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These 17 unique hotels are more than usual, From underwater rooms to ships

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When you think of unique hotels then we mainly imagine aesthetically pleased bed, beautiful decor, luxury services, and extraordinary hospitality. However, these are the usual hotels that obviously offer you a great time but have you ever think about unusual hotels? I bet you not but there are some beautiful extraordinary lodgings that are more than usual plus let you have unique experiences regarding hospitality.

1. Unique stay in underwater rooms of Manta Resort, Zanzibar

Manta Resort, Zanzibar
Via: themantaresort.com

Would you like to see some beautiful coral life of water?  The resort is situated on a remote but beautiful island.  The main attraction of this hotel is its underwater room, it is constructed below the surface. There is all over pristine water in which you can see colorful coral fishes and other aquatic living beings. It sounds amazing, right? Well, it’s one of the best hotels in the world.

2. Morden style Igloos of Golden Crown hotel, Finland

Golden Crown hotel, Finland
Via: uniqhotels.com

Very few people get a chance to reside in an Igloo house and thus thanks to the Golden hotel.  The hotel has rooms built in the shape of Igloo but instead of snow, glasses are used as the walls. Also, the Igloos have kitchens, rooms, a bathroom with a big bath, comfortable beds from where you can have optimal aurora viewing. In case you want privacy then curtains are there for you. It gives you unique hotel experiences.

Golden Crown hotel, Finland
Via: idealista.com

3. Explore past with the Kokopelli’s cave, New Mexico

Kokopelli’s cave, New Mexico
Via: complexmania.com

Don’t judge this cave by its name as this one has all the luxury and facilities you want.  Yes, this is remote but has a multi-room bedroom, beautiful decor, various stone carved figures along with other facilities you have seen in usual hotels. Waterfall shower of this cave hotel will give you a real nature experience with comfort.

 4. A haven for bibliophiles, Book and bed hotel in Japan

Book and bed hotel in Japan
Via: matcha-jp.com

The hotel is no less than a puzzle as it appears a used bookstore at first but when you dig into it a little, a cozy room appears in front of you. The hotel is meant for those who like simplicity as it has a simple bed, electrical outlet with reading light.  Other basic facilities are also available there.

5. Explore Seafaring culture in Dromen Aan Zee, Netherlands

Dromen Aan Zee, Netherlands
Via: ssl.fastly.net

It does not have one but three unique stays for their guests. Choose to stay 56 feet above the ground or prefer rooms controlled by the machines. With extremely stylish decor, advanced facilities and panoramic views, the place are just epic.

6. Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica
Via: anywhere.com

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Would you like to stay in an upcycled he 1965 Boeing 727?  Yes, these things have turned into a luxury guesthouse with two bedrooms in it. The ocean view looks amazing from the Jungle, it’s covered patio is more than usual as it is not like other patios.

7. Get traditional in Happy Nomad Village, Kyrgyzstan

Happy Nomad Village, Kyrgyzstan
Via: bstatic.com

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How about exploring the traditional Kyrgyz life in this village. The village is surrounded by a flower garden, has a twin bed along with a heated floor. The comfort level of this unusual hotel is beyond your imagination.

8. Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland, China

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