Adventure TripHave 9 amazing adventures in Hawaii to make your...

Have 9 amazing adventures in Hawaii to make your trip unforgettable


Hawaii’s natural attraction is addictive. A classic trip to Hawaii might crave you to hit the sandy beaches, sunset cocktails under vivid skies. Some people like to go on a calm vacation while, others plan for team adventures like climbing mountains, sailing seas, and flying high.

Hawaii is the only state in the US which is located in Oceania and the only one composed entirely of islands.

Hawaii is a haven of eight major islands, out of which the main four are- Oahu, Big Island, Maui, and Kauai. The beauty of the city is more alluring with gushing waterfalls, folded mountains, camouflaged rainbow valleys, and fresh lava flows.

Here are some beautiful experiences of sightseeing that will make you drive to this beautiful city.

1. Sunset at Lumahai Beach on the North Shore is one of most scenic spots in Hawaii

adventure in hawaii

Lumahai Beach on North Shore is a matchless example of a beautiful beach. Beautiful white sand, clear water, and a spectacular view of the sunset, all contribute to making this a must visit. It really is heaven.
Advice: High tides and low tides in Lumahai can be really very strong, so be aware of the water conditions before jumping in, and be advised of the many rocks throughout the beach.

Location: Hawaii 96746, USA
Major Attractions: Ke’e Beach, Hanalei Valley Lookout, Ha’ena State Park, Na Pali Catamaran, Captain Sundown.

2. Walkabout the tallest of trees at Sugi Grove near Kokee

best adventures in hawaii

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Exploration at Kauai is just as splendid as you would experience at some beaches and hike to Sugi Grove is one such example which is surrounded by tall trees, greenery at its peak, and Kawaikoi Stream Trail. Sugi Grove is known for its heritage as a great campground and as far as the eye can see, every visitor is amused with nature.

Advice: It is highly recommended that you get to follow these directions and 4-wheel drive vehicles before coming here. And it will benefit you if you get an experienced or knowledgeable local person to find such a confusing path to Sugi Grove.

Location: Hanapepe, HI 96716, USA
How To Reach: You can reach the campsite by foot or, under good conditions, a 4WD vehicle.

3. Go for magical scuba diving at Tunnels Beach on the North Shore

things to do in hawaii

[ads]Tunnels Beach is just like heaven if you are snorkeling lover. It is located right by the heart-stirring Na Pali Coast. For the beginners of scuba divers, the reef inside the Tunnel is shallow enough and even though it consists of a lot of beauty while if talk of the outside reef, it is full of life as filled with magnificent corals and fishes.

If snorkeling is your preferred way of looking at the sea, then the tunnel is your paradise. Located in the breathtaking and shady coast, there is a considerable upheaval for tunnels inside the tunnels; there is a still lot of beauty beneath it, while its outer reef is full of coral and fish. This is the special air magic you are looking for, and this is why you should go.

Location: 7640 Kuhio Hwy, Kauai, HI 96714
Advice: Have a 10-minute walk at Ha’ena State Park and enjoy the view of many local trees and flowers in Hawaii.
Adventurous Things To Do: Jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, winds surfing and kite surfing.
Major Attractions: Ha’ena State Park, Ke’e Beach, Hanalei Valley Lookout, Lumahai Beach, Captain Sundown, Hawaiian Surfing Adventures, Kayak Hanalei, Hanalei Beach.

4. Ishihara Market is best known for a poke in Waimea

best hawaii adventure vacations

Poke is like a lifeline in Hawaii as there is no way that you are in Hawaii without having poke which contains pieces of marinated fish in sea salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, onions, and chilies. For poking, Ishihara Market of Kauai is one of the best places on the islands and in more than 10 different styles including ahi (tuna), salmon, tako (octopus) and even king crab. Don’t forget to share!

Location: 9894 Kaumualii Hwy, Waimea, HI 96796, USA
Must give a try: King crab poke, Spicy ahi poke
Major Attractions: Aloha ‘n Paradise Espresso Bar, Liko Kauai Cruises, Na Pali Rafts, Cook Landing Site, Waimea Canyon State Park, Polihale State Park, Russian Fort Elizabeth State Historical Park, Waipo’o Falls.

