Albania is a small country but there are so many sights to see and to perform exciting activities. Bordering Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia. The most famous attraction of Albania’s is its long coastline and also the most beautiful spot in the world.

Most famous attraction of Albania

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Previously, Albania was not so popular country but now it is getting tourist from worldwide.

The Albanian Riviera, secluded beaches, pebble beaches, and few sandy beaches. The place is actually known spectacular beaches and pristine rivaling nearby Croatia and Greece.

The best part is that visiting Albania is very affordable you can explore the beauty under your budget. Let’s have a look at the top places to visit in Albania!


The Albanian Riviera is the most popular place to visit in Albia for tourists.the place is famous for music festivals as so many music festivals take place at Riviera including soundwave Albania and Turtle Fest.

The sunsets, landscapes as well as fresh seafood of this place are just outstanding. The place is far from the crowd so you will love the privacy you get here.

Ksamil Island and beaches:

albania beach

It is the most pristine beach as compared to other beaches in Albania. Ksami has white sandy beaches and turquoise water.  There are other tourist destinations also in ksamil to visit.

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Alongside having numerous shocking and segregated shorelines, Himara is strange in that most of the populace is of Greek cause. Despite the fact that they are a minority in Albania they have held their Greek culture and dialect throughout the hundreds of years.

The coastline around Himara is my favored along the Albanian Riviera and the way that I’m likewise of Greek birthplace hasn’t one-sided my affections for the district at all.

Borshi beach:


The gigantic extent of shoreline at Borsh is encompassed by olive forests, brushing goats and high mountain crests. It’s one of the slightest created of Albania’s principle riviera shorelines. Fingers crossed it remains as such.