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10 Historical Places To Visit For Book Lovers

Undoubtedly, books are one of the best companions that inspire us to travel. The great historic literature and imagination expressing the scenery through words compels us to experience it in the real world. If you love traveling then surely you always remain in search of literary destinations. Luckily, there are lots of historical places to visit across the world that will take you down to iconic work of ancient civilization and local gems.

Check out these top 10 literary destinations with brilliant artistic work and great open space.

Top 10 Historic Places To Visit For A Literary Adventure

St. Petersburg, Russia

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Russian has the iconic St. Petersburg which is also the home to various great writers such as Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Nabokov, and Mikhail Lermontov. Not only this, Russia showcased many famous literary masterpieces as well.

In St. Petersburg, you get the opportunity to view featured locations in Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, where Rodion Raskolnikov (a poverty-sticken law student) made conspiracy to kill Alyona Ivanovna (a corrupt pawnbroker).

It was thought, St. Petersburg is the cultural center to Imperial Russia which is why most people showed interest in the arts and literature of it.

Don’t forget to visit the most famous attraction in St. Petersburg, The Hermitage which is best known as “world’s greatest treasures of antiquities & art”

Stockholm, Sweden

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Another European city which has served as home and produced many great writers is Stockholm, Sweden. Particularly, Stieg Larsson, author of Millennium trilogy & The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, called it his home.

When you head to the Museum in Stockholm, you will find exhibitions devoted to books by famous local Swedish authors. If you are a book lover, you should visit the National Library and read the biggest medieval manuscript “infamous Devil’s Bible”

Some of the top attractions of Stockholm are Stockholm Old Town, Kungliga Djurgarden, Stockholm City Hall, Vasa Museum, and ABBA The Museum.

Germany’s Most Historical Places

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This is a must visit  literary destination as the history of Mainz holds important role in the literature. Mainz is also the home to various historical figures like Johannes Gutenberg, he is best known for inventing first printing press.

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Opposite to Mainz Cathedral, you can see Gutenberg Museum with all fantastic achievements. In addition to this, you get a chance to view Gutenberg Bible, first moveable book.

Edinurgh, Scotland

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Scotland boasts a rich and long literary tradition and has been home to Irvine Welsh, Muriel Spark, and Robert Burns. It’s best known to be the highest concentrations of libraries around the world with 60 per 1, 00, 000 people.

Elephant Café is also the best place to visit for all the book lovers. You will be surprised to know J.K. Rowling is the place author of this colorful little eatery. Harry Potter books are one among those books which attracted millions of people from all parts of the world.

The best neighborhoods to stay in Edinburgh are Dean village, Stockbridge, New Town, Old Town, Leith, Bruntsfied & Morningside.

London, England

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London has always inspired millions through its artwork done by legendary writers. Surely, book lover does very-well know Shakespeare and they can visit Shakespeare’s reconstructions in London. For example Global Theatre, located in bankside quarter.

You can tour the theatre and know about the amazing history of the original theatres. Some of the amazing locations in London are Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, The British Museum, National Gallery, and Big Ben.

New York City, USA

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New York has endless work of historical literature. Some of the brilliant writers best known for their creativity are Tennessee Williams, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and Arthur Miller.

The best places to visit in NY State are Niagara Falls, The Finger Lakes, Fire Island, Rochester, Saratoga Springs, The Catskills, Adirondacks, and New Year City.

Dublin, Ireland

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Another great and historical place to visit is Dublin, Ireland. It’s a home to many important literary sites like Trinity College Library. Some of the great historic buildings in Dublin include Dublin Castle, Phoenix Park, Dublin Zoo and St Patrick’s Cathedral.

These are some of the historical places that all the book lovers must visit at least once.

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