5. Kauai’s nature at Hanakapiai Falls

unique things to do in hawaii

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The Hanakapi’ai hike takes two miles to get to a unique beach, and then go for two miles more if you desire for no catch waterfall nirvana. It is slippery because of the narrow path, muddy conditions, and hot sun.
Advice: Fitness is most important to this trip of falls and also don’t forget to take your best gear. The track is tough even on a day when there is no probability of rains, and you’re simply going to want all of your essential things before you do something so great.

Location: Located in Hawaii, United States of America on the Na Pali side of the island of Kauai.
Major Nearby Attractions: Na Pali Coast State Park, Koke’e Mountains, Limahuli Garden and Preserve.

6. Experience great sights of the mountains, turtles, and monk seals on the easy Mahaulepu hike

top 10 things to do in hawaii

[ads]Kauai is a perfect blend of the amazing beauty of nature and wildlife without the stress of an intense trek, Mahaulepu is one such march. Starting from the famous Shipwreck Beach, your journey begins and reaches to Keonela Bay, like trees, cliffs, sea turtles and even the Hawaiian Monk Seal can all be seen. It really is proof of Hawaii’s beauty which is so varied.

Pro tip: It is totally okay for kids and the rest of the family to come along.

Major Attractions: Koloa Heritage Trail, Shipwreck Beach, Koloa Heritage Trail.

7. Travel through Polulu Valley in the Kohala Mountain

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The best example of Hawaiian history is exploring Pololulu valley. The valley is considered to be one of the oldest parts of the island and is full of Hawaii’s most traditional greenery and best beach views. About three miles is filled with life itself.

Pro tip: Among the track, there are some private homes. So, please be respectful. If you’re going to the beach, be careful of the slippery surfaces sometimes and bring water to counter the heat.

Location: End of Hwy. 270, Island of Hawaii, HI 96755
Major Attractions: Kohala Zipline, Keokea Beach Park, Kohala Mountain Road.

8. Walk through an ancient lava flow point at the Thurston Lava Tube at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

hawaii things to do
Lava tube – Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii (Big Island), Hawaii.

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Big Island is known for its volcanoes both for both active and historical, and there are several options for those in the Hawaii Volcano National Park who want to experience walking on the previously red-hot surface.

Thurston Lava Tube is one of the easiest tracks in the park which takes you into an amazing adventure, though the forest is in a tunnel that once carried the lava. There is a full path surrounded by darkness in the tunnel, which feels great.

Advice: Bring a headlamp if you have kids or if you are not comfortable with dim light.

Location: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Island of Hawaii, HI 96718
Major Nearby Attractions: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Epic Lava Tours, Sulphur Banks, Kilauea Iki Trail, Volcano Garden Arts, Mt. Kilauea, Akatsuka Orchid GardensKazumura Cave Tours, Holei Sea Arch, Pu’u Huluhulu trail, Mauna Loa Scenic Drive, Halemaumau Trail, Kipuka Puaulu (Bird Park) Trail.

9. See two beautiful giant waterfalls on the hike to Akaka Falls in Honomu

top 50 things to do in hawaii

Akaka Falls in distance is less than half a mile and there are so many Hawaii’s famous flowers and ferns before you experience the two waterfalls. The first waterfall that you will come to see is 100 feet Kahuna Falls, a loop takes you to 442 feet of Akaka Falls, from which water is going down in a stream. For a quick, memorable adventure, there really is not a better option on Big Island.

Advice: It will cost $1 per person if you are walking in from the road but it is recommended you park close and pay the $5 total. After all, you wouldn’t want to ache yourself coming back from such a beautiful encounter.

Location: Akaka Falls Rd, Honomu, HI 96728, USA
Major Attractions: Umauma Falls Zipline & Rappel Experience, Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Rainbow FallsHonoli’i Beach Park, Kolekole Beach Park, Wailuku River State Park, Pe’epe’e Falls.

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