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Ever think about sex tourism? If yes, then these are the legal & safest destinations for bachelors!

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Sex tourism sounds a new word to many people however it does exists. When you are on holidays, you deserve some fun or which most bachelors prefer destinations known for prostitution. Here are some places listed for you which are perfect for sex tourism.

1. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic
Via: thesun.co.uk

Sex commercials become common these days for many countries as it is a good way to attract tourists. The Dominican Republic is not different from those destinations as here you will find a wide variety of girls involved in prostitution. Also, it is completely legal because of the presence of sex enterprise.

2. Thailand

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It is true that the Vietnam war has spoiled this place and since then it becomes a sex capital of the world. If you are planning to go on sex tourism then this place is paradise. From spas to “Ping Pong” shows, you will get girls everywhere. The place is even perfect for bachelors and hens party.

3. Costa Rica

sex tourism costa rica
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You can say that this country is the king of sex tourism. The sex commercial of this city is very high plus it is the safest also. Along with this, for Canadians and USA tourists get special hospitality by the sex workers. This is the place where you will find exotic girls plus with beautiful hotels, the country is paradise.

4. Kenya

Via: irinnews.org

We all know the present situation of Kenya and thus its sex enterprise is growing day by day.  Yes, the place is quite dangerous as it has a large number of HIV epidemic here. Due to this reason, here you will get these sex workers at a very cheap price. However, its totally depend on you whether you choose safety over sex.

5. Japan

Via: sbs.com.au

The country is famous for its fetish but satiating sex services and true sex capital. A large number of Asian girls will please you here and yes the government make prostitution legal here. However, the place is not meant for weak people but it worth to try.

6. Amsterdam

Via: thesun.co.uk

It is famous for prostitution along with illegal activities however when it comes to sex tourism, it is safe for tourists. The number of red light areas in this country is very high plus all the activities performed here regarding sex is legal. So, for tourist, it is completely safe.

7. Cambodia

Via: dreamholidayasia.com

It is known as the sex destination on this planet because of two reasons. First is that the place has strict laws regarding crime while on the other hand prostitution is legal. So, there will be no worries regarding tourist security or regarding any illegal activity.

8. The Philippines

The Netherlands
Via:L Travel and Leisure

Amazingly, prostitution is illegal in the country, and technically, it can come with harsh penalties. Nonetheless, the industry is massive in the country and not really frowned upon. The female company usually comes in the form of ‘bar girls’ who often wear ‘bargirl’ ID tags.

These girls are supposed to come with a guarantee of being regularly tested for STDs. Amazingly, it is estimated that 60% of tourists that visit the country, come only for sex tourism.

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