Weird & Bizarre10 Mind-Blowing and surprising facts about South Korea

10 Mind-Blowing and surprising facts about South Korea


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South Korea Have been named the world’s best design capital in 2010 and playing admirably paying host to a large number of ESL instructors consistently, tourism to South Korea has been relentlessly on the ascent.

While the nation gloats the advantages of each other significant cosmopolitan center point in Asia – Propelled innovation, stunning nourishment, unbelievable shopping and productive open travel– it’s additionally got what’s coming to it’s of out and out peculiar social standards.

Foreigners venturing out to the nation will be in wonder of all that it brings to the table, while at the same time totally bewildered by the ten bizarre features of life in South Korea that we’ve laid out underneath.

Suicide problem:

suicide problem

South Korea is a country with high living standards. It becomes a widespread and serious issue. Even, it has the highest suicide rate in the world as per the World Health Organisations.

Fan death:

fan fear
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There is a big misconception in the mind of Koreans that if one leaves the fan on overnight, then the person will die. They had a huge fear of electric fans.  Their misconception is still unclear to them.

Couple dressing same-same:

identical dressing

Coordinated underwear? Matching onesies? Identical sneakers, sweaters, and jeans? It is one of the best things South Korea couples love.

It is not common if you find any couple on the street wearing the same outfit. This logic shows that how much you love each other and also shows your relationship status.

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Poop Humor:

Poop Humor

Everyone in South Korea is very obsessed with poop. Regardless of whether it’s a piece of poop molded treat, a defecation themed telephone beguile or the whole exhibition hall in Seoul devoted to stool; South Koreans can’t get enough of it.

On the off chance that youngsters are left to doodle, they’ll regularly draw misrepresented poop shapes and contrast it with their schoolmates’ enthusiastically.

The rationale behind the fixation is that the ideal state of a butt nugget is “charming” and “lovable.” There is no disgrace towards poop humor being improper or gross in Korea.

South Korea population loves to visit the bathroom as there public and home washroom feature background music, flushing sounds, and color water.

Same-sex touching:

Same-sex touching

In Western culture, two men clasping hands in the city would naturally make any bystander viewing accept that they were a gay couple. Not in South Korea.

While the inverse sex touching in broad daylight is to a great degree disliked and considered discourteous to people around you, sitting in your companion’s’ laps or playing with their hair is totally satisfactory.

Young ladies and men can as a normal be seen sharing beverages, strolling with their arms around each other and nestling. Also, it’s the most typical thing on the planet.

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South Korea has rapidly turned out to be known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. Numerous travelers from over the globe go to the nation to visit its specialists for nose surgery, restorative infusions, facelifts, as well as cosmetic injections.

Plastic surgery obsession:

Plastic surgery obsession

Now South Koreans become obsessed with getting a perfect physical appearance at a very young age and most young men and young ladies from families are granted twofold eyelid surgery, a technique that makes Asian eyes seem more Western, for their sixteenth birthday celebrations.

In all metro stations, promotions highlighting prior and then afterward consequences of plastic surgery can be seen put over the dividers.

This obsession results in a large amount of divorce after husbands or wives come to know what their life partners looked like before they had surgery and married them.

Love motels:

love motels

These love motels extremely popular in South Korea. Do you want to know why?  As you know that live in a relationship of girls and boys is not considered appropriate so these love motels are made and contain outrageous decoration and elaborate themes.

It becomes an overnight spot for the couples in order to get some private time from their parents.

Most of the love motels are trendy as well as clean that travelers across the country love to stay here as it is under budget too.

Alcohol consumption:

Alcohol consumption

Us people know how to drink, however, as compared to our drinking their alcohol consumption is not comparable with any other country on the planet. If someone offers you a glass of drink in Korea, this is considered as their rude behavior.

It is necessary to fill up the glass with the drink before consuming your own. The most popular liquor of Korea is Soju and is made of barley and rice.

These consumption problems become too serious in this country as people visit directly to the bar after leaving from office.

Age dealing:

cute babies

South Koreans have an exceptionally irregular way to deal with age. Each South Korean kid is thought to be one year old when it is conceived, and it will turn two on the following Lunar New Year. Moreover, 100 days after birth, a colossal festival is held for the child.

Red color- death signal

Red color- death signal

So also to their concern with the number four, South Koreans are likewise extremely superstitious with regards to composing things in red.

The shading red symbolizes death in South Korea, and on the off chance that you compose a man’s name in red, it implies that you either need them to pass away or you think they will die soon.

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