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9 Exotic beaches to explore in Albania

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Albania is a small country but there are so many sights to see and to perform exciting activities. Bordering Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia. The most famous attraction of Albania’s is its long coastline and also the most beautiful spot in the world.

The most famous attraction of Albania

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Previously, Albania was not so popular country but now it is getting tourist from worldwide.

The Albanian Riviera, secluded beaches, pebble beaches, and few sandy beaches. The place is actually known spectacular beaches and pristine rivaling nearby Croatia and Greece.

The best part is that visiting Albania is very affordable you can explore the beauty under your budget. Let’s have a look at the top places to visit in Albania!

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The Albanian Riviera is the most popular place to visit in Albia for tourists.the place is famous for music festivals as so many music festivals take place at Riviera including soundwave Albania and Turtle Fest.

The sunsets, landscapes as well as fresh seafood of this place are just outstanding. The place is far from the crowd so you will love the privacy you get here.

1. Ksamil Island and beaches

albania beach
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It is the most pristine beach as compared to other beaches in Albania. Ksami has white sandy beaches and turquoise water.  There are other tourist destinations also in ksamil to visit.

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2. Himara


Alongside having numerous shocking and segregated shorelines, Himara is strange in that most of the populace is of the Greek cause. Despite the fact that they are a minority in Albania they have held their Greek culture and dialect throughout the hundreds of years.

The coastline around Himara is my favored along the Albanian Riviera and the way that I’m likewise of Greek birthplace hasn’t one-sided my affections for the district at all.

3. Borshi beach


The gigantic extent of shoreline at Borsh is encompassed by olive forests, brushing goats and high mountain crests. It’s one of the slightest created of Albania’s principle riviera shorelines. Fingers crossed it remains as such.

4. The Blue Eye

The Blue Eye beach is more of a Spring than just a beach. It’s a rare natural occurrence through which water bubbling from a deep-rooted spring creates a false appearance of a blue eye and hence got its name.

The Blue Eye is oftentimes involved in the gatherings of the exotic beaches in Albania as there is sand, there’s water surrounding it. But you can neither sunbathe or swim here.

5. Poda Beach  – Remote beaches in Albania

For the Poda beach, you’ll witness signboards on the main road which leads to Saranda, but you’ll perhaps realize that it’s much more remote.
Reaching this beach requires a fast but jerky drive off the main road and right down the cliff, there’s a sun lounger and the beach which is filled with all umbrellas which can’t be seen from the road easily.

Poda beach is famous as it’s more serene than the major beaches found in Ksamil. The place has fine white sand that makes the region popular. A number of times being showed off as a secret, but it’s not, still, you experience a nice ambiance than the busy Ksamil and also a fabulous day surrounded by the rocky and hilly coast.

6. Pulëbardha Beach or Mirror Beach

Mirror Beach is being acclaimed by visitors as one of the likable Albanian beaches> this beach is not easily found on Google Maps.

Locally, Mirror Beach is referred to as Pulëbardha Beach and it’s isolated and therefore, pretty hard to reach. It’s less crowded, narrow than other places.

While you will see some lines of umbrellas and sun loungers here, you can even bring your towel and for free enjoy the beach. Due to its seclusion and a protected area adjacent to a hill, you will feel like you are miles away from the hustle bustle of Ksamil.

7. Saranda Beaches – Capital of Albanian Riviera

Saranda is believed to the capital of Albanian Riviera by a huge crowd. It’s known to be the most advanced segment of the coast in the country’s southern side. The place is embellished with scenic and long beaches. This is one of the country’s most famous getaway destinations and is equipped with tall apartments and a good walk away. Alongside the main boardwalk, you’ll see small boats and fishermen.

Saranda beaches are more of stones as they don’t have much sand. But the picturesque view is being felt by surrounding hills and the shape of the bay. There’s an abundance of restaurants, shops, and bars in the city where you can take your perfect snaps.
As Saranda is big enough, you’ll find lots of good restaurants and accommodation options. Saranda is a place which offers delicious seafood and fresh fish.
While you’re in the town, make sure you visit the castle. It’s not that huge as other fortresses in Albania like the castles in Berat or Gjirokaster but certainly gives you photogenic views overlooking the town.
At the main entrance, you get to click a beautiful bunker shot, peeping out like a hidden eye of the cliff.

8. Vlora Beach – Albania’s Largest Beach

Vlora is a much-developed city in Albania. Vlora beach has its extensions spread in a large area and has an expansive walkway alongside the sea with plenty of benches and palm trees.

You’ll see a lot of tourists in summers but practically isolated in winters. Vlora was mainly created for one and only purpose of keeping summers in mind.

There a few clubs at this beach and many of them don’t have sun loungers and umbrellas. Although, Vlora is not blessed with the best beaches in Albania.

The sand here is much dark while the water is not clear and crystal as in Ksamil or like other beautiful beaches in Albania. Nevertheless, it’s convenient to directly access the highway that connects from Tirana and therefore, it’s a popular getaway for the natives.

9. Vega/Paradise Hotel Beach

From Vlora, you have to drive South towards Radhime and Kanine. Paradise Hotel Beach has an abundance of beach clubs having offbeat names like St. Tropez or Vega, Coco Bongo. 
These semi-fabricated beaches where the pebbles or stone have been imported and being placed on the peak of narrow strips made of concrete. The natives love to enjoy the shore views, every time they visit the place. The beach is scenic and adorned with amazing blue water.

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