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Once In A Lifetime Experience! Purple Island Is The World’s Best Photogenic Tourist Spot

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If you get a chance to paint the city in just one color, which color it would be? People of Bakji and Banwol, the two most popular islands of South Korea, have chosen the lavender hue and have turned the islands into one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Popularly known as “The Purple Island” this is home to only 150 residents who once struggled to live a secluded life.

Under the government’s tourism project, the island got its identity and start attracting tourists from worldwide. If you think only the color is the reason why one should visit here, you would be amazed by these beautiful tourist attractions of Purple Islands.

Here we go!

History Behind The Unique Purple Island

purple islands south korea

Before we step into the beautiful tourist attractions here, let us take you to its past so that you can enjoy the trip better. Though the island is painted in gorgeous shades of purple, its history is painted in the darkest hue.

The views are surreal but once the place survived the human tracking, slavery, and sexual assault. According to a report in The Guardian, mentally handicapped people were brought to the island as a slave to work in the farms.

The residents here are now recreating the history and washing away the darkest colors with positivity and effort. But the saddest part is the island has no youngsters. Only people above 50 or 60 would be seen here who lightens up seeing the young tourists and their kids here.

They consider them as their children and grandchildren and treat them with warmth and love. You could feel that right from the beginning. And the visitors to like their warm welcome thus the island witness hike in tourist population every year.

How To Reach The Island Of Lavender?

purple islands korea

It would not be wrong to call the location by this name as lavender is a major crop here. Getting there is easy, simply land to the capital city of South Korea that is Seoul. Take the Korean Train Express from the station and land to Mokpo.

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Take a bus ride from the station to the nearest village of the island that is Anjwa village which lies at the intersection of Myeon and Anjwa. You will have to take another bus from the village to reach a purple bridge.

What’s Next?

purple islands korea

If you are opting for a taxi or arriving via your car, then stop at the entrance because private vehicles are not allowed within the island. You can only witness the tranquility and beauty of this place either via bikes or foot.

However, there is an entrance fee of KRW 1,000 to 3,000 for visitors of different ages. And another rule to begin your journey to this unique island is the outfit.

Make sure you are decked up in purple to blend with the surroundings and locals. This is the best way to explore this dreamy place and also to get a free entry.

Amenities At The Purple Island

purple islands south korea

The place offers ample spots to take selfies and great pics that you will cherish forever. Even the public places are the beautiful tourist attractions as right from the restaurants to cafes, even the roads are painted purple.

Three purple bridges connecting Bakji and Banwol are the perfect spot to enjoy the marine life, beautiful sunset, and panoramic view of Purple Island.


purple islands korea

This is not it; the island offers unique delicacies for foodie travelers. And no we are not talking about the unique dishes of Korea, the staple food rice has a tint of purple. This shows how seriously the residents have taken the motive to change the identity of the island. Well, you might not like the purple rice but the taste is good.

This unique step of government to support the population problem of these two native islands of Sinan County has definitely changed the situations of residents. You can be a part too by visiting this man-made wonderland of South Korea.

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