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“France” an ultimate destination for beaches and resorts

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When you think about a vacation the first image comes in mind is the image of beaches and resorts. France may not be very famous for such destinations but it does have something that you won’t get in other countries. Here are some beach destinations in France that are ideal for vacations.

Beach destinations in France

Kon Tiki Riviera Village in Côte d’Azur:

Kon Tiki Riviera Village in Côte d'Azur
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Although a bit expensive but its services will not let you regret the price you will pay here.  Kon Tiki resort has been the famous one because of its services and construction. It has thatched cabins that are located on the Pampelonne beach. It also contains lots of private clubs for enjoyment.

Domaine Les Moulins in Vendée:

Domaine Les Moulins in Vendée
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What about a Mediterranean experience alongside the France beach. The beautiful cottages, salp pan, and beautiful view are just enough to spend your day on the beach.

Get refreshed with a number of drinks plus the canvas in La Guérinière village traveled back you to the ancient days. It even has a spa, a kids club along with a pool.

Domaine Les Moulins in Vendée:

Domaine Les Moulins in Vendée
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Dunes are a pine forest seems to bore however on this place, this is not the case. The resorts here have an electricity supply along with international food, carpet, and beds.

 If you like to go to the hotel then you can do that also plus a tent has been given to you where you can stay, an eco-pod and grass-roofed structures make perfect ambiance for the couples.

L’Anse du Brick in Normandy:

L'Anse du Brick in Normandy
Via: anse-du-brick.com

It is a terraced site from where you will get a panoramic view plus the beach is enough to complete this place. Talking about the Island then it is protected by the waterfalls, rivers, and woodlands. It also has an indoor plus outdoor pool where you can chill with your family and friends. Also, enjoy the regional dishes here.

 Panorama du Pyla in Aquitaine:

 Panorama du Pyla in Aquitaine
Via: brittany-ferries.co.uk

The beach is very long situated near a village where tourists can go camping and enjoy the beauty of seeing. The pine forest is a spectacular spot that is grown on the beach and there you can see various resorts. The restaurants there are built in the position of trees due to which they look unique.

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Camping Les Baleines near La Rochelle:

Camping Les Baleines near La Rochelle
Via: campingdelageres.com

There is a bridge that connects people to the mainland plus the site is blessed by the natural beauty of forests. It has a lighthouse, a beach plus the setting of this place is remote. There you can watch birds, beachcombing and walking alongside the beach.

Bot Conan Lodge in Brittany:

Bot Conan Lodge in Brittany
Via: ytimg.com

This mini glampsite is extremely gorgeous as it has a six safari lodge’s collection that also contains tents. Also, each one of them has their own outdoor kitchen, wooden deck along with a dining table. So, the destination is amazing in all aspects.

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