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Discover The 12 Best Historical And Beautiful Places In France

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Eiffel Tower, the 300m high exemplary of modern architecture standing undamaged since 1889 is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in France. Besides this symbol of ingenuity and gracefulness, fairy-tale castles, royal gardens, and historical monuments from the middle ages, and gothic cathedrals are the beautiful places in France that make your itinerary memorable.

So, once you are bored praising the greatness of the Eiffel Tower, head toward these top tourist attractions in France.

Must-See Beautiful Places In France

Palace Of Versailles

Places in France to Visit

France is a great tourist spot for those who love architecture. Palace of Louis XIV is one of the best historical places here. The sumptuous interior of this royal residence defines the absolute power of the French king. Every wall, lodge, magnificent fountains, pools, gardens, and shrubbery of the Palace of Versailles sing the glory of His Majesty.

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The Hall of Mirrors, Domaine de Trianon, Le Hameau de la Reine, and Marie-Antoinette’s Hamlet are worth visiting inside the place. Visitors can learn more about the king’s life and his luxurious lifestyle from this idyllic spot.

Mont Saint-Michel

Famous Places in France

An architectural Pyramid in the midst of the Normandy coast is the UNESCO site as well. The 80-meter high rocky island on the coast has an Abbey Church that is one of the important Modern-day pilgrims for the Christians.

Magnificent Chartres Cathedral

The beautiful 8th Century cathedral is not only famous for its marvelous glass windows and noteworthy details but also the Festival of Lights. The event is open for public and hosts light shows and music concerts.

Best Places to Visit in France

The walls and windows of the Chartres Cathedral have names as well. The Passion Window reflects the expression and its Blue Virgin Window is standing undamaged since the 12th Century. Though the glass windows are a little stained it enhances the beauty of the castle further. The sun rays entering the window glass make the beautiful ethereal effect.

Alsace Village: Most Beautiful Place In France

The streets, lanes, and tall buildings of France may capture your attention and seems picture-perfect destinations but this village’s beauty is unmatchable. Situated at the border of the Rhine River and surrounded by the Vosges Mountains, this place has its beauty that lies in the half-timbered houses here.

Historical Places in France

They are painted with bright colors showing every single detail, balconies with beautiful flowers, and streets with pedestrian cobblestone will make you fall for it. And not just Alsace,  Mittelbergheim, Berghemim, Ribeauville, and many more are other artistic and beautiful places in France.


Places to Visit in France

Another important Christian pilgrimage and a reflection of the medieval period, Rocamadour is a village worth visiting. Its famous Chapelle Notre Dame has a unique figurine made of walnut wood. Basilique Saint-Sauveur is the largest church in the village. Limoges and Perigueux are two more locations you should go to. These places have reminisces from the Roman era, art and history of the country, and many more.

Pyrenees Region

Beautiful Places in France

Nature is at its best in the mountainous Pyrenees region that holds natural wonders. The dramatic waterfalls, limestone walls, natural parks, rivers, water streams, and hiking trails will calm your mind and take you on a soulful journey.

Lyon: Explore The French Gastronomy

places in france

The French cuisine is famous for this new food technology that is best served at the Lyon. The place is full of restaurants and cafeterias that serve exotic recipes. Traditional restaurants like Bouchons Lyonnais are the favorite of visitors. If you are done exploring French cuisine, then take a trip to the Musee des Beaux-Arts that has a collection of beautiful arts and treasures of the country.

The Camargue: The Natural Reserve

favorite places in france

This is a natural biosphere reserve away from the Provence and spread across the 100,000 hectares of wetlands. UNESCO natural reserves protect these species at the Camargue. It is a great location for bird-watching as there are around 500 species of bird.

The largest river delta is also famous for the white horses and pink flamingo, so don’t miss this location.

The Cote d’Azur

must visit places in france

The most famous seaside destination in France is the Coast of Blue or Cote D’Azur. Beach lovers often come here and spend their summers enjoying the mesmerizing cerulean water. Luxurious yachts are at service so that you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city.

Furthermore, the sandy beaches, charming atmosphere, museums, festivals, and ambiance will make your stay here for long.

Carcassonne: A Fairy-Tale Affair

best places to travel in france

You’ll love this fortified city as the castles here are not less than what we see in fairy tales. The narrow medieval town of the city has quaint old houses separated by cobblestone lanes. Even though the streets are narrow, the buildings here will amuse your mind. The city also has heritage cites like Chateau Comtal and La Cite. And if you are traveling in July, then don’t miss the Bastille Day fireworks.


must see places in france

The place on the northeastern coast is an eyecheater as the seaports, weather, historic town, and castles have legendary stories to tell you. Best known for its cuisine, Brittany is also a great religious place where several custom religious festivals are held every year.

The sandy beaches here are peaceful settings for the visitors. Moreover, the squares and houses are impressive and show off the freedom story of this place.

Strasbourg Cathedral

A masterpiece! Strasbourg Cathedral was built on the Roman temple around thousand years ago. However, this marvelous architecture still holds the remain of temple. The unique thing about this Gothic architecture is the codes and secrets lying within it. The elegant designs and beautiful windows, artistic work on the walls hold several enigmatic secrets of the past.

best sights in france

The attraction of this place is the Astronomical clock. The cathedral beauty is not because of the artistic designs and masons but the pink sandstones are the reason. When sun rays fall on the walls, the view is worth capturing. The shadows and lights falling inside and outside the Cathedral make it even more beautiful.

So. get ready to delve deeper into the magnificent beauty, history, and culture of France at these best tourist destinations.

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