, while moving from Banff to Vancouver, you need to cross over 525-miles that comprise of numerous mountain passes. If you continue with your endeavors to finish the trails, you will be rewarded with some beautiful vistas.

3. Goa, India

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Situated on the west coast of India, Goa is one of the most popular backpacking destinations not only in India but in Asia. Stretching over 60 miles, it offers tree-shaded streets, tropical beaches, and never-ending, lively parties. This place has some of the largest hostels in India. Vagator Beach is one of the most popular stayover spots with various plans at affordable rates.

Goa has beaches for travelers with almost all tastes. Whether you are seeking an active, hippie vibe or want to go somewhere secluded and peaceful, you will always find a pleasing place. From May to September, you can easily get desirable accommodations. However, during peak seasons there may be an increase in the hostel charges.

4. Hoi An, Vietnam

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Far from the bustling big cities, Hoi An is a smaller yet beautiful place to explore. It is popular as a custom-made clothing capital in Southeast Asia and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Backpackers from Da Nang or Hue often reach here to make the best of low-priced accommodations and food.

This place still holds on to its French influence that can be tasted at one of the best bakeries lined in the streets of Hoi An. This would turn out to be one of the most enticing benefits of being here. Get a few pastries and explore the nearby area on foot. There are various other dishes you got to try.

5. Queenstown, New Zealand

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Of course, considering the airfares to New Zealand, reaching out to this beautiful island would require a significant investment of both money and time and create an obvious budget challenge. However, if you ever have an opportunity, don’t miss exploring the best ever backpacking trail to Queenstown.

Catch up with gorgeous sunset views from Queenstown hill. There are also various options for outdoor adventure that you may seek. These include kayaking, stellar hiking, bungee jumping, etc. Although there are places where town people rent backpackers, this isn’t the case in Queenstown. There are always some new bars and hostels to let visitors make the best of their time.

6. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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The Waverley Station in Edinburgh witnesses a new wave of backpackers every now and then. Travelers would find enough amenities and attractions here all within their budgets. The locals here are also welcoming and comfortable with the visitors. You can easily reach here by train from London.

Edinburgh lines up a long array of budget hotels, pubs, and hostels. Unlike cities like London and Paris attractions here can be easily explored on foot being situated nearby. This is a University town with massive, popular universities.

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There are many ancient sites to explore and beautiful views to catch up with. You can do it all without having to spend extra money, within budget. It would be great to take up walking tours to explore the best.

7. Munich

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With a large population and plenty of historical attractions, Munich is yet another best among the European backpacking destinations. The city center holds on to various budget hotels and hostels. You can easily seek inexpensive meals and meet other travelers.

Beer gardens here often serve a worthy brunch at very cheap prices. You can further set out to explore Salzburg, the Alps, and the Romantic Road. This will be one of your best experiences ever.

8. Essaouria, Morocco

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While you decide for backpacking in Morocco, some of the best experiences include a few days in the Sahara and the others strolling through frenetic bazaars in Marrakech. Essourisa on the southern coast is however for the ones seeking refreshing ocean breeze and smaller markets. It seems to be a fishing village. Essourisa offers relaxed shopping experiences than anywhere else.

This coastline is crowded mostly with fishermen and surfers. You will surely enjoy exploring the local fish market. You can buy your favorites and ask the local restaurants to cook it for you. Visit the coastal fortress to relive the scenes from Game of Thrones. Apart from all this, the culture in Essaouria is an interesting exploration.

While you want to travel the world with your shoe-string budget, looking for backpacking destinations is a great option. There are many more places to list down. However, you can consider the above-mentioned best ones and create the best memories.

Keep Traveling!

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